Wednesday, June 30, 2004

france: "F U Afghans"

Here's yet another example of france's hatred for all of mankind and more proof, as if we needed it, that they despise anyone not french and see no need to help make the world a safer place. According to the washington times, france yesterday blocked a plan to use NATO forces to safeguard elections, despite a plea from Afghan leaders for help. Already people that have registered to vote and people that work at the voting booths have been attacked by the scum that infest that country. Once again I ask, what do we have to do to get France kicked out of NATO? Maybe we could start a new NATO and not invite france, since they have shown repeatedly that they are not part of the civilized world. We will only invite countries that have compassion for others and are willing to make sacrifices and work to help the countries that need our help to become safe, free societies. Remember GW saying that you're either with us or against us? I think France has clearly demonstrated that they are against us, and its getting time that we need to do something about it. I'm pissed.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

My Daily Horoscope

Here's the first few words, I didnt bother reading further than that:
December 21 - January 19
"Don't worry so much about getting things done today, dear Capricorn,"

Noooo problem. It might have said something else after that, but it couldnt have been important.

sola' soljas

The army wants solar panels that they can weave into uniforms, backpacks, tents, etc, to keep from having to lug heavy battery packs around. this seems like tech that shouldve been around a long time ago. read more here.


Three Turkish hostages reported freed by militants in Iraq.

So whats so weird about that?

The BBC news has a story in which a woman in Iran claims to have given birth to a frog.

Ms. Piggy is gonna be pissed!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Word of the Day


n. : what happens a couple hours after you eat cajun food.
"That meals gonna cast some bad voodoodoo."

On their way

As you all know by now Iraq formally gained its sovereignty today. I thought it would be best to let Iraqi's tell you what this means to them, so visit these Iraqi bloggers to find out what it means to them. As Omar from Iraq the Model says, "It's a great day for all freedom lovers."

Sarmad from Road of a Nation:
" Thank you all Brave mans ,who lost there life here ,your bloods will be the river of hope for us.
Thank you all brave Iraqis who stand out there to fight for better future and freedom.
I will go now to celebrate with all people for this happy moments ,it has been long time since we celebrate."

Alaa from The Mesopotamian assures that our soldiers' sacrifices have not been in vain:
"Hail our true friends, the Great People of the United States of America; The Freedom giving Republic, the nation of Liberators. Never has the world known such a nation, willing to spill the blood of her children and spend the treasure of her land even for the sake of the freedom and well being of erstwhile enemies. "

What do opponents of the war think when they read things like this?

For more just visit their links to other Iraqi bloggers.

Godspeed my brothers and sisters, may true freedom and security soon be yours.

Gettin it done in 'Ghani

From the DoD newswire,
"Coalition special operations forces raided two anti-coalition compounds and captured two top regional enemy leaders in pre- dawn missions June 26 in southern Afghanistan, a news release from the coalition military command reported today."

There's nothing but good news in this article. Here's some:

"In the release, Combined Forces Command Afghanistan officials said that in areas where anti-coalition forces have been removed over the past year, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force A has spent almost $1.5 million to build schools, wells, clinics, roads and mosques to improve the quality of life for Afghans looking to the future.
More than 1,000 Afghan patients receive weekly medical care from coalition special operations medics and attached special ops personnel, including Civil Affairs doctors and physician assistants based in remote village areas in Afghanistan, the news release added"

Here's more:

"More than 4.5 million Afghans have registered to vote, accpording to the coalition statement. The region attacked is second only to the region around the national capital of Kabul in voter registration, with close to 600,000 registered voters, 35 percent of whom are women, the statement added. "

and more:

"The Kabul Military Hospital has upgraded the medical care it provides to its patients, thanks to a multi-million dollar donation of modern equipment by the United States.
The 400-bed hospital, also known as the Chahar Sad Bastari Hospital, received 400 new beds, carts, intravenous stands, X-ray machines, film processors, six new anesthesia machines, an ultrasound machine, a defibrillator and patient monitors. Medical specialists from the United States, Turkey and Denmark are training the Afghan hospital staff on these new items of equipment. "

This is why we're there, to make the lives of the people of those countries better, to give them and their children hope for the future, to provide jobs and medical care and security so that they may build a fruitful, free, happy life that everyone deserves.

Weekend sports update

Nascar at the Dodge/Save Mart 350 at Infineon Raceway: the top three were Jeff Gordon, Jamie McMurray and Scott Pruett. Good for Dodge getting two of the top three cars at their own race. My boy Kasey Kahen had a rough day, finishing 31st; Elliot Sadler (thats your M&M car mom) finished 10th.

The Rangers beat the Asstros 8-7 on Saturday but lost 0-1 on Sunday.
The Rangers are 1st in the AL west and 2nd in the AL only to the Yankees, who they've shown they can beat.

The San Jose Sabercats won ArenaBowl XVIII, beating the Arizona Rattlers 69-62.

First hybrid SUV

Well the first ever hybrid suv is on its way, in the shape of the 2005 Ford Escape. According to the Ford website they will begin manufacturing them this summer and will set a target of 35-40 mpg for the 2wd versions, with the 4wd getting slightly lower numbers. I would like for my next vehicle to be hybrid, and since I will always want something with enough space for the whole family, plenty of cargo room for camping trips, and 4wd, it will probably be an suv. The escape is too small for me, and not very powerful. Hopefully by the time my durango is worn out they will have some cool hybrid suvs. I dont plan on that happening for another 5 or 6 years atleast so I would think that they will.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Word of the Day


n : what happens a couple hours after you eat mexican food
"After that meal I'm gonna need to perform a major mexorcism when I get home."

France: "We still hate Iraq"

France wants to make sure that NATO provides as little help to Iraq as possible. They apparently see no reason to help the people of that country in their most dire time of need. Some people wonder why some of us despise the French; well this is one good reason. The only comfort is knowing that history will show the French did everything they could to hamper the evolution of Iraq into a prosperous free nation, thinking that their soldiers and civilians were too precious or important to help others. What is their problem?
Recently W asked NATO to provide troops to help out with the security situation in Iraq, and everybody said "No thanks, screw them". So now he's asking if NATO nations would atleast help train the Iraq security forces, and Chirac is even against this. I'm dumbfounded. Here's the story from
You have to sign up for it, but its free. I've included the highlights below if you dont feel like signing up.

> "France wants any agreement coming from a NATO summit in Istanbul next week on the alliance’s role in Iraq to be limited to training the future Iraqi army and to exclude any direct role in the country, French diplomats said June 25.
A letter from Iraq’s interim prime minister, Iyad Allawi, asking NATO directly for help in training security forces has pushed Paris to consider backing the request as long as it does not require NATO “planting its flag in Iraq,” said several diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity.

(ed.note trust us france, nobody wants your flag on their soil, they're just asking for a little help. is everyone in charge over there insensate?)

U.S. President George W. Bush has acknowledged that he has little hope of seeing NATO troops sent to Iraq to bolster the U.S.-led forces currently occupying the country, but he has urged NATO members to pick up the training task.

(ed. note would it be possible to kick France out of NATO?)

Chirac recently declared himself “more than reserved” on the idea of NATO providing anything more than technical assistance but was “open to discussing hypothetical training operations with a very precise framework,” the spokeswoman, Catherine Colonna, said.
France itself was prepared to train several thousand Iraqi police, but only outside of Iraq, perhaps in Jordan or in a Gulf state, diplomats said. " <

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Doing it for the Children

From the American Forces Information Service comes this positive story.

>"U.S. service members are accomplishing much more than military objectives in Iraq, Kimmitt said. "They've contributed to the rebuilding of over 3,600 schools, there are more health clinics here than there were pre-war, and much more money is being spent in those health clinics than pre-war. Electrical power continues to be restored, and more Iraqi oil is being pumped now than before the war, the general said.
As they interact with Iraqi children, Kimmitt said, American service members become aware of how important their mission is. "They realize that what they're doing over here is going to make that child's life better," he said. "They understand that what they are doing over here is going to allow that child to live in peace and in freedom, and enjoy the same rights that they enjoy as Americans." <

Full transcript:

Army Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt spoke from Baghdad with Air Force Tech. Sgt. Sean Lehman on The Pentagon Channel's "Studio 5" program. He said he sees evidence every day that American service members' spirits are high, both inside and outside the heavily fortified "Green Zone" where coalition headquarters is located.

