Monday, June 21, 2004

It's a Historic Day

Mike Melvill piloted the first manned privately funded and built rocket ship to the edge of space today, reaching an altitude of 100 kilometers, where he could see the curvature of the earth under black space and experienced temporary weightlessness. This is history in the making, stuff your kids will be reading about in school, and the kind of stuff that gets me choked up. Check out the story from for all the details and pictures from the event. It is a marvel what man is capable of achieving through his genius and ingenuity (and a whole lotta funding). The door is now officially open for private space flights. Soon you will have as many choices for getting to space as you do for airlines, maybe more. I guess it all depends on how much the government regulates space travel. I would think one day though, just like people own their own cars and some own their own planes, some of us, and maybe one day all of us, will own our own spaceship. Of course noone alive now will, its a little further off then that, but our grandkids, or maybe great grandkids, could possibly take a vacation to a resort on the moon in their own spaceship, or atleast hire one to take them there, as easy as taking a plane to another country.


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