Friday, July 16, 2004

Under your skin

I'm feeling really lazy tonight and not much up to posting but I just couldnt pass this one up.  Apparently a company called Applied Digital Solutions, Inc out of Palm Beach, Florida is offering  the world's first subdermal, radio frequency identification microchip.  That's right, you can get a small device "about the size of a grain of rice" implanted under your skin and you never have to worry about forgetting to take your credit card to the store again.   Going through a tollbooth?  Just hold your arm up to the window.   Getting gas?  Just wave your arm in front of the pump.   They announced this in 2003 but I just saw an article about it on Defensetech.  This is kinda freaky, and although I hadn't put much thought into this,  I just kind of figured this was still a few years off.  I'm guessing realistically to have it done it is, because of the cost.   But there's no question that by the time I have kids and they are old enough to have a credit card, they wont, because all of their credit info, bank account balance, pretty much any personal information that they might carry in their wallet will be imprinted on this chip embedded in their arm.   Also you won't ever have to worry about your kids getting lost because it will double as a tracking beacon, Lo-Jack for the kids.   There goes the terrorists' lucrative business of kidnapping.  As soon as someone is reported missing we just have to activate their tracking device and follow the little blip on the screen, or whatever it will be.  I would assume you will just be able to type someone's name into a computer and their current gps location will be shown on the screen; lat, long, degrees, minutes, seconds.  I'm not gonna start in on the conspiracy theories right now, but I think you can see what some might be.  It's possible this will have as many bad possibilities as good.  My grandchildren or great grandchildren might just automatically get these chips right after they are born.  Snip the corde, cut the foreskin, insert the rfid reader and tracking device, put on the cute little hat and socks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

(dp) Oh, I can't wait. Subdermal electronics, even for all the evils that governments and men might use them for, are super freaking cool. About 3-4 years ago a professor at Reading University in the UK had a capsule with a tiny chip in it inserted in his arm, and did similar tests. He had his entire office programmed to recognize him - he walked in, the doors opened, his computer booted up and logged him in, his preferred lighting configuration came was sweet. The funny thing was (and this is where humanity will get fux0red by this whole deal) is that he had to take it out eventually, and when he did, he would run into doors, sit in the dark, and couldn't remember his password. When the RFID scanners are down, we'll all be skrewed.

Freedom will be remembering all your numbers yourself, and being able to operate without RFID.

Terrorists will be EMPing large cities, shutting down all commerce, all access, all functionality.

Subdermal lcd screens are gonna be the shizit, yo! (practicing my ebonics so I can use the new getto-friendly microsoft products)...

What will suck tho, will be when you start getting spam on your eye-mail chip.

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