The general attributed the high morale to U.S. service members having a focused mission and seeing the results of what they're doing in Iraq. "They also know that they've got the support of their friends and families back home, they've got the support of the United States Congress, and they know they've got the support of the American people and the president of the United States," Kimmitt added.

Despite continued violence in Iraq, morale will stay high as long as leaders continue to talk with their people daily to make sure they understand their mission, and as long as service members in Iraq are able to communicate with friends and families back home, the general said.

U.S. service members are accomplishing much more than military objectives in Iraq, Kimmitt said. "They've contributed to the rebuilding of over 3,600 schools, there are more health clinics here than there were pre-war, and much more money is being spent in those health clinics than pre-war."

Electrical power continues to be restored, and more Iraqi oil is being pumped now than before the war, the general said.

"So these soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are over here trying to establish the foundation for a country that has a tremendous amount of promise – the promise that has been denied for them for the last 35 years under the dictatorship of Saddam – and they're helping to fulfill that promise both with their combat tasks and their stability operations that they conduct every day," Kimmitt said.

As they interact with Iraqi children, Kimmitt said, American service members become aware of how important their mission is. "They realize that what they're doing over here is going to make that child's life better," he said. "They understand that what they are doing over here is going to allow that child to live in peace and in freedom, and enjoying the same rights that they enjoy as Americans."

Kimmitt said the transfer of sovereignty won't change coalition operations dramatically. "We will continue to do what we need to do to maintain a safe and secure environment," he said. "We will continue to work with our Iraqi security partners – not only in training and equipping and fielding them, but also fighting with them side-by-side."

Coalition officials have been saying for about six months that as the sovereignty transfer drew closer, enemies of a free and stable would do everything they could to prevent it from happening, Kimmitt said. The predicted acts of violence have been taking place, and probably will continue beyond the transfer, he added. But, the general said, he doesn't expect the violence to affect recruiting and training of Iraqi security forces.

Kimmitt said while individual service members may see their personal contributions in Iraq as small, their work is anything but insignificant. "They are setting a path towards democracy and peace in the Middle East," he said. "They're part of something big." When they leave Iraq, Kimmitt said, service members will be able to take a good look at what they've accomplished and realize how important it was and how well they did their part.

"They're going to realize as they look from the outside looking in," he said, "that they've been part of something that's been very, very important, and something that's going to be historical."

Rummy with Hannity

Here's the transcript from Sean Hannity's interview with Donald Rumsfeld on ABC Radio June 24th, provided by DoD Transcripts.
Some hightlights:
(the no shit/hey thats what I've been saying quote)
"SEC. RUMSFELD: Well, it does worry you that the American people basically hear the negative and the difficulties and the ugliness which can occur. And it’s not balanced with the things you have mentioned, namely, that the schools are open, the hospitals are open, the currency in Iraq, the dinar, is quite strong. Refugees are coming back into the country, not fleeing the country. And that it is – nonetheless, it’s a violent society and the violence gets reported, but the progress seems not to be."

U.N. Assumes Haiti Peacekeeping Duties

More news from the American Forces Information Service. This is great news because it means our boys will be coming home, lets just hope that the multinationl contingent can help Haiti preserve the delicate peace that the U.S. Marines established immediately upon their arrival.

"The United Nations Stabilization Mission assumed responsibility from the U.S.- led Multinational Interim Force.
The U.S. mission in Haiti is complete, and U.S. personnel accomplished all their missions, said DoD officials.
Brazil will lead the stabilization force. U.N. officials said they expect the force to number around 6,700 soldiers and 1,622 police. Argentina, Canada, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay also have committed soldiers to the force. More than 30 nations will contribute police to the effort. U.N. officials said other countries are considering ways to support the peacekeeping mission.
The interim force numbered 3,600 from the United States, France, Chile and Canada. The U.S. element – almost 2,000 personnel – consisted primarily of Marines from Camp Lejuene, N.C. Army civil affairs personnel and special operations soldiers, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard personnel also participated. Marine Brig. Gen. Ronald S. Coleman commanded the force. All U.S. personnel should be out of the country – save four officers working with the stabilization force – by June 29, officials said.
Marines arrived in Haiti on Feb. 29. Officials in the country said their arrival stopped a bloodbath in the unfortunate Caribbean nation. They secured the region in and around Port-au-Prince. French troops arrived soon after and moved into the northern part of the country around Cap Haitien. Chilean and Canadian forces quickly joined the force.
On April 30, the United Nations approved the stabilization mission. The interim force was due to leave at the end of May, but was held in place until the U.N. forces were ready. Officials said the interim force worked with the U.N. peacekeepers to help them in readying for the mission. "

Home Depot Supports our Troops

Home Depot was recognized by the DoD for their tremendous support and donations. Heres the full post from the American Forces Information Service:

WASHINGTON, June 25, 2004 – A company the Defense Department has cited for supporting its National Guard and Reserve employees has donated $1 million in tools and supplies to the Iraq rebuilding effort.
Home Depot is one of 15 companies to receive the 2004 DoD Employer Support Freedom Award. Earlier, the company donated $1 million and a million employee volunteer hours to help the families of deployed service members with home repairs and maintenance.
"This donation is part of The Home Depot's long-standing commitment to the U.S. troops currently serving in Iraq," said Bob Nardelli, Home Depot's chairman, president and chief executive officer. "With more than 1,800 associates serving in the current military efforts, we have a special interest in making sure all of the U.S. troops know that we appreciate and support them."
The Army and Marines are transporting the goods to Iraq from San Diego. Officials said accepting and transporting the donated materials was accomplished in full compliance with laws and regulations.
Company officials said nearly 100,000 tools and materials, including shovels, table saws, concrete mixers, safety scaffolding, power generators, light bulbs, jackhammers, and thousands of letters from Home Depot employees left San Diego June 24 on nine tractor-trailers.
Among the reasons DoD recognized Home Depot's support of its Guard and Reserve employees, officials said, is that the company equalized and extended the pay and benefits of employees called to active duty. "

Take that Loews. I'd love to see a competition between businesses to see who could donate the most to the reconstruction of Iraq, it could only help the country.
What have you done to help lately?

UNethical update

So the guy investigating the oil for food scandal says he has uncovered "serious problems". He goes on to say that giant lizards once roamed the earth millions of years ago which he has chosen to call "dinosaurs", earth is not the only planet in the galaxy with a "moon", and women are "complex".
Thank you Mr. Obvious, just tell us who's going to jail and when we get to watch it on TV.
As always, there is very little media coverage of this.

He says "If there were bribes, why did the bribes happen, why did the mal-administration happen ... why was money lost?"

The money wasnt lost, do you know how much spine removal surgery costs? Plus how much do you think they had to spend on drugs and sleeping pills to be able to sleep at night?

Dont count on much of a report or any justice to be served tho: "A three-member panel led by Volcker is investigating the oil-for-food scandal. The panel does not have subpoena authority and will rely instead on voluntary cooperation from governments, U.N. staff, members of Saddam Hussein's former government and current Iraqi leaders."

So three guys, who probably arent all that rich and thus could be easily swayed by money, are relying on voluntary cooperation from corrupt people that are above the law and/or have no respect for it. Good luck.

6 Palestinian militants killed

"One of them was Nayef Abu Sharkh, head of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the old city, the Nablus governor's office said.

He was considered by many the most important Al Aqsa militant in the West Bank."

Friday, June 25, 2004

Is this guy even from this world?

So now Al-Sadr wants to call timeout cuz he's tired and he wants to get a drink. This isnt touch football in the schoolyard, this is war, when you are losing you dont get to call a timeout and switch sides, it dont work like that. From the article:
"The declaration said the cease-fire was called to show al-Sadr's interest in preventing ''terrorists and saboteurs'' from ''causing overwhelming chaos or security disorder.''
Too late bitch, you've already caused overwhelming chaos, and you and all your buttbuddies are terrorists. I hope the U.S. doesnt fall for this shit, but it seems we are starting to think like "oh well, a couple more days and it will be the Iraqi Governments problem." This guy is a murderer and a terrorist, and he and all his buddies that have been terrorizing neighborhoods for months and causing the death of numerous innocent civilians deserve a swift bit of American justice.

