Saturday, July 31, 2004

no poppin

i just realized that i havent seen any pop ups in a long time. i went through and cleaned house last weekend, deleting tons of files and I guess i got the culprits. not very exciting for anyone reading this, but its pretty exciting for me. so my advice for anyone having pop up problems, just go thru and delete any file you dont know what it is. if its important than just get it back out of the trash can.

Thursday, July 29, 2004


Man I love this guy's blog.  I've been reading him for a long time and admire him more every day.  I'm not gonna bother trying to find some good quotes because they're all good, so go read all of his posts. If you havent visited lately, visit Iraq the Model. 

DoD News

Targets Captured. Iraqi Courts at work.  Dozens Captured.  Attacks neutralized.

WASHINGTON, July 29, 2004 -- A U.S. soldier from the 1st Infantry Division was killed by small-arms fire today near Hawija, Iraq, and 39 members of an "anti- Iraqi forces" cell were captured during a combined U.S.-Iraqi raid near Ar Rawashi, according to Multinational Force Iraq officials.
The U.S. soldier died when his patrol came under attack at about 1 p.m., according to officials in Baghdad. The soldier was evacuated to a military medical facility after the attack and was pronounced dead there. The individual's name is being withheld until next of kin is notified.
U.S. and Iraqi National Guard troops conducted the raid near Ar Rawashi. It resulted in the capture of two known targets, Iman Aziz Ahmen Thahe and Nsaif Lateef Hadi. No further information about the two men was given.
Military officials said the raid was conducted to capture members of an anti- Iraqi forces cell that is suspected of conducting seven improvised-explosive- device attacks against coalition forces since March.
The detained individuals were transported to a Multinational Force Iraq base for questioning. No soldiers were injured during the incident.
Elsewhere a day earlier, an offensive raid by Iraqi forces July 28 resulted in the deaths of 35 insurgents and the capture of 45 more. The large offensive operation by 280 Iraqi National Guard soldiers and police officers began north of As Suwayrah, in the Wassit Province, military officials in Baghdad reported today.
Eight Iraqi security force members were killed and nine wounded in the operation. More than 50 mortar and artillery rounds and other munitions were captured in the operation, according to a Multinational Force Iraq press release.
U.S. ground forces and aircraft provided support for the operation as Iraqi soldiers conducted a cordon and search of 30 buildings and received small-arms fire.
In other news:
Iraqi police may have prevented an attack in Baghdad after finding five rockets and two loaded rocket launchers in a cemetery in central Baghdad today.
U.S. soldiers detained seven individuals, including a member of Muqtada al- Sadr's militia, July 28 for photographing a government building in Najaf. One individual was identified as Ahsan Hadi Toman, a member of Muqtada's militia. Ahsan is suspected of being responsible for kidnappings in the area, according to officials.
Soldiers from the 1st Infantry Division transported the individuals to a Multinational Force base for questioning.
In a separate incident, 1st Infantry Division soldiers apprehended another individual following a rocket attack on a Multinational Force base near Tikrit July 28. That person was transferred to a military facility where he tested positive for explosive residue.
Near Baqubah, 1st Infantry Division soldiers thwarted an IED attack July 28 after wounding two anti-Iraqi force members as they attempted to plant the device.
Military officials said the soldiers found four mortars, two artillery rounds and 250 kilograms of TNT buried in cement with trigger material nearby. The IED was defused and destroyed without further incident.
One wounded insurgent was evacuated to a military medical facility for treatment and will be held for questioning. The other escaped, military officials said.
The Central Criminal Court of Iraq July 28 sentenced an Iraqi man to 18 months prison for illegal weapons possession.
Witnesses identified Kamal Muyayyib Salem as being involved in attacks against international forces. Military officials said 1st Infantry Division soldiers captured Salem during a raid conducted on April 5 on a house in Ad Duluiyah.
The raid netted 18 circuit boards and various electronic components including switches, batteries, resistors and clock parts. According to military officials, the components are believed to be of the type used in making improvised explosive devices.
A three-judge panel, upon testimony provided by 1st Infantry Division soldiers and two Iraqi National Guard soldiers, convicted the detainee of possession of "special category weapons."

Looking forward to...

I apologize that blogging has been light this week, work's keeping me pretty busy.  And not being able to blog from work is definately slowing things down.  I'll try to make up for it this weekend, in the meantime here are a few more things to look forward to:

Olympic opening ceremony: 15 days

Dallas Cowboys first preseason game: 16 days

Korn, Snoop, Linkin Park at Smirnoff:  22 days

Nola roadtrip:  35 days

Dallas Stars first preseason game:  58 days

Breeders' Cup Championships at LSP: 64 days

Last race of the IRL season out at TMS: 80 days 

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

DoD news

From the DoD news, Iraqi security forces are getting it done.  Slowly but surely they are cleaning up their country. 

Iraqi Forces Conduct Raid; U.S. Soldiers, Marines Seize Weapons
American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, July 27, 2004 -- Iraqi security forces conducted a raid on the home of an individual suspected of making improvised explosive devices this morning, according to a Multinational Force Iraq release.
The Iraqi troops, from the country's National Guard and police, raided the home near Dujayl. They found 10 rockets, two mortar rounds, two rocket-propelled grenades, and one RPG launcher, as well as various fuses and switches used in making improvised explosive devices.
American soldiers from the Army's 1st Infantry Division later found more munitions. The munitions were transported to a Multinational Force Iraq base for destruction.
A day earlier, 1st Infantry Division soldiers detained six individuals following a rocket attack near Balad July 26.
Military officials said one U.S. civilian contractor was wounded during the attack when a 107 mm rocket impacted on Logistics Support Area Anaconda. The contractor was evacuated to the 31st Combat Support Hospital, where he was treated and released.
Aerial observation aircraft identified several individuals departing the point of origin of the attack, officials said. The detained individuals were taken to a Multinational Force Iraq detention facility for questioning.
In Tikrit July 26, 1st Infantry Division and Iraqi National Guard soldiers discovered a car bomb near Duluiya.
Military officials said soldiers from 4th Cavalry Regiment's 1st Squadron and the 203rd Iraqi National Guard Battalion discovered a Toyota sedan containing at least four 155 mm rounds and a propane tank.
A military explosive-ordnance team destroyed the vehicle the following morning. No soldiers were wounded in the incident, according to a news release.
Also in Tikrit the same day, an Iraqi citizen brought several weapon systems to Forward Operating Base Bernstein as part of a weapons buy-back program.
Task Force Danger soldiers from 1st Battalion, 120th Infantry Regiment, collected the weapons, which included three 60 mm mortar tubes, three 60 mm mortar base plates, and two .50-caliber anti-aircraft machine guns. The soldiers secured the cache at an ammunition holding area for destruction.
Meanwhile, in Fallujah, Marines from the 1st Marine Division seized more than 200 mortar rounds during a truck search July 26.
According to military officials, Marines from the 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion discovered the weapons after stopping a Kia pickup truck laden with bags of grain at a vehicle checkpoint near Anbar province. Upon a thorough search of the vehicle's contents, they discovered 219 60 mm mortar rounds concealed in the bags. Officials said two men were detained in connection with the incident.
Military official said the weapons find was considered to be the single largest cache of 60 mm mortar rounds since the Marines took control of the province in March.

butthole angel

The pitcher for the Anaheim Angels is named Colon.  Ha Ha.  They pronounce it like man perfume, but I think they're just being nice. 

