Thursday, July 22, 2004

Blog block

I think I've got blogger's block, I cant think of anything interesting to write about and I cant find any good stories to link to.  I'm going to do a pre-Olympics report from Athens pretty soon, but probably not this weekend, I've got things to do.  There's nothing exciting going on.  I need some excitement in my life.  Maybe I should get around to filling out my profile so I can meet some ladies.  Maybe one of these days.  I did make my reservations for Galveston tonight, me and bigray, and possibly some others, are going down friday the 6th, chillin on the beach that night, probably have a bonfire and cook some food, maybe sing some songs.  Then I'll probably take some pictures at sunrise, I love the beach at sunrise, then find a good place on the beach to crash out for a few hours, then go check into the hotel we got reserved for saturday, then go get some food, then go back to the beach.  Maybe play some volleyball, or toss the frisbee, or kick the soccerball, or play beach bocce, or read or draw, or just drift out to sea.  should be fun.  that'll give me atleast one good post.  well i'm going to the grocery store, then i'll come home and watch tv and do a little work, watch a little more tv, do a little more work; the usual evening festivities.  tomorrow i'll play a little disc goof after work, hopefully do better then i did monday. 


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