Friday, June 25, 2004

Music Reviews

Burden Brothers - 'Buried in Your Black Heart'

I saw these guys a couple years ago at a Dallas Musical Festival downtown before they actually decided they wanted to be a band. They were played after Baboon and before the Butthole Surfers, so to say the least it was an awesome night. I dont remember the songs they played, they only played a couple, but I remember having a good time so they must have been good. The Burden Brothers consists of guys from Rev. Horton Heat and the Toadies, and sounds pretty much like a combination of the two, maybe a little more Toadies then the Rev. Its got a couple good concert songs that are probably a lot of fun when you see them live, but overall its kind of a depressing album. Obviously somebody just broke up with their girlfriend and almost all the songs reflect that. I'm a big Toadies and Rev fan but this album is just not as upbeat as you would want it to be from 2 such fun bands. On a scale of 1-10 I would probably give it a 5, and thats generous cuz they're a local band and I like the bands they came from. Plus theres only 11 songs on the album. Thats weak. For the cost of a cd these days I expect atleast and even 12.

The Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones - 'New York City'

I will buy anything that Norah Jones is involved with. I just love her. I think shes got a great voice and is incredibly talented. Peter Malic is apparently a blues guitarist/writer/singer and wrote a bunch of songs that he liked but didnt think they fit his voice so he set out to find someone to sing them. He just happened to catch Norah playing at a bar and knew he had found the voice for his music. Again not much of a bargain for your money as there is only 7 songs on the cd, and the first and last song are the same, one being the 'radio edit' version. He says in the liner notes that it only took a couple of takes for each of the songs because she is such a natural. To me it really sounds that way. I love Norah, and I certainly know nothing about recording music, but it just kinda sounds like she was singing someone elses music that she hadnt really had time to fall in love with and really develop a feeling for each song. I think if she would've played around with the songs a little more and really gotten into them they would have been even better. The best song on the album is the bluesiest, #4 'All Your Love'. On her own albums she has shown that she can deliver when it comes to jazz and country, now here she shows that she is just as adept at the blues. I give it a 7 out of 10.


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