Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Frank unfiltered

Frank J has more practical applications for his space laser. Yay space lasers.

Also, according to DoD news Anti-Iraqi forces attacked a cigarette filter plant in Baghdad with two mortar rounds early this morning. Iraqi firefighters responded, and a Task Force Baghdad patrol was sent to investigate the damage. There were no reports of injuries, but the plant, which employs about 1,200 people, is closed until the building is repaired.

I guess terrorists like their cigarettes unfiltered. I didnt realize you needed a whole plant to make cigarette filters. It seems to me that if I worked at this place, this would really piss me off and make me hate the terrorists and want to do something about it. And since my work would be closed for repairs I would have all that time to hunt them down and kill them like the camel fucking bastards that they are. This just dont make sense.
But I'm sure someone will find a way to blame it on the Americans.

oh wait, maybe the president of the hookah factory ordered the bombings cuz cigarettes were cutting into the sale of hookahs. just a thought.


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