Friday, June 25, 2004

Arent people wacky?

Here's a good story about a young man who did not see eye to eye with a judge. Well unless the judge had one brown eye.
"Sir? Kiss my (expletive), sir!" Brown shouted, dropping the pants of his two-piece prison jumpsuit and pointing his rear end at the judge."
aaahh, so thats what mooning means.
I think he is the hero of everyone who has ever had to face a judge.

In other news, it looks like Frank J is inspiring others to take the exterminating business into their own hands. Please people, leave the internecion of insects up to the professionals.

And finally, this story. Just think, we were this close to getting rid of a bunch of Canadians. (Calm down, its just a joke.) The man was overheard saying,
"AWWWW, look at da cute puppy. How could I ever massacre everyone in site in front of such a cute puppy wuppy. "
Maybe we just need to send more cute puppies over to the middle east.


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