Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Are you #%&* joking me?

Cuz I made a crack reference earlier, and I know canadians love me because of a previous post, I just had to comment on this article. According to Foxnews, a Vancouver advocacy group called The Rock Users Group wants the Canadian health system to pay for crack houses (i'm guessing because most crack heads eventually become homeless.) listen to this sob story : Says the leader of the group: “Right now, on the street, if you’re carrying a pipe and you’re not smoking it, you get roughed up by the police. That shouldn’t happen.” So when you're carrying a pipe but you are smoking it, you dont get roughed up?
You're right, they shouldnt be roughed up, they should be thrown in jail and left there for a few years while undergoing treatment, performing hard labor to pay their dues. If they show no remorse or desire to change, burn them for fuel. Its pretty cold up in Canada and I'm betting the heating bills can get pretty high (ha ha, i said high). Apparently the Canadian government already funds safe houses for smack addicts, why not crack addicts say the proponents. Now I understand that Canada really sucks and all, and if you are too much of a pussy to play hockey and too lazy to move to the US (dont try, we dont want you) you might not have anything better to do than smoke crack, but is it really fair to expect the government to pay for your crack, your supplies, and a place to do it? Maybe we could give the crack heads and the smack heads houses in the same neighborhood and they could start a turf war and kill each other off. Or the government could agree to give them free crack and smack and just make it so strong it kills them. Then its no more worries about high oil prices for Canada.


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