Do you think its a love poem?

According to this article from the Iraqi governments human rights minister Bakhtiar Ameen got to visit Saddam and a few of his buddies in prison recently.   Ameen said Saddam was "in good health and being kept in good conditions," but he "appeared demoralised and dejected". 
 Awww, poor Saddam.   check this out:
 "Ameen said Saddam is writing poems. "One of the poems is about George Bush, but I had no time to read it," Ameen said." 
 Man I cant wait till that makes its way onto the internet.    Maybe I could have a contest where we write a poem to Saddam, from Bush.  Remember, it doesnt have to rhyme, it just has to come from the heart.  I'll start:
Saddam Saddam, you dumb sack of shit
You're a murderous madman who needs to get hit
by a speeding Stryker or an M1A2
You shouldnt've messed with the red white and blue

I could go on but I dont want to take up all the good versus.  Please post your prose in the comments. 


It wasnt me, it was my car

You know how they say that your car is an extension of your own personality?  Well some autogeeks at Toyota want to create a car that can express itself, so you dont have to.  Through lights, body height adjustments and "ornamentation designed to look like eyebrows, eyelids and tears"  you  can get across all the varied things you may be trying to convey to those around you.  I really only need two expressions, "Get the hell outta my way" and "No Really, get the hell out of my way before I punt your little piece of shit car into oncoming traffic"
Maybe if I could make my truck look really sad when I get pulled over I wouldnt get a ticket. 
Oh and just so you know, cops do not think the old Stevie Wonder driving bit is funny.  And yelling "Its just cuz I'm black" when you are actually white just upsets them more.  Especially if they are black. 

Sunday, July 25, 2004

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Take a shower with friends

This summer's meteor showers should be the best in years, according to professional meteorists.  So if you like meteor showers, or if you're looking for a cheesy date with that summer fling, find a dark place away from city lights and take in the shooting stars. 
"Oh look sweety, a shooting star, thats a sign that you should have sex with me." 
August is the peek time for viewing anywhere from 50 to 100 stars an hour.  Better rest up. 
That should be some good viewing for when I'm camping out the first night in Galveston. 

Lance Armstrong: Man, Myth, Legend

Lance strong legs Armstrong has won his record 6th straight Tour de France.  

"President Bush called soon after his fellow Texan crossed the finish line. "You're awesome," Bush told him. "

I'll second that.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

flash 'em

Ya know how sometimes when celebrities wear black and they are photographed with a bright flash you can see through their clothes?   we should figure out a way to trick the terrorists, who always wear black, into taking their pictures with a bright flash, so we can see their faces thru those masks.  maybe that australian journalist that's all buddy buddy with the killers could take the picture.  then we would know who they are and it would be easier to hunt them down and kill them. 
just a thought. 

Friday, July 23, 2004

New Links

Found a great new blog for yall to check out:
  "My War - Fear and Loathing in Iraq" - another great soldier blogger with more of the perspective and haunting yet humorous posts that can only come from a young man who's there.

I've also added some new Iraqi bloggers and some links to other interests of mine besides blogs and news and tech.

A Good Bacteria

Check out this story about a bacteria that can turn uranium waste into harmless sludge and generate electricity from rust and garbage.  
Man I hope they get cracking on setting this stuff to work, it would provide a great, safe, inexpensive way to clean up all of our toxic waste we've spread throughout the world and have stored in leaky barrels all over the country. 
"Geobacter acts like a tiny deliveryman, shuttling electrons from atoms in a harmless organic substance, such as vinegar, to a species of highly radioactive uranium known as Uranium-6. The addition of two new electrons reduces an atom of Uranium-6 to a safer version called Uranium-4, a solid material similar to natural uranium ore. It sinks to the bottom of the water, where it can be extracted or left safely in place. "

Some foresee a backlash from the ignorant public being afraid of a "bacteria".  I say just dont tell 'em.  If we know its safe just release the little suckers and let them do their job. 

Yay science!


My Landfill has Gas...

and it knows how to use it.   According to this report from the AP, BMW is using methane gas that is being  produced by a landfill nearby to power their plant.  Win Win:  Not only are they saving $1 million a year in energy costs but they have also reduced area co2 emissions by 34,000 tons in the last nine months of 2003.
"BMW is on target to eliminate annually the equivalent of emissions from more than 60,000 cars. "
Lets hope this idea catches on. 

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

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Blog block

I think I've got blogger's block, I cant think of anything interesting to write about and I cant find any good stories to link to.  I'm going to do a pre-Olympics report from Athens pretty soon, but probably not this weekend, I've got things to do.  There's nothing exciting going on.  I need some excitement in my life.  Maybe I should get around to filling out my profile so I can meet some ladies.  Maybe one of these days.  I did make my reservations for Galveston tonight, me and bigray, and possibly some others, are going down friday the 6th, chillin on the beach that night, probably have a bonfire and cook some food, maybe sing some songs.  Then I'll probably take some pictures at sunrise, I love the beach at sunrise, then find a good place on the beach to crash out for a few hours, then go check into the hotel we got reserved for saturday, then go get some food, then go back to the beach.  Maybe play some volleyball, or toss the frisbee, or kick the soccerball, or play beach bocce, or read or draw, or just drift out to sea.  should be fun.  that'll give me atleast one good post.  well i'm going to the grocery store, then i'll come home and watch tv and do a little work, watch a little more tv, do a little more work; the usual evening festivities.  tomorrow i'll play a little disc goof after work, hopefully do better then i did monday. 

