Sunday, July 11, 2004

School aint so bad

I guess I would have to see a picture of the teacher, and specifically her breasts, to know if this was punishment or not but according to a teacher in Zimbabwe gave students who misbehaved a choice of either "100 strokes of the cane", which I'm guessing means being hit with a stick, or suckling her breasts. This story is so chock full of sexual innuendo jokes and hilarity, but yet so many questions are left unanswered. Like, how long did they have to suckle, were all of the punished students boys, how old was the teacher, what is detention like in this school. As goes without saying, all of the students, 14 of them, chose the suckling over the stroking. I got in trouble a lot in school (sorry mom and dad) but I never got to choose my punishment. Those lucky zimbabwians brothers.

A report out of Germany says that regular sex helps students. So to all the cute college girls in the metroplex, I'm here to help.


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