Sunday, June 27, 2004

France: "We still hate Iraq"

France wants to make sure that NATO provides as little help to Iraq as possible. They apparently see no reason to help the people of that country in their most dire time of need. Some people wonder why some of us despise the French; well this is one good reason. The only comfort is knowing that history will show the French did everything they could to hamper the evolution of Iraq into a prosperous free nation, thinking that their soldiers and civilians were too precious or important to help others. What is their problem?
Recently W asked NATO to provide troops to help out with the security situation in Iraq, and everybody said "No thanks, screw them". So now he's asking if NATO nations would atleast help train the Iraq security forces, and Chirac is even against this. I'm dumbfounded. Here's the story from
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> "France wants any agreement coming from a NATO summit in Istanbul next week on the alliance’s role in Iraq to be limited to training the future Iraqi army and to exclude any direct role in the country, French diplomats said June 25.
A letter from Iraq’s interim prime minister, Iyad Allawi, asking NATO directly for help in training security forces has pushed Paris to consider backing the request as long as it does not require NATO “planting its flag in Iraq,” said several diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity.

(ed.note trust us france, nobody wants your flag on their soil, they're just asking for a little help. is everyone in charge over there insensate?)

U.S. President George W. Bush has acknowledged that he has little hope of seeing NATO troops sent to Iraq to bolster the U.S.-led forces currently occupying the country, but he has urged NATO members to pick up the training task.

(ed. note would it be possible to kick France out of NATO?)

Chirac recently declared himself “more than reserved” on the idea of NATO providing anything more than technical assistance but was “open to discussing hypothetical training operations with a very precise framework,” the spokeswoman, Catherine Colonna, said.
France itself was prepared to train several thousand Iraqi police, but only outside of Iraq, perhaps in Jordan or in a Gulf state, diplomats said. " <


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