More DoD press releases

WASHINGTON, July 19, 2004 -- The Iraqi national guard and police worked together on a large-scale operation for the first time July 18 to search for insurgents involved in an attack that killed an Iraqi police officer and wounded two others, a coalition news release announced today.
About 90 Iraqi National Guard soldiers cordoned off a large area while almost 300 police officers searched for the responsible. During the search, several illegal weapons were seized, the release said.
In other news from Iraq, U.S. Marines in Ramadi delivered police equipment to local Iraqi police stations, a gift from the Beverly Hills, Calif., police department. Marines met with Iraqi police chiefs from the Eskan, Iskandariyah and Haswa police stations before making the delivery.
A coalition news release today reported that more gear and police cars are ready for delivery in Ramadi and will be handed over to police in the region.
Also, three international police advisers arrived at Camp Mahmudiyah to assist Marines in advising, training and supporting the Iraqi police. A news release said the advisors will help build a "credible, ethical and competent" Iraqi police force capable of protecting and serving citizens of Mahmudiyah.
The Marine Corps also made three $10,000 payments on projects, including the Abu Fleiss medical clinic, the Sin Ahn Dhiban water treatment plant and the Sin Ahn Dhiban water facility. Another $20,000 was paid toward the Anbar Jobs Program, an effort to boost employment throughout the province.

Our Marines at work

According to a DoD press release:
"1st Infantry Division soldiers captured two people suspected of planning rocket attacks against a Multinational Force Iraq base. They were taken to a coalition military detention facility for questioning.
About 15 minutes later, 1st Infantry Division soldiers and Marines from the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit captured two people following an attack on a Multinational Force Iraq convoy near Baghdad and confiscated an AK-47 assault rifle, one improvised explosive device and materials for making IEDs. These suspects also were taken to a coalition military detention facility for questioning. "

Lock 'em up and forget about 'em.  F**k due process, anybody caught with rockets or IED's need to rot in jail. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

But this IS work

Well I realized yesterday that my work has now blocked, so no more posting from work for me.  Now what am I supposed to do at work?  So all posts will come in the morning and night from now on.

Found: Nuclear Arms

I'm not sure if we should be excited about this or not, but its nice to see that we were right.  According to the Washington Times, Iraqi security forces found three missiles fitted with nuclear warheads wrapped in concrete and buried in a ditch.   Coincidentally (or not) they were found near Tikrit.  Evidently security forces got the information from Khoder al-Douri.   Here's the original story from the Iraqi news site Al-Sabah. 


Mutilated Monkey Meat

Here's a page from the Onion  for Frank J, who loves monkeys. 
Supposedly some know-it-all researchers think chimps could be extinct within 50 years.  Big whoop, what have monkeys ever done for us? 

 Its all about the fajitas:
"They're being hunted for meat? Are chimp fajitas any good?"

only with a lot of guac and cheese.  i bet their skulls would make awesome margarita goblets.


Looking for something to do the wknd of August 7th-8th?  Thinking of going to the beach?  Hey, me too.  Lets check and see what's going on.  checking...checking...checking...
I think I've found something:

EAST BEACH: Band on the Sand-Playboy Models Mikki & Her Mates 4th Annual Bubblebath Contest

Now I'm not sure what the rules of a Bubblebath Contest are, but I will find out and report back . 


A full scale mock up of the X-45, the X-45c, was unveiled recently.  The X-45 is Boeing's joint unmanned combat air system (j-ucas) the future of aerial combat.  Now how unimportant are video games?


Are you #%^&* Joking Me?

In May, the Columbus (Ohio) City Council approved a building permit for the Faith Christian Center ("On Fire for God") to construct a 52,000-square-foot commercial complex centered on an indoor skateboard park, and including a restaurant, arcade and pro shop, named Godz Xtreme Power Park. [Columbus Dispatch, 5-11-04]

Why am I still single?  Oooh right....

Serena Prasad, 22, got into a fight with her boyfriend in Turlock, Calif., on May 2 and allegedly stabbed him several times in the chest, but seeing that he was injured, put him into her car and headed for the hospital. According to a police account, while she was stopped en route at a traffic light, she realized that her boyfriend had not had enough yet, and she walked around to the passenger side, stabbed him again in the shoulder with a steak knife, and kicked him in the head, but police happened by, and she was arrested on a charge of attempted murder. [Modesto Bee, 5-5-04]

Monday, July 19, 2004

I've got pix

Alright I finally investigated how to add pix to my blog, as you can see by the posts below.   I'm thinking of using one of these as my photo till I get a good one of me, so tell me which one you like better.  vote in the comments. 
of course i may decide not to put a picture of me up at all and just rotate different pictures that i like.  all the pictures you see on this website, unless otherwise noted, will have been taken by me, so please don't steal them.  

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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Happy Birthday SarahK

This ones for Sarah K over at Mountaineer Musings who celebrates her birthday today.  For some reason she has to mow her own lawn, so when I saw this I thought of her.   I personally think its a crime that a girl that purdy would have to mow her own lawn, but if you gotta do it you might as well have fun.  With this remote control lawn mower not only is it easy to start, but its fun cuz its like driving a remote control car that can shred things.   Go wish Sarah a Happy Birthday.  If you dont she might shoot you.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

She's got Better Data Eyes

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a device that can scan your path as you walk and if you are about to trip over the foot stool it will project an icon directly onto your retina indicating the general location of the hazard.  This will definately lead to many cool things. 

Wild Willy saving the World

I just went and saw I,Robot and overall I thought it was a pretty good flick.  It seems like everybody was really talking it up before it came out so I had my expectations up real high, maybe too high.  Its not that I was dissappointed with what it was, I guess I just expected more.   It was pretty action packed, had a few laughs though not as many smart-ass funnys as Will Smith is capable of, and of course had a moral.  The moral was that everybody has to figure out who they are and find their way in life.  Oh and dont trust robots.  Well you can trust some, you shouldnt judge or be prejudice, that was another lesson, just dont trust the ones who's chests glow red and have an evil look in their eyes.  So anyway there wasnt a whole lot of cgi effects, perhaps all the robot animations used up all the budget, but the cinematography was good.  There definately werent any real slow spots, the movie had a pretty good pace, and maybe could have been stretched out a little more.  It just seemed like they could have done so much more but wanted to keep it all within 2 hours.  Overall I liked it and give it 8 out of 10 fingers. 
I guess now I'll have to go read the original stories. 

Friday, July 16, 2004

Word of the Day

adj.  -  a stupid brown-noser

Birds are dumb

As if living in Phoenix wasnt punishment enough, now you have to look out for dive-bombing pelicans. 

