Saturday, July 10, 2004

What if the media just ignored them?

I've been thinking, the terrorists figured out long ago that they can use the media outlets to spread their message, to relay their demands, to make threats against hostages and opposing factions; what if the media outlets refused to air their threats? Wouldnt it be impossible for them to make demands or threats if the media outlets refused to air their tapes? I know this will never happen because al-jazeera is obviously run by islamists and is definately anti-american, just a tiny fraction more so than american media, but just suspend this thought for one moment. Pretend instead that all the media outlets of the world had a conscious and cared about people instead of money. If they didnt show their ransom videos they wouldnt be able to spread fear or make demands, to show to the weak minded all the things they want to show, both on our side and on theirs. If noone paid attention to them wouldnt they then have to give up kidnapping and try something else? Its not like they would try to mail a ransom note with hand-drawn pictures of a masked guy with a sword and a bunch of guys with their faces covered and guns and rpgs standing behind some innocent guy thats just trying to make a living for himself and his family honestly, instead of these scum. People that received it would be like, 'WTF is this?' and just throw it away, cuz it would probably be illiterate and the pictures would be poorly drawn. Its not like these guys have any skills, if they did they would go to work for Doonesbury or somebody.

Also, all of these threatening tapes are mysteriously dropped off at al-jazeera, why dont we just have some spies, or planes, or drones, follow everybody that visits al-jazeera in the middle of the night? I guess its possible that they do it in the day and try to blend in, so we might just have to follow everybody home that leaves al-jazeera. But I'm thinking it will be pretty obvious who the bad guys are, I'm guessing they're not all that smart and drive a white, crappy old car, have a couple other guys with them, and speed away. Their you go CIA, you know who to look for, now go get 'em. And do you think if we grab the wrong guy it will really be an innocent person, if they work for al-jazeera? cmon. It may not be the guy that dropped off the tape, but I'm betting they wont be pro-America, which is good enough for me right now to be locking fools up.

i expect some comments on this, especially from you J.


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