Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Wasn't me

Check out this awesome story from San Diego. Ok it probably wasnt awesome for anybody involved, but I'm just glad it wasnt me. It seems someone was having a hard time getting home one night. Perhaps someone's been playing a little too much "Twisted Metal" or "San Francisco Rush". This was forwarded to me from a friend of mine, saying that he thought I might like it. This guy took out a flower shop, a fire hydrant, and 19 cars, as well as shootin his dog out the windshield upon final impact. Like it? shit Im jealous. My record is an access gate, a gas station, 4 cars, and a stray armadillo, nowhere close to this guy. That neighborhood will no longer be known as the "boring neighborhood on the hill."

Here's the pics from one of the neighbors.
She's gotta be lovin it. Her car was saved because someone else took her parking spot and she had to park somewhere else. Who's laughin now, parking spot stealer?

Fortunately noone was hurt except for the one-armed bandit responsible for this mayhem.


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