Crazy Kids

How messed up are the Palestinian youth that they would rather blow themselves up then go to school?   Obviously school in Palestine is not as cool as in Zimbabwe.  I mean c'mon, most kids hate going to school, I know I did, but I was never like, 'man, I'd much rather strap on a nailbomb and kill a bunch of innocent people than have to go to biology class'.   Anyway, the only halfway hopeful part of that story is that the kid says if his mom had known what he was going to do she would have stopped him.   It doesn't say anything about his dad though.   This kid is never going to be normal.  What do we do with kids like these, just keep them locked up for the rest of their lives?  Its not likely they will see the error of their ways and decide to lead a peaceful, non-nailbomb-vest-wearing life if we let them out.   It's truly sad.  God help us.
He added: "It's not suicide, it's martyrdom. I would become a martyr and go to my God. It's better than being a singer or a footballer. It's better than anything."

Under your skin

I'm feeling really lazy tonight and not much up to posting but I just couldnt pass this one up.  Apparently a company called Applied Digital Solutions, Inc out of Palm Beach, Florida is offering  the world's first subdermal, radio frequency identification microchip.  That's right, you can get a small device "about the size of a grain of rice" implanted under your skin and you never have to worry about forgetting to take your credit card to the store again.   Going through a tollbooth?  Just hold your arm up to the window.   Getting gas?  Just wave your arm in front of the pump.   They announced this in 2003 but I just saw an article about it on Defensetech.  This is kinda freaky, and although I hadn't put much thought into this,  I just kind of figured this was still a few years off.  I'm guessing realistically to have it done it is, because of the cost.   But there's no question that by the time I have kids and they are old enough to have a credit card, they wont, because all of their credit info, bank account balance, pretty much any personal information that they might carry in their wallet will be imprinted on this chip embedded in their arm.   Also you won't ever have to worry about your kids getting lost because it will double as a tracking beacon, Lo-Jack for the kids.   There goes the terrorists' lucrative business of kidnapping.  As soon as someone is reported missing we just have to activate their tracking device and follow the little blip on the screen, or whatever it will be.  I would assume you will just be able to type someone's name into a computer and their current gps location will be shown on the screen; lat, long, degrees, minutes, seconds.  I'm not gonna start in on the conspiracy theories right now, but I think you can see what some might be.  It's possible this will have as many bad possibilities as good.  My grandchildren or great grandchildren might just automatically get these chips right after they are born.  Snip the corde, cut the foreskin, insert the rfid reader and tracking device, put on the cute little hat and socks.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

What ever happened to Flava Flav?

Michelle Malkin has an early shipment of the newest Microsoft software that will premiere in the DISD at the beginning of this school year.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Frank unfiltered

Frank J has more practical applications for his space laser. Yay space lasers.

Also, according to DoD news Anti-Iraqi forces attacked a cigarette filter plant in Baghdad with two mortar rounds early this morning. Iraqi firefighters responded, and a Task Force Baghdad patrol was sent to investigate the damage. There were no reports of injuries, but the plant, which employs about 1,200 people, is closed until the building is repaired.

I guess terrorists like their cigarettes unfiltered. I didnt realize you needed a whole plant to make cigarette filters. It seems to me that if I worked at this place, this would really piss me off and make me hate the terrorists and want to do something about it. And since my work would be closed for repairs I would have all that time to hunt them down and kill them like the camel fucking bastards that they are. This just dont make sense.
But I'm sure someone will find a way to blame it on the Americans.

oh wait, maybe the president of the hookah factory ordered the bombings cuz cigarettes were cutting into the sale of hookahs. just a thought.

Get me outta here

I dont know how long I'm gonna last at work today, its a beeeautiful day outside, completely clear not a cloud in the sky, and has the potential to be the first day this year it reaches 100 in Dallas. Now if only I knew some people that were as equally dedicated to their jobs as I am. If they were cute bakini clad college girls that liked to hang out by the pool and play volleyball, that would be all the better.


The Senate has rejected the President's proposal to make an amendment to the Constitution banning gay marriage. I'm not sure about all the legalese involved in this but I think everybody, no matter what their sexual orientation, has the right to be happy, and I dont think their should be laws against it. Why shouldnt a gay couple have the right to get married and enjoy the same privelages as a straight couple? I know everybody's got an opinion on this one, I'd like to hear ya in the comments.

Somebody's thinking

While I'm over here makin up words and talkin bout baloney, Combat Doc has finally written some more fine posts for those that have been waiting for them as anxiously as I have. Check out this post on the generation of change and how 'new' just might be better and this post on the similarity between terrorists and our own war protesters. Only someone that's over there has the right to start a post with "One of the funniest things about the insurgents..."

If you really respected me you'd get naked.

According to 'Panati's Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things' "The gentlemanly practice of tipping one's hat goes back in principle to ancient Assyrian times, when captives were required to strip naked to demonstrate subjugation to their conquerors. The Greeks required new servants to strip from the waist up. Removing an article of clothing became a standard act of respect. Romans approached a holy shrine only after taking their sandals off. And a person of low rank removed his shoes before entering a superiors home, - a custom the Japanese have brought, somewhat modified, into modern times. In England, women took off their gloves when presented to royalty." The bow and the curtsy are remnants of acts of subjugation or respect. "By the middle Ages in Europe, the symbol of serfdom to a feudal lord was restricted to baring the head. So persuasive was the gesture that the Christian Church adopted it, requiring that men remove their hats on entering a church. Eventually, it became standard etiquette for a man to show respect for an equal by merely tipping his hat."
Howdy ma'am

Word of the Day


n : a layover that's several hours long in a town where you have friends , allowing you enough time to hang out and get together for some dinner, maybe a few drinks, maybe more

"Hey Candy, call me when you get in and let me know if you have a hangover. If so I'll come pick you up and maybe we can go get some drinks and do that one thing we did that one time in the back of the limo in vegas."


Well a couple people have mentioned they would buy t-shirts from me, and I've always thought about it. Ever since I was a child I dreamt of one day starting a senseless blog from which I could sell silly t-shirts. So anyway, let me know what kind of sayings you would want on a T-shirt and I'll get lookin into it.