Easier said then done

Here's a funny one from

Craig Gross, 28, and Mike Foster, 32, run the Christian Internet site "XXXChurch," designed to help the faithful overcome pornography and masturbation, according to a May Wired magazine report. (Recent advice: "Remain calm and tell yourself, 'You don't own me, masturbation!'" Recently, several online "parishioners" commenced a 40-day abstinence, to match the time Satan tempted Jesus in the desert.) [New York Times, 4-19-04] [, 5-20-04]
Feel free to yell that one out in the middle of the office.

Here's a fun one from China, from, some crazy canadian paper. And you thought they were nothing but a bunch of boring commies.

SHANGHAI, China (AP) - The soup wasn't just good. It was downright addictive.
Narcotics police in southwestern China shuttered 215 restaurants found to be mixing opium poppy into their soups and hot pot stews, Xinhua News Agency reported Friday.
Dishes at the restaurants in Guizhou province contained varying degrees of the opium derivative morphine, the report said.
"Consuming soup or hot pots mixed with poppies for a long time will make you become addicted...and eventually lead you to drug abuse in serious cases," Wei Tao, deputy chief of the Food Institute with Guizhou Provincial Centre for Disease Control, was quoted saying.

Man, I cant stop eating this soup, you musta put some grade A puppy in this shit.

Here's a guy that was obviously inspired by one of my earlier posts, from the good ol'

Man makes 3 photocopies of his buttocks
CLAYTON, Mo. — Police arrested a man who allegedly dropped his pants in the crowded lobby of the St. Louis County Courthouse and made photocopies of his buttocks. Police found Daniel Everett holding two copies he had already made. He was making a third. ''What did I do? What did I do?'' witnesses said Everett asked police. Everett, an immature 38, told police that the copies were intended as a practical joke for his girlfriend.

Cuz threeee is the magic number.
Who you callin immature?

Japan OK with human cloning

Here's a story that everyone should certainly have an opinion on. I'm all for human cloning, as long as they're only cloning good looking people. Do we really need more ugly people?

Bertuzzi and Shaq

Vancouver Canucks star Todd Bertuzzi was charged Thursday with assault causing bodily harm for a March 8 on-ice attack that left Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Moore with a broken neck and his NHL career in doubt.
I havent seen this anywhere else, of course I havent been looking very hard, but I figured I'd post it for my hockey fans.
I just looked and it is on but its kinda overshadowed by the nba draft.

There's a lot of talk about Shaq coming to the Mavs next year. Now as much as we need some defense and a big guy downtown, I dont want him if it means losing either Dirty, Filthy, or Nasty. I just cant imagine splitting up Nash and Nowitzki. You know how cute they are together. Anybody have a copy of those pics of them out drinking last year. Priceless. Comments?

Well I reckon this is a good thing

Yemen has been trying to look like they're doing something to help so as to not provoke our wrath. Hopefully this is a sign that they are.

Maybe the problem is that I'm not ugly enough

Ok I know this isnt exactly breaking news but I finally followed the link today to read about it, you know, just to make sure it wasnt mine. Apparently Liv Tyler is pregnant and the father is a spacehog. Look at that picture and just try to tell me that life is fair.

Arent people wacky?

Here's a good story about a young man who did not see eye to eye with a judge. Well unless the judge had one brown eye.
"Sir? Kiss my (expletive), sir!" Brown shouted, dropping the pants of his two-piece prison jumpsuit and pointing his rear end at the judge."
aaahh, so thats what mooning means.
I think he is the hero of everyone who has ever had to face a judge.

In other news, it looks like Frank J is inspiring others to take the exterminating business into their own hands. Please people, leave the internecion of insects up to the professionals.

And finally, this story. Just think, we were this close to getting rid of a bunch of Canadians. (Calm down, its just a joke.) The man was overheard saying,
"AWWWW, look at da cute puppy. How could I ever massacre everyone in site in front of such a cute puppy wuppy. "
Maybe we just need to send more cute puppies over to the middle east.

Nothing but ugly old people in Pittsburgh

Apparently the Denver-Boulder area is the hottest place in the country for singles. I guess you have to go read this article to find out what that means. From what I've heard about the recruiting process at Colorado colleges, it seems like you would have no trouble hookin up there.
Austin, TX is ranked #3. Ya know I'm always hearing how great Austin is but I was there once and I wasnt really impressed. So if you are a cute girl living in Austin feel free to see this as a challenge to show me how great Austin is.

Music Reviews

Burden Brothers - 'Buried in Your Black Heart'

I saw these guys a couple years ago at a Dallas Musical Festival downtown before they actually decided they wanted to be a band. They were played after Baboon and before the Butthole Surfers, so to say the least it was an awesome night. I dont remember the songs they played, they only played a couple, but I remember having a good time so they must have been good. The Burden Brothers consists of guys from Rev. Horton Heat and the Toadies, and sounds pretty much like a combination of the two, maybe a little more Toadies then the Rev. Its got a couple good concert songs that are probably a lot of fun when you see them live, but overall its kind of a depressing album. Obviously somebody just broke up with their girlfriend and almost all the songs reflect that. I'm a big Toadies and Rev fan but this album is just not as upbeat as you would want it to be from 2 such fun bands. On a scale of 1-10 I would probably give it a 5, and thats generous cuz they're a local band and I like the bands they came from. Plus theres only 11 songs on the album. Thats weak. For the cost of a cd these days I expect atleast and even 12.

The Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones - 'New York City'

I will buy anything that Norah Jones is involved with. I just love her. I think shes got a great voice and is incredibly talented. Peter Malic is apparently a blues guitarist/writer/singer and wrote a bunch of songs that he liked but didnt think they fit his voice so he set out to find someone to sing them. He just happened to catch Norah playing at a bar and knew he had found the voice for his music. Again not much of a bargain for your money as there is only 7 songs on the cd, and the first and last song are the same, one being the 'radio edit' version. He says in the liner notes that it only took a couple of takes for each of the songs because she is such a natural. To me it really sounds that way. I love Norah, and I certainly know nothing about recording music, but it just kinda sounds like she was singing someone elses music that she hadnt really had time to fall in love with and really develop a feeling for each song. I think if she would've played around with the songs a little more and really gotten into them they would have been even better. The best song on the album is the bluesiest, #4 'All Your Love'. On her own albums she has shown that she can deliver when it comes to jazz and country, now here she shows that she is just as adept at the blues. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Linkin continental

Hey look over there ---------->
i'm learning how to add links to other sites, using blogrolling.
now i just gotta learn how to seperate the different groups of blogs and add group titles.
Frank J linked me today too so now I guess I better think of something exciting to say in case I start getting some actual traffic. Unfortunately my home computer seems to be having some problems, i think i picked up something on the internet thats really boggin me down, so i wanted to do some serious posting tonight since i slacked off yesterday and today but i dont know if its worth it the way my computer's laggin. i'll try to have some good posts up within the next day or two so please come back and visit.

Thats a whole lotta peanuts and cracker jack

Well the Rangers swept the Marlins after beating them 9-7 yesterday and stretching tonights game out for 6 long hours before finally winning in the 18th inning. I'm not a baseball stats pro but that seems like an awfully long game, anybody know where that is on the rank of longest games ever played?

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I'm sorry that some of this may be offensive

If you havent seen this somewhere else check out Blackfive's link to it. A little harsh? perhaps. a little right? you know it.
and I like this version better than what he believes to be the original letter which he links to at the bottom of the post, mostly because I like the idea of sending Michael Moore to an impoverished nation to feed the hungry as opposed to just his diet.

More sneaky aleyins

Here's another example of aliens disquising their scout craft as meteors. What better way to study another planet without causing alarm?
"Scientists can't explain the shape or the spin" Sounds suspicious to me.
I'd really like to start my own conspiracy theory. I mean cmon, who wouldnt? Has anybody thought of the fact that asteroids are actually alien spaceships in disguise? It seems obvious to me.
Oh and by the way, this asteroid is as big as a city and will be passing closer than any other space rock this size within the last century. It happens in September, so theres your excuse for all those summer flings, as if you needed one.

