Tuesday, July 27, 2004

It wasnt me, it was my car

You know how they say that your car is an extension of your own personality?  Well some autogeeks at Toyota want to create a car that can express itself, so you dont have to.  Through lights, body height adjustments and "ornamentation designed to look like eyebrows, eyelids and tears"  you  can get across all the varied things you may be trying to convey to those around you.  I really only need two expressions, "Get the hell outta my way" and "No Really, get the hell out of my way before I punt your little piece of shit car into oncoming traffic"
Maybe if I could make my truck look really sad when I get pulled over I wouldnt get a ticket. 
Oh and just so you know, cops do not think the old Stevie Wonder driving bit is funny.  And yelling "Its just cuz I'm black" when you are actually white just upsets them more.  Especially if they are black. 


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