Monday, June 21, 2004

Are You @#%&* Jokin Me? Doctor Feel Good

Here's a good one out of Oregon, where apparently if you are a doctor you can NOT bill the state for having sex with your patients. There's just so many unanswered questions that go along with this story. Like how did the state find out what he was doing? Under "Procedure Performed" did he write "Sexified Patient" or "Fixed her Pelvic Pains by Rubbing my Healthy Pelvis against Hers" or what? It says it was consensual and it doesnt say he was hit with a rape case, so I'm guessing she didnt tell. And how long did it take this guy to talk his patient into submitting to this kind of therapy. He had to have been handsome or she really wanted him or something. I can just see his initial consultation now:
Doc: "So Mrs. Simpson, I understand that you're having pains in your pelvis, is that correct?"
Patient: "Yes doctor."
Doc: "Well have you tried masturbating? Its a medical fact that messaging your 'trigger points' will help reduce pain, no matter where it is located in your body."
Patient: "Is that really true doctor? That sounds like a bunch of lecherous bullshit to me."
Doc: "No really, let me show you."
Patient: "Oh ok, if you say so, you're the doctor."
Doc: "Yes, yes I am. Now just relax."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, and did you see how many sexual innuendos there are in the story? The doctor was "stripped of his license". He also must "perform 200 hours of community service" - what, you mean like the kind of service he was already performing on a willing patient? Nice find. --pmh

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