Straight to my hips

I didnt feel like eatin any of the tv dinners in my freezer tonight, so i walked over to the store to get some bologna. (how come its not spelled the way it sounds - baloney? perhaps so as to not point out the fact that if you are eating it you b-alone) some on my way to the bologna case a chipwich (mmmm chipwich) jumped out of the freezer case and into my hand. it was pretty crazy. but i'm not one for confrontation, so i let the chipwich (mmmmm chipwich) come along. when i was payin the the guy reached over to get me a bag and i told him i didnt need it, i was gonna eat it all on the way home. he just kinda looked at me with his one eye good eye. im not sure what his other eye was lookin at, but i dont trust it. so i ate my chipwich (mmmm chipwich) on the walk home and came home and made a bologna sandwich. thats me, mr healthnut. (note to any females that have been reading my blog and slowly falling in love with me; I dont cook, so i sure hope you do) Anyway I'm telling you this because its easier than re-writing the BRilliant essay I had written about China and Taiwan. I spent probably a half hour meticulously researching possibly the most incredible post you would have ever read about the China-Taiwan-US tangled web of tangles, but when I hit post I was taken to a page saying that blogger was doing some kind of maintenance, and all of my work was lost. AAAARGh. so anyway, go read this article from about how the Taiwanese (pronounced Tye-Juan-EeeeS) are practicing landing their 2, count em II, jet fighters on highways in case China bombs all their airfields, which I'm guessing numbers in the high 1s or 2s, and this report about how China is urging the U.S. to keep the hell out of it and keep our stinkin arms to ourselves. "Dont make me come back there" the Chinese ambassador said.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Wheelchair bound and hell bound

So one of Bin Laden's drinkin buddies turned himself into Saudi officials today to take part in the royal's amnesty offer. What exactly does this amnesty offer mean, that these guys are just gonna be free to do whatever they want with no punishment for past offenses. Unfortunately I'm busy at work today so I'm gonna have to wait till tonight to dig into this, but I will find out. Amnesty seems to be the new thing, with Iraq offering amnesty to rebels there, the Colombian and Phillipines armies doing the same for their rebels. Are we just letting criminals get away with murder? Is this a good example to be giving to all the other rebel wannabees; do what you want, kill and kidnap, and its ok? More later

heres the original Saudi offer for amnesty

Monday, July 12, 2004

Bill Gates wants your body

Kinda strange I found this in an Indian Newspaper and not an American one, but according to the story Microsoft has bought a patent which would describe the body as an apparatus for transmitting power and data. I have visions of a keyboard and some kind of screen implanted under your translucent skin. Or maybe by the time they figure out how its gonna work the display will be shown right on your eyballs or eyelids, or maybe it will be some kind of hologram you display by simply opening your hand and turning it upward. Any of these things would be possible I would think, they just have to figure out how.

What are they up to?

According to Iran is all for the elections in Afghanistan and even wants to help Afghan citizens living in Iran to vote. Am I wrong to be skeptical about this?

Fuck you Canada

According to a new poll, a large number of Canadians hate America almost as much as liberals do. The problem with Canada, just like in America, is ignorance of what we stand for and what we're really all about. Sometimes people seem to forget that we give more aid to more nations than all the other countries of the "civilized" world combined, including food and clothing and toys and tools and all the personnel that it takes to deliver these things and train and educate people. This is one of the main reasons it pisses me off so much when people start to talk shit about the U.S., because we do and have done more for all the peoples of the world than any other nation ever. Anyway, I will try to come up with a proper paper with some verifiable stats if I can just to prove to all the people that dont believe this. But for now go read Bill O'Reilly's article "Hating America".

"The truth is that the USA has freed more human beings in 230 years than the rest of the world combined. France has freed almost no one. Ditto Canada."


It was just announced that the New Jersey Devils signed Richard Matvichuk. What the hell? Matty has been with the Stars and Northstars for 12 years, how could we let him get away? It sure aint cuz we have such a stellar defensive line-up we can afford to let our best defenseman go. And to think I almost changed my #25 Neuwendyke jersey to 24 and Matty, figuring he would never leave and its close to my name.

He will be reunited with Grant Marshall who the Devils resigned for this year.

DoD News

New today from the DoD newswire:

The First class of Iraqi National Guard soldiers graduate from the ING Training Academy.

"Elsewhere, the 1st Infantry Division hosted a ceremony July 10 in Tikrit for the first class of Iraqi National Guard soldiers to graduate from the ING Training Academy.

The 309 graduates completed a 20-day course taught by both coalition and Iraqi instructors and designed after U.S. Army basic training.

The graduates were instructed on wear of uniform, military customs and courtesies, and drill and ceremony, as well as basic rifle marksmanship. They also received training on first aid, personnel and vehicle search, and individual movement techniques.

Instruction in marching, saluting, and weapons familiarization on the AK-47 was adapted to compliment the Iraqi culture, officials said. "

This one's a couple days old cuz I forgot about it, but important nonetheless:

WASHINGTON, July 8, 2004 -- The Iraqi army's 6th Battalion completed its basic training and activated today at a graduation ceremony for 523 soldiers at the Kurkush military training base.

The eight-week basic training program included instruction in basic soldiering skills, weapons, drill and ceremony, and physical training. This course marks just the second Iraqi Army battalion solely trained by Iraqis, officials said. The soldiers will take a week's leave before returning to the base for more training and to begin operations under the direction of the Iraqi Defense Ministry. The Iraqi army graduated 502 privates July 6, the first class of enlisted soldiers to emerge from the Iraqi basic training program.

"This marks one more step in building increased capability in the Iraqi Army," said Marine Corps Lt. Col. Kevin Foster, Coalition Military Assistance Training Team operations officer, quoted in a coalition news release. "It validates that the training model produces a cohesive unit with well-trained soldiers that will only increase in capability over time."

On Aug. 1, soldiers from a new 7th Battalion will join the 6th Battalion to complete the Iraqi army's 3rd Brigade. The army ultimately will have 27 battalions, nine brigades and three divisions, officials said.

Leadership cadres for the remaining 20 battalions are preparing to receive their recruits and conduct the same eight-week training process at various training bases throughout the country.

The Coalition Military Assistance Training Team, part of the Office of Security Transition, assists the Iraqi government in training, equipping and mentoring the Iraqi armed forces.

The Civilian Police Assistance Training Team graduated 80 Iraqi Police Service officers from four classes at the Adnon Training Facility July 7.

The courses, meant to augment the standard eight-week basic training and three- week prior-service transition integration program courses, included 11 mid- level management course graduates, 28 basic criminal investigations course graduates, 27 criminal intelligence course graduates and 14 executive leadership course graduates.

"Every day with graduations like these, the Iraqi police get stronger," said Steve Casteel, Iraqi Interior Ministry senior consultant, quoted in a news release. "This makes the Iraqi government stronger."

