Friday, June 25, 2004

Is this guy even from this world?

So now Al-Sadr wants to call timeout cuz he's tired and he wants to get a drink. This isnt touch football in the schoolyard, this is war, when you are losing you dont get to call a timeout and switch sides, it dont work like that. From the article:
"The declaration said the cease-fire was called to show al-Sadr's interest in preventing ''terrorists and saboteurs'' from ''causing overwhelming chaos or security disorder.''
Too late bitch, you've already caused overwhelming chaos, and you and all your buttbuddies are terrorists. I hope the U.S. doesnt fall for this shit, but it seems we are starting to think like "oh well, a couple more days and it will be the Iraqi Governments problem." This guy is a murderer and a terrorist, and he and all his buddies that have been terrorizing neighborhoods for months and causing the death of numerous innocent civilians deserve a swift bit of American justice.


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