Turn off your TV

If you have even half a brain or if you have read anything I have posted so far you must realize that you are only getting half the story out of Iraq, only the bad side, when that is a mere 5% of what is really going on. Here's more proof, I found via this great blog, CPT Patti, that I try to visit regularly.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


What a wonderful invention, just wouldnt want to be the beta tester on that product.

True Iraqis

Here's a great story from Iraq the Model that I hope is not just a more accurate picture of Iraqi's as a whole, but humans in general. This is really a great blog that offers hope and a more intelligent view of Iraq and its hopeful future than any news organization could ever hope to. Bookmark this site and visit it often.

Wasn't me

Check out this awesome story from San Diego. Ok it probably wasnt awesome for anybody involved, but I'm just glad it wasnt me. It seems someone was having a hard time getting home one night. Perhaps someone's been playing a little too much "Twisted Metal" or "San Francisco Rush". This was forwarded to me from a friend of mine, saying that he thought I might like it. This guy took out a flower shop, a fire hydrant, and 19 cars, as well as shootin his dog out the windshield upon final impact. Like it? shit Im jealous. My record is an access gate, a gas station, 4 cars, and a stray armadillo, nowhere close to this guy. That neighborhood will no longer be known as the "boring neighborhood on the hill."

Here's the pics from one of the neighbors.
She's gotta be lovin it. Her car was saved because someone else took her parking spot and she had to park somewhere else. Who's laughin now, parking spot stealer?

Fortunately noone was hurt except for the one-armed bandit responsible for this mayhem.


Electrical beams, plasma guns, laser cannons, all those cool guns you get to use in video games are coming. Check out this article from defensetech.
Apparently theres some human rights weeneys whining about the fact that they havent been tested enough, but yet they dont offer to help. Hypocrites

Spirit of America Update

Jim Hake has recently returned from Iraq with this hopeful report.
He spent time in Baghdad, Ramadi, and Fallujah. Towns that your mass media would like you to believe are nothing but devils dens but in reality are just like any other big city, mostly good with a few bad neighborhoods. Go read this now to open your mind and learn how you can help. Here are some of the highlights of his report.

"The adults and children were happy to see us, happy to talk and play."

"The situation in Iraq is difficult and dangerous. The bad news we see, read and hear does happen even though it isn't nearly the whole story. But my most important conclusion was an encouraging one. There is hope for a positive, free and peaceful future for Iraq. A key part of the hope is the American people can engage and help the Iraqi people build a positive future. That opportunity is based much more on the involvement of the American private sector and citizens ... much more person to person/people to people than government to government. "

Monday, June 21, 2004

Are You @#%&* Jokin Me? Doctor Feel Good

Here's a good one out of Oregon, where apparently if you are a doctor you can NOT bill the state for having sex with your patients. There's just so many unanswered questions that go along with this story. Like how did the state find out what he was doing? Under "Procedure Performed" did he write "Sexified Patient" or "Fixed her Pelvic Pains by Rubbing my Healthy Pelvis against Hers" or what? It says it was consensual and it doesnt say he was hit with a rape case, so I'm guessing she didnt tell. And how long did it take this guy to talk his patient into submitting to this kind of therapy. He had to have been handsome or she really wanted him or something. I can just see his initial consultation now:
Doc: "So Mrs. Simpson, I understand that you're having pains in your pelvis, is that correct?"
Patient: "Yes doctor."
Doc: "Well have you tried masturbating? Its a medical fact that messaging your 'trigger points' will help reduce pain, no matter where it is located in your body."
Patient: "Is that really true doctor? That sounds like a bunch of lecherous bullshit to me."
Doc: "No really, let me show you."
Patient: "Oh ok, if you say so, you're the doctor."
Doc: "Yes, yes I am. Now just relax."

It's a Historic Day

Mike Melvill piloted the first manned privately funded and built rocket ship to the edge of space today, reaching an altitude of 100 kilometers, where he could see the curvature of the earth under black space and experienced temporary weightlessness. This is history in the making, stuff your kids will be reading about in school, and the kind of stuff that gets me choked up. Check out the story from for all the details and pictures from the event. It is a marvel what man is capable of achieving through his genius and ingenuity (and a whole lotta funding). The door is now officially open for private space flights. Soon you will have as many choices for getting to space as you do for airlines, maybe more. I guess it all depends on how much the government regulates space travel. I would think one day though, just like people own their own cars and some own their own planes, some of us, and maybe one day all of us, will own our own spaceship. Of course noone alive now will, its a little further off then that, but our grandkids, or maybe great grandkids, could possibly take a vacation to a resort on the moon in their own spaceship, or atleast hire one to take them there, as easy as taking a plane to another country.


Here's this past weekends sports update:

In the Nextel Cup at the Michigan DHL 400 Ryan Newman came in first, followed by my boy in his Dodge, #9 Kasey Kahne, with Dale Jarrett rounding out the top 3.

In F1 at the American Grand Prix in Indy, Schumy got first again (big surprise), his teammate Barrichello got 2nd and Takuma Sato in his BAR car got 3rd to round out the podium. It sounds like it was a helluva race with lots of wrecks and overtaking. Thankfully noone was killed. Its nice to see they changed the date of the USGP to earlier in the year, its always been cold and rainy in September in Indy.

Phil Mickelson choked on 17 of the last round of the US Open, missing a five foot then a four foot putt to give him a double bogey and assure Goosen the win. Ouch. It was a rough weekend for everyone and some were more vocal than others about voicing their displeasure at the course setup.

The Rangers beat the stinky fish Marlins all weekend, 7-6 saturday and 4-2 in 11 innings sunday. And as far as I know no stupid fat rednecks dove over the seats in front of them to steal a baseball from a little kid in either game.

Happy Summer / Summer Solstice Fun Facts

Well today is the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere, which means that it is the longest day of the year, and officially the first day of summer. So be sure to find a way to get out and enjoy the day. Life's way too short to spend all your time working, and if you try hard enough you can always find a reason to skip out for an hour to unwind, feel the sun shine down and just forget about all the bad stuff. Check this page out for some background on the summer solstice.

"Solstice" is derived from two Latin words: "sol" meaning sun, and "sistere," to cause to stand still. This is because, as the summer solstice approaches, the noonday sun rises higher and higher in the sky on each successive day. On the day of the solstice, it rises an imperceptible amount, compared to the day before. In this sense, it "stands still."

Sunday, June 20, 2004

A whole new kind of war

Jen Martinez is one of my favorite new bloggers. She is not new to the blogosphere, I'm just new to her, and she consistently seems to have interesting articles from actual people (military folks who know whats going on, as opposed to other bloggers or media idiots). Here's one you wont want to read at the beginning of the day if you are oblivious to whats going on in the world cuz it will just bring you down. If you arent then this isnt really a new idea, just reinforcement from an insider's perspective. Here's the direct link, but I wanted to make sure you didnt miss Ms. Martinez' page because she has so many good posts.

The war against terrorism is a new kind of war that may never go away. We will be at war till the last terrorist is dead (and thats a long way off). Islamism can not be curbed by bullets alone, a lot of education is the only answer. We are fighting an information war that we must win. Hopefully the guys in the field are getting that.

Also be sure to read this letter she has from a Scout Platoon Sargeant from 1st Brigade Combat Team. Its kinda long but worth it.

Word of the Day


\E*nig"ma\, n.; pl. Enigmas. [L. aenigma, Gr. ?, fr. ? to speak darkly, fr. ? tale, fable.] 1. A dark, obscure, or inexplicable saying; a riddle; a statement, the hidden meaning of which is to be discovered or guessed.

A custom was among the ancients of proposing an enigma at festivals. --Pope.

2. An action, mode of action, or thing, which cannot be satisfactorily explained; a puzzle; as, his conduct is an enigma.

Im not sure if thats a good thing or not.

My buddy said I was an enigma, so i figured i better look that up to make sure he wasnt talking shit. I had a vague idea of what that word meant, but the only thing I was sure of was that there was a really gay 80s band by that name. Here along with your word of the day is your fun fact:
enigma - The electro-mechanical cipher
engine used by the Germans in World War II. Many of their
messages were deciphered at Bletchley Park, by Alan Turing
and others.