Mark Weaver, Civilian Police Assistance Training Team training and standards executive officer, said the courses are tailored specifically to meet the needs of the Iraqi Police Service. The CPATT also is a branch of the Office of Security Transition.

At the Zarqa military training base in Jordan, 40 Iraqi women soldiers will graduate from the Jordanian Royal Military Academy July 9, the second of three classes of this type planned to train at the academy.

"This is an innovation for this part of the world," said United Kingdom Army Col. Kim Smith, chief liaison officer for the Coalition Military Assistance Training Team, quoted in another news release. "At a certain stage in the battle, women will be needed."

Smith said that the coalition identified a pragmatic need to have women in the Iraqi army. Terrorists are using women to conceal weapons and to carry out attacks against Iraqis and coalition soldiers.

"By having women in the army," he added, "we can deal gently, but firmly with women, … searching them in a way that is culturally sensitive."

Day by day the Iraqi forces are growing stronger and learning more, inching towards being able to secure their own country. Good for them, good for us. Thank you to all the American soldiers training them and all the Brave Iraqis willing to protect their country.

Ron Burgundy

I went and saw Anchorman yesterday and it was hilarious, as expected. I managed to stay in my seat, in otherwords there wasnt anything that made me roll on the ground in hysterics, but there were quite a few times I laughed out loud. If you dont know Anchorman stars Frank the Tank from Old School, Kelly Bundy, that guy from the Daily Show thats not John Stewart or the other guy, Phoebe's husband from Friends, and some other guy thats been in some other movies that I cant quite think of right now. Anyway, besides this all star cast there is one point in the film where all of the anchor teams from all of the local tv stations meet up for a benny and the jets kinda rumble in the streets, and pretty much every other star in hollywood makes a guest appearance, except for owen wilson. poor owen wilson. but luke wilson was there, and i guess they didnt want to OD on wilson. even the guy from school of rock makes a guest appearance as a bad ass biker dude. plus a bunch of will's old snl buddies make appearances throughout. besides all the great human actors there are also some talented animal actors too. everybody knows a comedy isnt really a comedy without some really talented animal actors, or animactors. and not only is this movie a comedy but it sneaks in a love story underneath all that hilarity and hijinx. i wont ruin it for you but the answer is yes. my sister who works with real live anchorpeople says that they all said that the movie is really real like, the only difference is most anchorpeople here in texas drink tequila or martinis instead of scotch before they go on the air. and none where pants. (seems like that would be an obvious one, i dont know how the movie missed that part. maybe back in the 70s, when this movie was made, pants were such a new invention people wore them all the time, even when you couldnt see their bottom half) i give this movie a big thumbs up. go see it now. no really, screw work, go see it now, you'll be glad you did.
be sure to stay after the credits start rollin for the funny outtakes. this should prove to be a great dvd. if i have any readers in taiwan, if you could send me a copy of the dvd which came out probably last month, i'd appreciate it.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Mosul Medic

I've added a new link to my military bloggers list, its a blog by a medic stationed in Mosul with a Stryker brigade. Check out A Candle in the Dark for great inside views and opinions from a guy that's actually there.

Take that fatty fat fat

If this page doesnt make you laugh you are retarded. and probably fat.

School aint so bad

I guess I would have to see a picture of the teacher, and specifically her breasts, to know if this was punishment or not but according to a teacher in Zimbabwe gave students who misbehaved a choice of either "100 strokes of the cane", which I'm guessing means being hit with a stick, or suckling her breasts. This story is so chock full of sexual innuendo jokes and hilarity, but yet so many questions are left unanswered. Like, how long did they have to suckle, were all of the punished students boys, how old was the teacher, what is detention like in this school. As goes without saying, all of the students, 14 of them, chose the suckling over the stroking. I got in trouble a lot in school (sorry mom and dad) but I never got to choose my punishment. Those lucky zimbabwians brothers.

A report out of Germany says that regular sex helps students. So to all the cute college girls in the metroplex, I'm here to help.

Mark on Stevey

Read why Cuban let Nash get away, on his site in his words.

What its really all about

Victor at NRO has this to say:

"If Iyad Allawi and his brave government succeed — and they just may — the United States will have done more for world freedom and civilization than the fall of the Berlin Wall — and against far greater odds. Deanism is dead. Moorism is a fatal contagion that will ruin anyone it infects."


"There is a great divide unfolding between the engine of history and the dumbfounded spectators who are apparently furious at what is going on before their eyes. Mr. Bush's flight suit, Abu Ghraib, claims of "no al Qaeda-Saddam ties," Joe Wilson, and still more come and go while millions a world away inch toward consensual government and civilization."

Go read the whole article here.
I found it via Cpt Patti, a great site I try to frequent. bookmark and visit often.

ING steppin' up

The Iraqi National Guard has begun taking the fight to the terrorists. The American's only provided observation support from helos flying over the scene. 19 terrorists killed, 9 arrested; only 1 Guardsman killed. Good, good, good.

But what about between ports?

I've got my club, bring out the seals, this calls for a celebration:
For the first time ever, tankers in Alaska's Prince William sound have a spill-free year. Hurray for not wreeking environmental havoc.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

What if the media just ignored them?

I've been thinking, the terrorists figured out long ago that they can use the media outlets to spread their message, to relay their demands, to make threats against hostages and opposing factions; what if the media outlets refused to air their threats? Wouldnt it be impossible for them to make demands or threats if the media outlets refused to air their tapes? I know this will never happen because al-jazeera is obviously run by islamists and is definately anti-american, just a tiny fraction more so than american media, but just suspend this thought for one moment. Pretend instead that all the media outlets of the world had a conscious and cared about people instead of money. If they didnt show their ransom videos they wouldnt be able to spread fear or make demands, to show to the weak minded all the things they want to show, both on our side and on theirs. If noone paid attention to them wouldnt they then have to give up kidnapping and try something else? Its not like they would try to mail a ransom note with hand-drawn pictures of a masked guy with a sword and a bunch of guys with their faces covered and guns and rpgs standing behind some innocent guy thats just trying to make a living for himself and his family honestly, instead of these scum. People that received it would be like, 'WTF is this?' and just throw it away, cuz it would probably be illiterate and the pictures would be poorly drawn. Its not like these guys have any skills, if they did they would go to work for Doonesbury or somebody.

