Friday, July 09, 2004

American media supports terrorism

Frank J of IMAO is probably best known for his funny, he is one of the funniest bloggers I've found. Even more important though are the letters from troops that he shares with the rest of us. The most recent one is from a Marine currently serving in Iraq, doing all the wonderful things that we are there to do: building infrastructure, building schools, building relationships, and restoring hope. Here's a couple key quotes for those that dont appreciate what's really going on over there and could use a little enlightening:

"In the four months we have been here we have been able to stabilize and repair the power grid for the main town and its two suburbs. We have improved water production and created a sanitation department to start picking up all of the trash in town. We started a farming CO-OP to help local farms get the equipment and advice they need to plant crops in this region. We have delivered school supplies to the local schools and helped to start and adult literacy program. While this may not sound like much, this is more than what Saddam provided for his own people."

That sounds like a lot to me. What have you done lately to help someone else? Theres more:

"Just a few thousand have taken the attention of all the major news networks in the country and put an evil face on what is being accomplished over here. The terrorists never had better allies than the American News Networks!! It is because of the media that the terrorists continue to fight."

Go ahead and read that again, let it sink in real good like. Ok now go read the whole letter.

Theres your link for International Link to IMAO Day Frank, now where's my blogroll link?


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