Tough Decisions

Life is full of tough decisions and sometimes I'm just not up to the task. Take for instance the painful decision I have to make every night, how to relax after a long day. Part of me wants to drink a beer, while part of me wants to eat icecream. Now, take my word on this, these two things cannot coexist peacefully together. Its almost like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, except a lot more personal. Its just a cold hard cruel fact that beer and icecream cannot be enjoyed together. This conflict tears at me every night and usually the beer wins. Now icecream and beer are not like cake and beer, which can, if done correctly, work alongside each other in mutual harmony to ensure my happiness. This must be done carefully tho, not all cake and beer can be mixed, and if done incorrectly, can result in ghastly, messy consequences. The answer, like so many things in life, lies in chocolate. A nice chocolate beer can very pleasantly complement a nice chocolate cake, or vice versa, depending on how you're looking at it. Unfortunately chocolate icecream and chocolate beer dont work nearly as good. The problem of course is milk. Everybody knows that beer and milk are arch enemies. They have been waging a war for the human body since the day the monks invented beer, and consequently cast milk out of the magical kingdom to live with the cows. Eventually the cows and milk worked out a symbiotic relationship that was beneficial to them both, tho it is up for debate who really got the brown end of the stick. Anyway, the problem is that I feel that I am neglecting my ice cream. Its not that I dont love it, I truly do, but beer just makes me feel ... special. What do I do? Is there a way to enjoy beer and icecream together? Or is the answer in creating an alcoholic icecream? wait, has that been done already? i remember seeing a "family guy" where Peter ate some butter rum icecream and passed out cuz he was a light weight. god the family guy is funny. Or should I just try to break it off with icecream and take up cake eating instead, since I know beer and cake can work together. The problem is you have to make cake. Icecream on the other hand is already made, by lots of little old ladies, some salt, and a bunch of hand-cranked wooden buckets. well, atleast thats the way they made it when I was little, its possible the process has changed a little since then. what to do what to do. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

My town

Take a look at this in depth article about Dallas and how it is a runaway train with no conductor. Its a great article, and I'm not just saying that because my sister was involved with it.

Also check out these photos from Dallas Morning News photographers in Iraq. There's some pretty good ones. I like the first one and the one where the Iraqi is kissing the soldiers hand.

Islamism defined

Terrorists, by definition, are stupid. Take that, stupid head.

"Radical Islamists are aware that they cannot succeed without destroying the United States of America and the State of Israel, as both symbolize open, pluralistic and democratic values. The American and Israeli passion for spreading freedoms poses a direct threat to Islamist designs."

Gee, thanks eh.

Well I guess this pretty much sums up how Canada feels about their role in the war on terror:

"The picture is pretty clear. We fulfilled our commitment. As of today, there's no intention to change that position."

It looks like Canada is abandoning the Afghan people. I dont know what to say about this right now except that its dissappointing.

The funniest guy in the blogosphere

Frank J has been bloggin up a storm over the past couple days. I dont have my side links up yet but when I do he will probably be at the top. I wont usually try to be funny, I will leave that up to the master. Its been a serious couple of days so he has some serious posts in there, but be sure to check out his S.M.I.T.E. idea.

"Where's my bus?" oh he kills me.

Lessons learned

Here's the article I mentioned before about how terrorism has been dealt with around the globe throughout history. I've seen this before but I was reminded of it cuz Mr. Reynolds linked to it yesterday.

"The chart mentioned above shows that terror attacks reached their peak between 1994 and 1996. At some point, in 1995, the various terror groups were able to launch up to 30 more or less simultaneous attacks each day. In some cases, the terrorists killed hundreds of people in a day, the record being reached with the massacre of an estimated 500 people in the village of Ben-Talha."

How did we sit back and let that happen? How did the U.N. sit back and let that happen?

Joe knows We are a World at War

Joe Lieberman understands whats happening in our world, and I would advise everyone, especially Democrats, to go read his address to the FDD's Symposium on “Iraq's Future and the War on Terrorism”.

We are a World at War. We are not fighting a war in Iraq, we are At war, across the entire globe. We are in the opening stages of World War III, make no mistakes about it. We are not finishing up a war in Iraq, getting ready for the world to be back to normal and all our troops to come home. Afghanistan was the opening salvo, Iraq the opening drive of a worldwide war pitting Muslim Extremists (Islamism) with their totalitarian beliefs against democratic nations and their belief in individual freedom. You are not safe, especially if you are an American. Terrorists want nothing more than to kill Americans, any way they can. And nothing you do or say can make them change their minds. The only way to stop terror is to fight it, to take the battle to them where we do the best we can to make the rules. Otherwise they will bring it to us. They are coming, in all probability they have come and have been stopped, and you just didnt hear about it. There are terrorists living inside and outside the U.S. just waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Luckily, our armed forces and law enforcement are working hard to stop them and keep us all safe. We are not in the position to sit back and worry about relationships with rogue states and weak wishywashy countries right now, for the betterment of all mankind and the institution of freedom worldwide, we are attacking the terrorists where they grow and we are winning. Contrary to what the news on your mindcontrol box tells you, we are making headway. Of course its not easy, of course its slow, of course its confusing, and of course, its imperfect. But we had 8 years of a democrat in the white house who cut back on military spending and weakened our defenses. As soon as things got a little hot, (Somalia) he tucked tail and ran, bolstering the terrorists and inflating their idea that Americans are weak. Look at Somalia now, its a total shithole, terrorist breeding ground. Ya gotta wonder what would have happened if Bush was in office when that happened. I know why I would have done, and would do, if I was in charge. Lets just say noone anywhere would ever have to worry about finding a parking spot. The middle east is just the beginning too, as this war has just barely begun. Hopefully over the next ten years or so the middle east will normalize and within 20 years or so democracy will start to spread. Its already happening in Iran, where the youth look at Bush as a hero, a saviour, and pray that we will support them. Whether we will go to Iran within the next decade or not is still up for contension. I think we will support the uprisings and the protests that happen on a daily basis there, while sanctioning and pressuring them till they start to give way. Hopefully we will see the collapse of the islamic regime in Iran the same way that we witnessed the collapse of communism in the USSR. Hopefully the same will happen with North Korea. We wont go to war with them, we dont need to. Eventually our allies, Japan and South Korea, will help them, pressure them and eventually they will give up their nuclear ambitions because they are on the verge of collapse. The problem is the world is one big cesspool and we just dont have the troops to take care of every problem area, and most of the world doesnt have the balls to help. Everybody is fine with sitting back and letting other countries go to hell and crush their citizens, as long as it doesnt affect them. Well we are not that dumb or uncaring. We are a country that recognizes that a threat abroad quickly becomes a threat at home (a little lesson we learned in the '40s) and that all peoples, of all nations, regardless of race or religion, or sex, deserve to be free. Free to think, speak, and pray as they wish, without fear of a quick dissappearing act courtesy of the government. We as a nation have not always been perfect, it took us awhile to figure these things out, and we are far from perfect and still learning. But the fact is that we are wayyy ahead of any other nation when it comes to personal freedoms. So buckle up, cuz the only way to defeat terrorism, extremism, islamism, is to fight it. And the middle east is just the beginning. We already have troops in Africa and soon we will have more there, because the French and the U.N. are completely useless when it comes to conflict resolution. I pray that we will have atleast another 4 years of a Republican president who knows where he stands on issues, who is resolute in dealing with affronts to our freedoms, and will not pack up and run away from problems, deserting all those who depend on us, that need us to conquer their oppressors and lead them to a new day of hope.

Isnt it Ironic?

Funny that the only news stating that the war isnt going well for the terrorists comes from the terrorists themselves and not from one of the media outlets that enjoy the freedoms of the war-supporting countries that they reside in. I could state every day how one sided and distorted the mass media is, but it would do no good. Instead go read this letter that is a plea for help from Zarqawi himself. (obviously placed a couple days ago, before we blew up his house. maybe this helped us find him, tracking the signal when he sent it.)

one by one, or rather, four by four

We're pickin em off. The Saudis say they killed four Al Qaeda agents involved in the murder of Paul Johnson, including the chief of operations in the kingdom. Unfortunately 2 guys got away. Its too bad, in a way, that the Saudis, always kill the guys they are after, and don't have time to get some info out of them such as where their buddies are. Now we all know the Saudis cant really be trusted, and they say they are helping us while their country continues to shit out more radical Islamic militants and everyday assholes that would love to see America collapse. Of course none of these idiots realize that the whole world relies on our technology, our economy, and our charity. We give more money to more countries in need than any other country in the world. Strangely even the Syrians, well atleast one, condemned the murder of Johnson. Maybe they're wising up, cuz you know we're coming Syria.