Also, all of these threatening tapes are mysteriously dropped off at al-jazeera, why dont we just have some spies, or planes, or drones, follow everybody that visits al-jazeera in the middle of the night? I guess its possible that they do it in the day and try to blend in, so we might just have to follow everybody home that leaves al-jazeera. But I'm thinking it will be pretty obvious who the bad guys are, I'm guessing they're not all that smart and drive a white, crappy old car, have a couple other guys with them, and speed away. Their you go CIA, you know who to look for, now go get 'em. And do you think if we grab the wrong guy it will really be an innocent person, if they work for al-jazeera? cmon. It may not be the guy that dropped off the tape, but I'm betting they wont be pro-America, which is good enough for me right now to be locking fools up.

i expect some comments on this, especially from you J.

Friday, July 09, 2004

UNethical update

Saddam's partial list of preferred companies

United Nations knew of bribes being paid in the oil for food program but did nothing about it.

Iraq official heading oil-for-food probe killed

Dead rebels = good news

The Yemen government continues to battle al-Houthi and his "Believing Youth". 25 rebels have been killed in the latest offensives and al-Houthi now has a big bounty on his head.

American media supports terrorism

Frank J of IMAO is probably best known for his funny, he is one of the funniest bloggers I've found. Even more important though are the letters from troops that he shares with the rest of us. The most recent one is from a Marine currently serving in Iraq, doing all the wonderful things that we are there to do: building infrastructure, building schools, building relationships, and restoring hope. Here's a couple key quotes for those that dont appreciate what's really going on over there and could use a little enlightening:

"In the four months we have been here we have been able to stabilize and repair the power grid for the main town and its two suburbs. We have improved water production and created a sanitation department to start picking up all of the trash in town. We started a farming CO-OP to help local farms get the equipment and advice they need to plant crops in this region. We have delivered school supplies to the local schools and helped to start and adult literacy program. While this may not sound like much, this is more than what Saddam provided for his own people."

That sounds like a lot to me. What have you done lately to help someone else? Theres more:

"Just a few thousand have taken the attention of all the major news networks in the country and put an evil face on what is being accomplished over here. The terrorists never had better allies than the American News Networks!! It is because of the media that the terrorists continue to fight."

Go ahead and read that again, let it sink in real good like. Ok now go read the whole letter.

Theres your link for International Link to IMAO Day Frank, now where's my blogroll link?


Apparently the Spiderman phenomenon is sweeping across the Arab world too, and this story proves that kids are stupid no matter what country they live in.
I didnt even know it was out over there already.

The Spidey / Georgey Analogy

Robert over at rb2bb has an interesting theory about Spiderman being an analogy for GW, and possibly a rebuttal to Fuelinhate 911. Go check it out, its quite an interesting idea he's come up with.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

You dont know pen missile?

this is hilarious.

Finally / Happy 100

I had my first comment from someone I dont know yesterday. This is very exciting for me because it means there is atleast one other person out there, besides my family and friends that i told to read my blog, that is reading my blog. (she may have only stumbled across my site accidentally and spent only a minute here, but i'm just gonna keep living in my pretend world. check.. sitemeter.) anyway, go check out her site and congratulate her on stumbling upon my greatness. she's got 2 so you might as well visit them both.
from a window and office products
oh yeah and she's funny and a texas girl, which are all good things.

This is also my 100th post, which i suppose is a milestone of sorts. 100 posts in about 30 days, that seems like a pretty good rate, especially considering I dont blog much on the weekends and I took that whole week off. So go out and celebrate, buy yourself something pretty, on me. And be sure to tell all your friends to read my blog. And comment, tell me what you think about my posts and what I should be posting about.

Are you @#%&* Joking me? The Miracle Cow

Here's a good one from Apparently there is a cow in Cambodia that can cure the sick. Here's the most important detail:
"The cow won't lick people who don't put in their money," said Puch Pich, "and if he doesn't think you believe in his powers, he won't lick you either."
Oh I believe in his powers... to cure my hunger.
And by the way the cows name is God. Of course.
From the article: "Cambodians are highly superstitious,..."
No shit, what makes you say that?

Fun Facts

On this day in 1835 the Liberty Bell (version 3.0) cracked in Philadelphia while tolling the death of Chief of Justice John Marshall, who died on July 6.
Encarta has a quick summary

the Blonde Bomber

According to a DoD news release we released a Swedish detainee from Gitmo today. Man I wish they showed a picture of that guy. And they didnt say it was a guy either. I can just imagine a hot blonde, big breasted, pig tailed girl with hot chocolate and an AK-47, hanging out with all these stinky, bearded middle easterners.
I smell a movie.

There is a difference

Here's another article from that says that America's promotion of democracy in the Middle East can spur homegrown reforms. Well yeah, thats the idea. The last paragraph is the best:
"In their final communique, the 30 writers and intellectuals said initiatives such as the US-backed plan "can be bases for a partnership." They suggested a regional forum to promote reforms, an idea some Arab government have dismissed, and "a dialogue between Arab governments, civil society and the international community."

I like how they mention Arab governments and civil society as two separate things.

We give them aid?

According to Russia, the US, the EU, and the UN told Arafat that he needs to make the security reforms he has promised to make or no more aid for him. I guess this means we currently give them aid? Even Egypt is scared to send help because, well, they're wimps and they dont want the Israeli's to kill them. Smart move Egypt, just keep your head down and mouth shut and nobody gets hurt. Anyway, hopefully things will slowly start to settle down over there.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


The greatest most funniestest show ever is coming back. That's right, all of the rumors are true, Seth MacFarlane and his team of crazy people are reviving The Family Guy for new episodes on Fox, due out sometime next year. Even more awesomer, he's making a whole new animated show that will come on right before it called "American Dad". The New York Times has all the details. Hell yeah!

Tilt Attack

The V-22 Osprey isnt even done being tested yet, and isnt anywhere near being put into service, but the Marines are already asking for an armed tilt rotor escort for the Osprey.
Sure its awesome, but I think I'd wait to see if it really works reliably before I ask for something just like it, except with guns that could shoot the rotors off if everything's not timed right. has the story.

