Thursday, July 22, 2004

More DoD press releases

WASHINGTON, July 19, 2004 -- The Iraqi national guard and police worked together on a large-scale operation for the first time July 18 to search for insurgents involved in an attack that killed an Iraqi police officer and wounded two others, a coalition news release announced today.
About 90 Iraqi National Guard soldiers cordoned off a large area while almost 300 police officers searched for the responsible. During the search, several illegal weapons were seized, the release said.
In other news from Iraq, U.S. Marines in Ramadi delivered police equipment to local Iraqi police stations, a gift from the Beverly Hills, Calif., police department. Marines met with Iraqi police chiefs from the Eskan, Iskandariyah and Haswa police stations before making the delivery.
A coalition news release today reported that more gear and police cars are ready for delivery in Ramadi and will be handed over to police in the region.
Also, three international police advisers arrived at Camp Mahmudiyah to assist Marines in advising, training and supporting the Iraqi police. A news release said the advisors will help build a "credible, ethical and competent" Iraqi police force capable of protecting and serving citizens of Mahmudiyah.
The Marine Corps also made three $10,000 payments on projects, including the Abu Fleiss medical clinic, the Sin Ahn Dhiban water treatment plant and the Sin Ahn Dhiban water facility. Another $20,000 was paid toward the Anbar Jobs Program, an effort to boost employment throughout the province.


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