Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Home sweet home

well im back from my vacation and as much as i love vacations its always good to be home. i get to see my truck and my cat, two of my favorite things. im not even gonna tell ya how much i had to pay to park, but thats the price i had to pay to be able to drive myself to and from the airport and park in a garage away from the texas elements.
so the flight there was awful, going up and coming down were ok but there was occasional turbulence the whole way with about 5 or so minutes of intense rollercoaster action in the middle. i had both hands firmly dug into the top of seat in front of me. the guy beside me looked completely relaxed, so i told him that i hated flying (as if my death grip and moans werent evidence enough) and he told me he was a pilot and there was nothing to worry about. i told him i wasnt worried, he should be, i didnt plan on puking on myself. he was not amused. but i did finally make it there in one piece and with my breakfast still mostly in my gut. that night we went out to eat at a place called 'the wreck', right along the water. its called that because it really is a wreck, its an old boat, or atleast the big square cabin part of an old fishing boat that was washed ashore during hurricane hugo. instead of trying to salvage the boat they simply left it where it was, building up the land around it and removing the pieces they didnt need. we had a great table right by the windows with a cool breeze blowing and a view of all the shrimp boats on the dock. they had an original way of ordering, the menus were simple sheets of paper with the choices on it, and you had to circle what you want and give it to the waitress. makes her job easier and lessens the chance of you getting the wrong thing. i had a sampler with shrimp and oysters and some other stuff, it was really good.
the next day both my sister and her boyfriend had to work so i just layed around and did some reading and watched a little tv till they got home. N got home first so we went and played some disc golf. he'd never played and they just put one up a block from the house, so we went to check it out. we got about 4 holes in before it started to drizzle, then by the 9th hole we decided we were wet enough so we went back to the house. N's brother was in town so he and his girl came over that evening and we all went out to a little irish pub for starter drinks. we had a few drinks there and listened to an irish trio play some songs, some original, some covers. they were ok, but they also had another guy come up in the middle of their set and sing (i use the word sing loosely) these slow depressing songs that really brought the crowd down. or atleast brought us down, the rest of the crowd wasnt exactly jumpin up and down either tho. they did play "runaway" , that old song that was the theme song to an old cop show that was set in the 50s or something, that was on in the 80's. anybody know what show im talking about? "runaway, a runrunrunrun runaway". you know that song. so after about 3 beers and way too much depressing irish music we went over a bar with some pool tables, "fat joes" or something like that. it was a real dump, my kinda place. they had two quarter pool tables, so we had to wait a couple turns to play, but once we got on we commenced whoopin all comers, so when we did lose it we'd win it right back. good times.
saturday we all got up early and i made them watch the womens final of wimbledon. im glad i did too, cuz it was a great match with the hot blonde russian 17 year old maria sharapova (#15) beating serena williams (#1). it was quite an impressive display. they both had to go to work in the afternoon so i went and played some disc golf, then touched up the paintjobs they had done recently in the bathroom and in the living room. nothing major, i just straightened up some lines that were a little sloppy and caulked and painted over a few holes. watched a little tv, read a little more, warmed up some cold chicken. they didnt get home till after 10 so we went to the late show of spiderman and they both came home and crashed. i stayed up and watched a little tv after they went to bed, getting to see some trash that i dont usually get to since they have cable.
sunday we had breakfast and did some last minute shopping for the party, had lunch, went and played some more disc golf, came home and showered, then got the place ready for the party. a good amount of people showed up, probably 20 or more, tho certainly not enough single cuties as promised. i did get to see my uncle and step cousin MM who I havent seen in forever, and a couple of A's friends that I've met before. we drank and ate and played horseshoes and bocce and thru the football around and drank and ate some more. after it got dark we went across the street to the baseball diamond and set off the fireworks we'd bought at walmart earlier. (note to fireworks manufacturers: please make fuses longer) me and N and another guy lit the fireworks while everybody ooohd and aaaahd from the bleachers. and other neighbors were out there too so we got to watch more than just our fireworks. we managed to set them all off with no serious burns or loss of limb, so it was a successful 4th by all accounts.
monday i slept late because i didnt sleep well the night before, i had some really disturbing dreams for some reason which kept me awake half the night. around noon we drove down to A's work and she showed me around and I took a few pictures, then we drove around a bit and eventually made our way to the beach to have some lunch. we had lunch at a place called 'coconut joes' which was right beside the beach and had a nice deck with a nice breeze blowing through the screened in porch. there was a good size wait which was no big deal because we were in no hurry. but after people who got there after us got seated N went to check on our table and it turned out that we had in fact been skipped. score! the girl at the host stand was very apologetic about it and felt so bad she bought us an appetizer. we got a delicious crab dip. all of the seafood i had while i was there was so deiciously fresh you could taste the ocean. in a good way. not like the way you taste the ocean when you get knocked over by a wave and get a mouth full of water, praying the waves dont crush you and the rip current doesnt drag you out to sea. anyway i had some shrimp quesedillas that were pretty good and more than i could eat in one sitting. after that we drove around some more, stopped at an old fort who's name i forget and i took a bunch of pictures. we walked along the beach and watched the cargo ships right off the shore pass by each other close enough to throw bananas to each other. we slowly made our way home and hung out in the cool a/c for about an hour before i had to go to the airport.
this time i wasnt taking any chances, i made sure i had some dramamine, but didnt think i would really need it because the weather looked fine between there and home. thankfully i was right and it was smooth sailing with only a small bit of quick turbulence in the middle. no more rollercoaster ride, thank God.
So overall it was a great relaxing trip. I didnt get to do as much mural painting as I thought I would but I plan on doing some pieces that they can hang in their kitchen and over the fuse box in the hallway. Thanks for having me A & N, i'll be sending you some stuff soon.
I hope everybody had a wonderful, safe, relaxing 4th of July weekend. Now its back to work so I can afford to take another trip sometime soon. This weekend is closing weekend up at the horsetrack, so maybe I'll get lucky and not have to work much longer.


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What? No surfing lessons?

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we were going to do it saturday but he ended up having to go in to work unexpectedly

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