Mrs. Rocket has a good point over at the powerline, check it out.

UPDATE: From todays update to this story, they supposedly caught up to 12 other militants. YES!

Peruse all of the articles on that website and you will see just how messed up and backwards the Islamic nations are. Then remember to thank whoever it is you thank for things that America is not a religious state.

Good Morning Mr. Zarqawi, this is your wake up call.

At approximately 9:30 am this morning Iraq time the U.S. military struck a residence in Fallujah where they believe Zarqawi and some of his cronies were hiding. The above link is from foxnews but its all over the web. The U.S. isnt saying much right now but say that they only fired one missile at the home and it ignited a cache of weapons that caused a secondary explosion that damaged surrounding homes and killed rescuers. Of course the iraqis would rather believe that the U.S. fired, waited for people to come to the rescue after the first strike, then fired again to get them. Of course the U.S. military would not do this, we use precision guided missiles that are built to hit their target while causing as little collateral damage as possible. Not that that would be a bad thing, in my opinion, I doubt theres anybody in Fallujah that doesnt need a good dose of killing. Has any resident of Fallujah shown that they are committed to the reconstruction of their own country, or done anything for that matter other than impede the progress towards normality that all good citizens truly want? It's interesting, I was just reading an article last night about how terrorism throughout the world and throughout history has been dealt with and defeated. One of the ways is by containing the terrorists, such as the way we are dealing with Fallujah. Give them their town, back off, then strike when the time is right for us since we know where they all are. I will track down the article and figure out, finally, how to get links working in the body of a post. I cant wait to see if we finally got that asshole, either way, theres a whole house full less of bad guys.

Friday, June 18, 2004


LGF has this great essay from a Major in the Marines that states so eloquently what he believes and I have heard it many times before from others that were there, and I believe it too. The media keeps making a big deal about the lack of WMD's (which we are learning every day were really there and just got smuggled out) and the lack of an Iraq/Al Qaeda connection. The fact is thats not what it was about, it was about ridding the world of a tyrant and giving a whole nation the freedom that they deserve. Anyway, go read it now.

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Here's a post from Judicious Asininity that reports that even the people that work at the UN know that its rotten. Where is the coverage of this? Sickening. And the world wonders why we dont give a crap about permission from the UN.

Iraqs funniest home videos

As most psychologist will tell you, the youth of today get into trouble because they have nothing else to do. I figure that's precisely the problem in Iraq. All those bored, frustrated Iraqi's are only causing trouble cuz they dont have enough TV to watch. Luckily, theres a new TV station in Iraq that will hopefully change all that. Plus they say they will be showing only Iraqi talent, so all those kidnappers and rebels that like to make their own videos can now do so without kidnapping and rebelling.

They're Coming

The aliens are coming, and they have disquised their ships to look like comets. Check out this story about a crazy comet

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Word of the Day


n. - The study of space. Specifically how much space someone's ass takes up

Are You *%@# Jokin Me Medal of Dishonor

Here's a new category I've decided to add called "Are You *%@# Jokin Me" to address the extremely absurd, obscene, or assanine. First up, Spain, the newest member of the yellow belly club. Apparently in Spain the Defense Minister thought that he was such a great yellow belly that he deserved a medal. Check it out and tell me what you think.


Well hockey season ended a couple weeks ago, basketball season is now over, and football doesnt start for a few months. Luckily this year is an Olympic year, so we have that to look forward to. What a year to be American, first we're cleaning up the world of the scum that everybody else hates but nobody else wants to do anything about, now we're gonna clean house at the Olympics. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and safely.
The mavs dont have their schedule up yet so I cant tell you how long till their opening game of the season, but here are some upcoming events:

June 19 - 20 Hoop-It-Up
June 22 NBA Expansion Draft
June 24 NBA Draft
June 26 2004 Celebrity Heroes Baseball Game
June 27-28 Finley & Friends Celebrity Golf Tournament
July 17 Mavs Dancer Auditions at Gilley's Dallas.
August 21 National Anthem Auditions at the Wyndham Anatole Hotel

I'm thinking I'll have to try to make it down to Gilleys on July 17.

Mike Modano from the Stars will be playing in that 2004 Celebrity Heroes Baseball Game on June 26. They dont have anything about next season up yet either.

Dallas Cowboys and good ethics dont usually go together, but there is apparently atleast one good person on that team, Darren Woodson. No whore killing crack parties for him.

The Cowboys of course have their season info up.

2004 Pre Season Tickets

Sat. Aug. 14 @ Houston Texans - KTVT/CBS 11, 7pm Information
Sat. Aug. 21 @ Oakland Raiders - KTVT/CBS 11, 8pm Information
Mon., Aug. 30 TENNESSEE TITANS - ABC, 7pm Available
Thurs., Sept. 2 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - KTVT/CBS 11, 7pm Available

2004 Regular Season Tickets

Sun., Sept. 12 @ Minnesota Vikings - FOX, 3:15pm
Sun., Sept. 19 CLEVELAND BROWNS - CBS, 3:15pm
Mon., Sept. 27 @ Washington Redskins - ABC, 8pm
Sun., Oct. 3 BYE
Sun., Oct. 10 NY GIANTS - FOX, Noon
Sun., Oct. 17 PITTSBURGH STEELERS - CBS, 3:15pm
Sun., Oct. 24 @ Green Bay Packers - FOX, 3:15pm
Sun., Oct. 31 DETROIT LIONS - FOX, Noon
Sun., Nov. 7 @ Cincinnati Bengals - FOX, Noon
Sun., Nov. 21 @ Baltimore Ravens - FOX, Noon
Thu., Nov. 25 CHICAGO BEARS - FOX, 3:15pm
Mon., Dec. 6 @ Seattle Seahawks - ABC, 8pm
Sun., Dec. 12 NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - FOX, Noon
Sun., Dec. 19 @ Philadelphia Eagles - FOX, Noon
Sun., Dec. 26 WASHINGTON REDSKINS - FOX, 3:15pm
Sun., Jan. 2 @ NY Giants* - ESPN, 7:30pm
*-Last Nationally Televised Game Of The Season

No shit

I've been saying all along I never doubted that Iraq did possess WMD's and before the war they just threw them over the fence, smuggling them to all their bad border buddies. Now the UN is coming out and saying that they found some. The UN, not us or Halliburton or anybody else. This isnt the first proof and it certainly wont be the last. Hopefully none will be found here the hard way.
Strange how I havent seen any of this in the mainstream media.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Papa got a new bag .. o' whoopass

Apparently the jam-tastic M4 is finally going to be replaced. Finally our soldiers in dirty or dusty climates (read everywhere) wont have to steal their enemies gun to have a weapon that they know wont jam.

"It looks like it's from the future, but it's a weapon we're going to need," Rosales said.

"Basically, it's going to save lives because the weapon's not going to misfire and jam on you."

Hey, theres an idear

Voice command UCAR

Voice command is coming to our airforce and army. All of our next gen unmanned combat aerial vehicles and unmanned combat armed rotorcraft will eventually be voice controlled. This technology will eventually work its way into manned aircraft as well.

lakers lakkin

tonights possibly the last game of the nba finals, if detroit wins. aretha franklin sung the opening star spangled banner... or did she? it looked like she was lip synching to me. it was funny cuz the camera man figured it out pretty quick and switched to shots of the players, only returning to her once or twice, and only for a quick shot. strange.
and damn, she aint gettin any smaller.

Larry Brown, the coach of the Pistons, has a fine ass wife

Well Detroit is only up by 26 or so with less than 6 minutes to go, but I'm predicting right now that Detroit is the NBA champs. Thats right, you heard it here first, the Detroit Pistons are the world champs.

Cool Fact: Larry Brown is the only coach to have ever won both an NCAA title and the NBA title.

