Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Straight to my hips

I didnt feel like eatin any of the tv dinners in my freezer tonight, so i walked over to the store to get some bologna. (how come its not spelled the way it sounds - baloney? perhaps so as to not point out the fact that if you are eating it you b-alone) some on my way to the bologna case a chipwich (mmmm chipwich) jumped out of the freezer case and into my hand. it was pretty crazy. but i'm not one for confrontation, so i let the chipwich (mmmmm chipwich) come along. when i was payin the the guy reached over to get me a bag and i told him i didnt need it, i was gonna eat it all on the way home. he just kinda looked at me with his one eye good eye. im not sure what his other eye was lookin at, but i dont trust it. so i ate my chipwich (mmmm chipwich) on the walk home and came home and made a bologna sandwich. thats me, mr healthnut. (note to any females that have been reading my blog and slowly falling in love with me; I dont cook, so i sure hope you do) Anyway I'm telling you this because its easier than re-writing the BRilliant essay I had written about China and Taiwan. I spent probably a half hour meticulously researching possibly the most incredible post you would have ever read about the China-Taiwan-US tangled web of tangles, but when I hit post I was taken to a page saying that blogger was doing some kind of maintenance, and all of my work was lost. AAAARGh. so anyway, go read this article from about how the Taiwanese (pronounced Tye-Juan-EeeeS) are practicing landing their 2, count em II, jet fighters on highways in case China bombs all their airfields, which I'm guessing numbers in the high 1s or 2s, and this report about how China is urging the U.S. to keep the hell out of it and keep our stinkin arms to ourselves. "Dont make me come back there" the Chinese ambassador said.


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