Monday, July 12, 2004

Ron Burgundy

I went and saw Anchorman yesterday and it was hilarious, as expected. I managed to stay in my seat, in otherwords there wasnt anything that made me roll on the ground in hysterics, but there were quite a few times I laughed out loud. If you dont know Anchorman stars Frank the Tank from Old School, Kelly Bundy, that guy from the Daily Show thats not John Stewart or the other guy, Phoebe's husband from Friends, and some other guy thats been in some other movies that I cant quite think of right now. Anyway, besides this all star cast there is one point in the film where all of the anchor teams from all of the local tv stations meet up for a benny and the jets kinda rumble in the streets, and pretty much every other star in hollywood makes a guest appearance, except for owen wilson. poor owen wilson. but luke wilson was there, and i guess they didnt want to OD on wilson. even the guy from school of rock makes a guest appearance as a bad ass biker dude. plus a bunch of will's old snl buddies make appearances throughout. besides all the great human actors there are also some talented animal actors too. everybody knows a comedy isnt really a comedy without some really talented animal actors, or animactors. and not only is this movie a comedy but it sneaks in a love story underneath all that hilarity and hijinx. i wont ruin it for you but the answer is yes. my sister who works with real live anchorpeople says that they all said that the movie is really real like, the only difference is most anchorpeople here in texas drink tequila or martinis instead of scotch before they go on the air. and none where pants. (seems like that would be an obvious one, i dont know how the movie missed that part. maybe back in the 70s, when this movie was made, pants were such a new invention people wore them all the time, even when you couldnt see their bottom half) i give this movie a big thumbs up. go see it now. no really, screw work, go see it now, you'll be glad you did.
be sure to stay after the credits start rollin for the funny outtakes. this should prove to be a great dvd. if i have any readers in taiwan, if you could send me a copy of the dvd which came out probably last month, i'd appreciate it.


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