Money for Sex for Oil for Food

The corruption in the U.N. in relation to the Oil for Food program seems to me like one of the biggest stories in a long time. Not surprisingly it is getting very little press. Now it seems that the Oversight Committee setup to investigate the corruption is in fact corrupt itself. Who's surprised? anyone? Go here for today's update and links to related stories.
Here's a little taste from
Nair has been accused of covering up abuses of the oil-for-food program. So far, his office has carried out 55 internal audits of the process that before the U.S.-led war against Saddam Hussein's regime allowed Iraqi oil to be sold so food could be purchased for Iraqis.
Other allegations of impropriety include charges that some inside the OIOS received financial kickbacks in return for promoting people and that some people were promoted in exchange for sexual favors.

Word of the Day

Sometimes I like to make up my own words. This is one I came up with today.

Butt Music

n. - flatulence

Letters from the sandbox

Blackfive has this great letter from a chaplain in Iraq. Go read it now.

Fun Facts

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, 80% of the satellite communications bandwidth that was used by US forces was supplied by commercial companies. The current campaign required 40 times more bandwidth than Desert Storm.

Word of the Day


adj : dull and tiresome but with pretensions of significance or originality;

Hanging out by the pool drinkin by yourself is platitudinous, but its still better than working.

Monday, June 14, 2004


Well i hope you all had as good a weekend as i did. Mine consisted mostly of hanging out by the pool and drinkin frio cervezas. saturday i hung out by the pool, did some reading, drank some beers, then went to a birthday party. it was a pretty boring party, no games, no puking, no fighting, no nudity, but i guess it was better than doing nothing. sunday was more of the same, hangin out by the pool, drinkin and reading. the last friend i had at these apts, a guy named brian that lived right beside the pool, moved out this weekend. i helped him load his tv in his truck as we reminisced about all the good summers gone by and agreed that these apts just arent what they used to be. he's movin down to houston to be with his long time girlfriend and i wish them all the luck in the world. then i went to sonic, came back and there was actually some people at the pool, including a couple nice girls. they werent overly friendly, but they werent rude either. then i went out to the bar to watch the pistons whoop some laker ass. that was a good game indeed. bigray came out and we played some pool and ogled the pretty girls till closin time. he was the one pushing me to stay and drink for a change, but he hadnt been drinkin since noon. so as you might imagine i was kinda slow going to work today.

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day so let your freak flag fly. If you are a commie and dont own an American Flag and fly it proudly already, go out and get one. NOW!

1777: The Continental Congress votes to adopt a flag with 13 stars and 13 stripes as the national emblem of the new United States of America.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Word of the Day


adj : excessively mournful

I am lugubrious over my lost youth.

girls gone wild at the horsetrack

I went out to the horsetrack yesterday like I do on many a Friday night. I had a great day yesterday, I did a little work, layed out by the pool, played a little disc golf, then went to the horsetrack. Now lonestarpark has never been the high class Kentucky derby bonnets and top hats kinda crowd, and that's why I like it. But I knew something was different as soon as I pulled into the parking lot and saw groups of people standing around drinkin by their cars, topless rednecks shotgunnin beers. I get there about the 3rd race and its pretty packed, and as the night goes on it gets even more packed. So I go to place my first bet with Molly, the cute girl I always place my bets with cuz she's nice, and she asks if I'm staying for the concert. I tell her I might, even though I have no idea of who is playing. So as I'm looking over my program studying the horses for the next race I see the ad for Cross Canadian Ragweed, the band that will be playing that night. Apparently they are real popular with the young college type crowd cuz the placed was packed with college age kids. Im as big a fan of college girls as anybody, but college kids have as little brains as any group of people. Twice I had to step away from some guy cuz they were dippin and spittin it right on the ground by my feet. Is this acceptable these days? As if spittin your dip isnt disgusting enough, you're spittin it right there by my feet. Get a cup atleast you nasty bastard. Almost saw a fight. Apparently one extremely drunk guy didnt like the way some other guy was looking at him. At first it was all the drunk guy talkin smack and gettin pushed away by his friends, while the other guy just looked at him with his arm around his girl. After the drunk guy was a safe distance away the other guy goes, "cmon, you want some?" again without moving. it was comical. but unfortunately that was it and i didnt get to see a brawl. A couple of times some drunk kids asked if they could see my program and I was glad to oblige saying it wasnt doing me any good. and it wasnt. I bet an exacta or a trifecta for each race and only won one race because the 2 horses were so much better than the others. 8 bucks. woohoo. So its about the 8th race and the crowd is well gathered in front of the stage, that is right in front of the track about halfway between turn 4 and the finish line. Its really starting to look like a concert crowd because soon girls are on top of guys shoulders baring their breasts. That's something you dont see at the horsetrack everyday. So for the last couple races we had some entertainment between races. Guys chanting 'show your tits' and easy girls obliging. I left after the 9th like I always do when I'm losing, CCW isnt really my kinda band and I didnt want to get stuck in the traffic with all those drunk kids. Being around young drunk college kids just depresses me. Man this gettin old stuff sucks.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

muralin and ramblin

Well habitat got rained out today, we did all the inside work they had for us yesterday. So instead I slept late then went over to my sister's house and worked on her mural. I did some touchups on the water around the bridge then went back over the bridge with the main color. since it seems that it will continue to rain for the rest of the week, habitat is canceled for the week, so tomorrow i will add in shadows and highlights and it will be done. Like any piece of art it will never really be done, theres always more i could do, like add some color variations to the sky, right now its a flat light blue color. tomorrow i'll finish up the mural then go visit my uncle who's been feeling rotten all week, hopefully i'll be able to cheer him up a little. nothing too exciting happened today. reagan's funeral was on all day today. i watched the part where they sung america the beautiful. it really was beautiful, it was like the air force choir or somebody like that. it was pretty powerful. I always get choked up over powerful patriotic music. i have to fight back the tears during the stars spangled banner most of the time.
The indy race up at texasmotorspeedway is this weekend, and i wouldve worked it if i hadnt had habitat. unfortunately that will probably get rained out too. i hope not though, thats pretty disappointing going to see a race, especially if you came from out of state or further, and it gets postponed. they'll run it eventually, they might just have to wait a couple days for a clear day. i would have liked to have gone to the horsetrack friday since i wont have to work but the cash is tight so i'll probably wait till next weekend.

Word of the Day


adj : like twilight; dim;

The bad weather we're having makes the days prematurely crepuscular.

I'm sorry, they did what?

At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's "Sex Out Loud" Health Awareness Fair in March, the Feminist Majority organization sponsored a "giant vagina structure" for which students could pay a dollar and stick their heads in to have their pictures taken. Said a spokesperson, "There are a lot of phallic symbols in society, and we wanted to put a vaginal one out there." [Daily Illini, 3-19-04]

let the jokes begin

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

in the city

After a beautiful day Monday, the rain returned yesterday in force. This did not stop us from doing habitat work though because they had a bunch of stuff that needed done on the inside of the house. Lots of touchup painting and caulking, hanging door and window trim, shelves, and what I did all day, sealing, sanding, sealing, sanding, sealing the kitchen cabinets. Bad weather usually puts me in a bad mood (unless I'm driving) and yesterday was no exception. I would much rather dig post holes and ditches and put up fences then do easy indoor stuff. I do like working with wood, and I do know how to seal and sand, but I was in a bad mood yesterday so I complained about how I couldnt understand why we needed to seal,sand,seal,sand,seal the cabinets. I think seal,sand,seal would have been enough. For all those that dont have wood working experience, the polyurethane you use as a sealer makes the rough wood stand up, then you sand that all down with rough paper, then you repeat the process with not so rough paper till the cabinets are smoothe as baby butt. Anyway, thats what I did all day. At lunch I went for a drive to find my mom a diet coke and an orange, she smelled somebody eating an orange and had to have one. That was cool cuz I wanted to get away anyway. So I found a store pretty easily, but was in no hurry, so I continued to drive around for awhile. I noticed that there were probably 4 or 5 little mini mart type places all in a row on these 2 blocks. I thought this was pretty strange that they could all survive all right together like that. They all looked pretty similar though none were big names and I admit that I did not stop to investigate them all. Usually if you have 4 stores on the same block all selling the same type thing, atleast 1 or 2 of them wont last. Thats commercialism at its finest. I just thought it was interesting and would make a good talking point. What's going on, how can they all survive? Do they each have their own loyal patrons that frequent only their store? Is their some kind of inner city dynamic at play that I dont understand? Oh and by the way, apparently it is not orange season, atleast not at the sack and save in FW, they were all pretty bad looking.