Home sweet home

well im back from my vacation and as much as i love vacations its always good to be home. i get to see my truck and my cat, two of my favorite things. im not even gonna tell ya how much i had to pay to park, but thats the price i had to pay to be able to drive myself to and from the airport and park in a garage away from the texas elements.
so the flight there was awful, going up and coming down were ok but there was occasional turbulence the whole way with about 5 or so minutes of intense rollercoaster action in the middle. i had both hands firmly dug into the top of seat in front of me. the guy beside me looked completely relaxed, so i told him that i hated flying (as if my death grip and moans werent evidence enough) and he told me he was a pilot and there was nothing to worry about. i told him i wasnt worried, he should be, i didnt plan on puking on myself. he was not amused. but i did finally make it there in one piece and with my breakfast still mostly in my gut. that night we went out to eat at a place called 'the wreck', right along the water. its called that because it really is a wreck, its an old boat, or atleast the big square cabin part of an old fishing boat that was washed ashore during hurricane hugo. instead of trying to salvage the boat they simply left it where it was, building up the land around it and removing the pieces they didnt need. we had a great table right by the windows with a cool breeze blowing and a view of all the shrimp boats on the dock. they had an original way of ordering, the menus were simple sheets of paper with the choices on it, and you had to circle what you want and give it to the waitress. makes her job easier and lessens the chance of you getting the wrong thing. i had a sampler with shrimp and oysters and some other stuff, it was really good.
the next day both my sister and her boyfriend had to work so i just layed around and did some reading and watched a little tv till they got home. N got home first so we went and played some disc golf. he'd never played and they just put one up a block from the house, so we went to check it out. we got about 4 holes in before it started to drizzle, then by the 9th hole we decided we were wet enough so we went back to the house. N's brother was in town so he and his girl came over that evening and we all went out to a little irish pub for starter drinks. we had a few drinks there and listened to an irish trio play some songs, some original, some covers. they were ok, but they also had another guy come up in the middle of their set and sing (i use the word sing loosely) these slow depressing songs that really brought the crowd down. or atleast brought us down, the rest of the crowd wasnt exactly jumpin up and down either tho. they did play "runaway" , that old song that was the theme song to an old cop show that was set in the 50s or something, that was on in the 80's. anybody know what show im talking about? "runaway, a runrunrunrun runaway". you know that song. so after about 3 beers and way too much depressing irish music we went over a bar with some pool tables, "fat joes" or something like that. it was a real dump, my kinda place. they had two quarter pool tables, so we had to wait a couple turns to play, but once we got on we commenced whoopin all comers, so when we did lose it we'd win it right back. good times.
saturday we all got up early and i made them watch the womens final of wimbledon. im glad i did too, cuz it was a great match with the hot blonde russian 17 year old maria sharapova (#15) beating serena williams (#1). it was quite an impressive display. they both had to go to work in the afternoon so i went and played some disc golf, then touched up the paintjobs they had done recently in the bathroom and in the living room. nothing major, i just straightened up some lines that were a little sloppy and caulked and painted over a few holes. watched a little tv, read a little more, warmed up some cold chicken. they didnt get home till after 10 so we went to the late show of spiderman and they both came home and crashed. i stayed up and watched a little tv after they went to bed, getting to see some trash that i dont usually get to since they have cable.
sunday we had breakfast and did some last minute shopping for the party, had lunch, went and played some more disc golf, came home and showered, then got the place ready for the party. a good amount of people showed up, probably 20 or more, tho certainly not enough single cuties as promised. i did get to see my uncle and step cousin MM who I havent seen in forever, and a couple of A's friends that I've met before. we drank and ate and played horseshoes and bocce and thru the football around and drank and ate some more. after it got dark we went across the street to the baseball diamond and set off the fireworks we'd bought at walmart earlier. (note to fireworks manufacturers: please make fuses longer) me and N and another guy lit the fireworks while everybody ooohd and aaaahd from the bleachers. and other neighbors were out there too so we got to watch more than just our fireworks. we managed to set them all off with no serious burns or loss of limb, so it was a successful 4th by all accounts.
monday i slept late because i didnt sleep well the night before, i had some really disturbing dreams for some reason which kept me awake half the night. around noon we drove down to A's work and she showed me around and I took a few pictures, then we drove around a bit and eventually made our way to the beach to have some lunch. we had lunch at a place called 'coconut joes' which was right beside the beach and had a nice deck with a nice breeze blowing through the screened in porch. there was a good size wait which was no big deal because we were in no hurry. but after people who got there after us got seated N went to check on our table and it turned out that we had in fact been skipped. score! the girl at the host stand was very apologetic about it and felt so bad she bought us an appetizer. we got a delicious crab dip. all of the seafood i had while i was there was so deiciously fresh you could taste the ocean. in a good way. not like the way you taste the ocean when you get knocked over by a wave and get a mouth full of water, praying the waves dont crush you and the rip current doesnt drag you out to sea. anyway i had some shrimp quesedillas that were pretty good and more than i could eat in one sitting. after that we drove around some more, stopped at an old fort who's name i forget and i took a bunch of pictures. we walked along the beach and watched the cargo ships right off the shore pass by each other close enough to throw bananas to each other. we slowly made our way home and hung out in the cool a/c for about an hour before i had to go to the airport.
this time i wasnt taking any chances, i made sure i had some dramamine, but didnt think i would really need it because the weather looked fine between there and home. thankfully i was right and it was smooth sailing with only a small bit of quick turbulence in the middle. no more rollercoaster ride, thank God.
So overall it was a great relaxing trip. I didnt get to do as much mural painting as I thought I would but I plan on doing some pieces that they can hang in their kitchen and over the fuse box in the hallway. Thanks for having me A & N, i'll be sending you some stuff soon.
I hope everybody had a wonderful, safe, relaxing 4th of July weekend. Now its back to work so I can afford to take another trip sometime soon. This weekend is closing weekend up at the horsetrack, so maybe I'll get lucky and not have to work much longer.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Amazing Spiderman

Well I just saw Spiderman 2 and it really is as awesome as everybody is saying. I managed not to cry, even though there were a couple parts of the movie that felt like a swift punch in the gut. Thats how you know if a movie is good, you can really feel it. The acting was great, the animation was great, the cinematography was great, Kirsten Dunst is hotter than ever, the score was great, it was just an incredible movie. I will go see it again, and probably as soon as possible. It was powerful, it was funny, sad, exciting, emotional, it had a little of everything. And I know I'm not giving anything away here cuz I've seen this other places, but it definately keeps the door open for a third. I want to say more but I dont want to give anything away, because you, no matter who you are, will want to go see this movie. Universal truths and hard lessons all wrapped up in this fantastic action flick. I'm still trying to catch my breath. I'll be thinking about it for a long time, and I'll definately be going to see it again.
Hopefully next time not alone.

I know not many, if anybody, reads this blog, so I'm probably just talking to myself here, but I will be on vacation for a few days so I probably wont be posting anything till next week sometime. Hopefully I'll have some good stories to tell by then. Then I guess I should figure out how to get some traffic. I've asked two of my favorite bloggers to link to me but it hasnt happened, I guess I'm not up to their standards. I gotta fly and I'm not a big fan of that, but I got direct flights so atleast it will be as simple as possible.