Wednesday, July 14, 2004

If you really respected me you'd get naked.

According to 'Panati's Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things' "The gentlemanly practice of tipping one's hat goes back in principle to ancient Assyrian times, when captives were required to strip naked to demonstrate subjugation to their conquerors. The Greeks required new servants to strip from the waist up. Removing an article of clothing became a standard act of respect. Romans approached a holy shrine only after taking their sandals off. And a person of low rank removed his shoes before entering a superiors home, - a custom the Japanese have brought, somewhat modified, into modern times. In England, women took off their gloves when presented to royalty." The bow and the curtsy are remnants of acts of subjugation or respect. "By the middle Ages in Europe, the symbol of serfdom to a feudal lord was restricted to baring the head. So persuasive was the gesture that the Christian Church adopted it, requiring that men remove their hats on entering a church. Eventually, it became standard etiquette for a man to show respect for an equal by merely tipping his hat."
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