pistons blow

Well somehow the pistons managed to piss away game 2 last night. Not somehow really, they made a lot of mistakes. they were up by 3 with 4 seconds left in the game and all that they had to do was fould somebody. kobe gets the ball. "foul him damnit, grab him, bear hug him, kick em in the nuts, anything." nope, even gave him room to shoot. kobe. why would you give kobe room to shoot. he was on too. swish. fucking overtime. and that was it, lakers win. if the pistons would've won, the title would have been in the bag, no team has ever won a series after losing the first two games. game 3 in detroit on thursday. should be a good one.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Word of the Day

cultus = adjective - Bad, worthless, no good.

do you know any cultus people? i know i do

SOFOR rocks

U.S. Special Ops forces today rescued the three Italians that have been held since April and a Polish man that was kidnapped last week. Thats right, we bad. It says there were only 2 guards there at the time and we got both of them w/o having to fire a shot. Of course we all know that there was more than 3 guys involved in this. The good thing is that we'd been watching them for a day or so before we went in, so hopefully we have a few other people to follow now.

Unfortunately, 7 Turkish men were kidnapped today. To their abductors of course I say, dont worry you p.o.s., we're coming for you too.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Word of the Day

breviloquence = noun - A brief and pertinent mode of speaking.

So I guess blogging can be a form of breviloquence.

fun facts #1

Here is the first of what will probably be a regular feature, 'Fun Facts'. My work relates to the military so I have a lot of interest in military tech, so I will probably write about that alot, tho not always. Anyway, here is tonights 'Fun Fact', taken from the newspaper "Defense News".
As anyone that follows military tech knows, the F-22 is problematic and late in production. One of the main problems is with the suite of combat avionics software. Air Force program officials refer to this software as "lets go kill people" software.

Man I'd hate to hear the non-technical term for it.

Stay tuned for more exciting 'Fun Facts'.

The Bolts win the Cup

Well the bolts won the stanley cup. It was a pretty good game, tho it had few goals with a final score of 2-1, and few shots, probably less than 30 combined, it was still a magnificent display of offensive and especially defensive skill. after the flames got a goal on a bullshit powerplay call to pull within one, it really got exciting and it seemed that they were really on fire. (ugh) but they just couldnt break thru the lightning defense. this was a significant game for many reasons, a few of which were because the coach of the lightning is the first american born coach to ever win the cup, its the first time the lightning have won the cup, dave a. for the lightning is the oldest player to have, until tonight, currently playing to have not won the cup. or something like that. anyway, it was a great game. the sad part of course is that now hockey season is over.
oh yeah, also the owner of the lightning also owns the pistons. hmmmm

sweet serenity

man, check out my horoscope today, it rocks.
December 21 - January 19
Are you ready, dear Capricorn? Are you in shape for what is going to happen? The celestial aspects are heralding a new cycle that will be filled to the brim with activities, new people and new professional perspectives. Let's hope that you have been able to get rested up lately. If you haven't, try to schedule in some afternoon naps!"
I especially like that last part about the naps. now my boss will have to let me take afternoon naps, its in the stars for God's sake.


Well today was my first day of weeklong work for the Fort Worth Habitat for Humanity. I work with FW HFH the first weekend of every month and a whole week in the summer, working with my mom and her high school class. I've been doing this for the past 3 years and it's a lot of fun, and rewarding. I think this world would be a lot better off if more people felt the need to help out and serve others, but I wont get too preachy in the early stages of my blogging career. Anyway usually in the summer during our week long job we build a whole house from a cement slab to a finished product, but as you may know if you read any north texas bloggers, such as sarahk, we've been havin a lot of crazy storms this past week, so they werent able to pour the slab. so instead we are working on some other houses that are a little further along. Today we finished painting the inside and out, put up all the trim on the outside, cleared the back and side yards of brush, then tore down the old chainlink fence and dug holes and placed the poles for the new fence. It was a good long day, and hot too. we start at 8 in the morn and quit at 3, and it was probably in the high 80s to low 90s today. I love doin it but its a lot more work then sittin at a computer all day. I told my boss i would work at night so i wouldnt have to take any vacation days this week. tonight i'll probably go over and watch the hockey game at a friends house than come home and work, but the rest of the week i'll be able to work all evening. i work harder than everybody else i work with anyway, so i never feel guilty about not busting my ass every now and then. wednesday my sister and brother in law are gonna help, so im gonna take off that day to finish a mural i started on her wall. im pretty excited cuz i've been workin on it for a long time and i should finally finish it this week. anyway my hands are tired from hammering and chopping and hacking and digging so im gonna give them a break, but i'll probably post some fun facts and word of the day later.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

smarty blows it

Well I just watched Smarty Jones get passed right at the end to lose the triple crown. He looked like he might do it but then another horse came up right at the end. I'm betting that Smarty was held back. The only sport more corrupt than horse racing is boxing, and its close. Have you seen Smarty's owner? I'm surprised he didnt die. Watching I knew Smarty wouldnt do it, if you watch much horse racing you know if a horse is leading in the beginning he isnt gonna win it. And I love the horses. I have terrible luck and never win much, but I enjoy it. I usually bet the exotics though just for the possibility to make the big bucks. I got pretty close to winning my first trifecta last time I was out, all 3 of my horses were coming in the right order down the stretch, than some bastard came up from the rear and passed them all, so I had the right horses, they just came in 2,3,4 instead of 1,2,3. Maybe next time.

Word of the Day

This will be a section where I share a word that, to me, is either new, funny, or I just like the sound of it. I'm not promising this will be a daily entry, but we'll see. So, on with the show.
Today's word is:
kipper = noun - 1. a male salmon or seatrout during or after the spawning season. 2. a herring or salmon that has been split, salted and smoked.
In honor of Ronald Reagan I looked up Gipper to see if that was actually a word and found that, atleast according to, it isnt. But they did list kipper as a possible alternative to what I was looking for.

Popups are evil

Ok, here is my first official request for help, I'm sure there will be many more in the future. Does anyone know of a good pop-up blocker that really works? I'm almost desperate enough to pay for one, but I dont want to go out buying pop-up blockers willy nilly.
Has anyone else noticed that most of your pop-ups are advertisements for pop-up blockers? This seems very wrong.

Big Gipper goes to the Big White House in the Sky

Well Im not sure how I feel about making my first real post about the death of a great man, but it's big news thats hard to ignore. Im sure there will be plenty out there that know a lot more about Reagan than I do, and say it a lot better, so I'll just post a few things that I've gleened from other sites that I think are interesting.
Reagan lived longer than any U.S. president.
He declared at the outset, "Government is not the solution, it's the problem".
Despite the ensuing (Iran-Contra) investigations, he left office in 1989 with the highest popularity rating of any retiring president in the history of modern-day public opinion polls.
After announcing that he had alzheimers, he said "When the Lord calls me home, whenever that may be, I will leave with the greatest love for this country of ours and eternal optimism for its future."
After the Challenger disaster he said, "It's all part of taking a chance and expanding man's horizons. The future doesn't belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave."

No doubt words that will ring true always. Lets hope this land of ours is always the home of the brave, and never gives in to what we know is cowardly or weak or wrong, just because it seems like the whole rest of the world wants us to.

So what do you think?


Well I've finally decided to start my blog and of course now I have no idea of what I'm going to write about. So for now I guess I'll just give you an idea of what I will be writing about when I get organized. I have many interests and foresee this being a pretty eclectic blog. I'm still young (less than 30, more than 20) and have a lot of questions about life and am really interested in the opinions of others, so I figure a lot of posts will be talking points about whatever topic interests me that day. I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent person but I will definately not try to sound smarter than I am. My interests include politics, news, the military, travel, music, movies, art, and much more which I assume will eventually be revealed. I live in Texas, USA and love it here, though I would eventually like to see the whole world. I dont know how relevant that is right now, but I think there are a lot of bloggers out there from Texas, so maybe this will be a way for me to make some new friends and meet some interesting people. So Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay, comment, share, and maybe even learn a little.