Friday, July 23, 2004

A Good Bacteria

Check out this story about a bacteria that can turn uranium waste into harmless sludge and generate electricity from rust and garbage.  
Man I hope they get cracking on setting this stuff to work, it would provide a great, safe, inexpensive way to clean up all of our toxic waste we've spread throughout the world and have stored in leaky barrels all over the country. 
"Geobacter acts like a tiny deliveryman, shuttling electrons from atoms in a harmless organic substance, such as vinegar, to a species of highly radioactive uranium known as Uranium-6. The addition of two new electrons reduces an atom of Uranium-6 to a safer version called Uranium-4, a solid material similar to natural uranium ore. It sinks to the bottom of the water, where it can be extracted or left safely in place. "

Some foresee a backlash from the ignorant public being afraid of a "bacteria".  I say just dont tell 'em.  If we know its safe just release the little suckers and let them do their job. 

Yay science!



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