Saturday, June 26, 2004

UNethical update

So the guy investigating the oil for food scandal says he has uncovered "serious problems". He goes on to say that giant lizards once roamed the earth millions of years ago which he has chosen to call "dinosaurs", earth is not the only planet in the galaxy with a "moon", and women are "complex".
Thank you Mr. Obvious, just tell us who's going to jail and when we get to watch it on TV.
As always, there is very little media coverage of this.

He says "If there were bribes, why did the bribes happen, why did the mal-administration happen ... why was money lost?"

The money wasnt lost, do you know how much spine removal surgery costs? Plus how much do you think they had to spend on drugs and sleeping pills to be able to sleep at night?

Dont count on much of a report or any justice to be served tho: "A three-member panel led by Volcker is investigating the oil-for-food scandal. The panel does not have subpoena authority and will rely instead on voluntary cooperation from governments, U.N. staff, members of Saddam Hussein's former government and current Iraqi leaders."

So three guys, who probably arent all that rich and thus could be easily swayed by money, are relying on voluntary cooperation from corrupt people that are above the law and/or have no respect for it. Good luck.


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