Friday, August 13, 2004

Galveston revisited

A week ago today I went down to Galveston to spend the weekend. I think I'm finally getting over being bummed about having to return, so I figure I should write my review. I admit, Galveston isnt anything spectacular, but its better than work.
The trip down was a good one, as I made it in record time and every cop I passed either had somebody pulled over already or my radar detector saw first. Mostly the former as during day light hours I can usually spot them before my detector, but at night that baby saves me all the time. Anyway we got there in almost 4 hours exactly, so having travelled ~320 miles we averaged ~80 mph, which is pretty good considering we left at 5 o'clock. Like I said it was a pretty uneventful ride down, most people got out of my way and we eventually did pick up some friends once we got about 2 hours into it. By picking up friends I mean we found some other people that wanted to drive the same speed. I like not being the only one speeding, it just makes me more comfortable for some reason, even if I am in the lead. But if others want to race that's even better cuz I just let them lead and hang back at a safe distance. So anyway we pulled into the campsite a few minutes after 9 and paid for our site. Unfortunately all of the tent sites were sold out, so we got an R/V site. The R/V sites aren't on the beach, they're on the other side of the road, but they do have screened in shelters, so we were able to eat without being hassled by the bugs. I did take a lot of 100% deet bugspray, so they werent really bugging us. We cooked some steaks and veggies on the grill then sat up till after 3 in the morn just drinkin and talkin. It actually sprinkeled a little bit off and on for about an hour, but it was just enough to keep us cool while we set up our tents. By the time the food was ready it had stopped all together. The next morning I went and took a shower with the bugs and spiders while BigRay broke down his tent, then we switched. We had fruit and granola bars for breakfast, then packed up our stuff and headed toward the beach. We finally parked at Stewart beach and found a couple chairs to sit in. WARNING: do not ever do this. If you want to sit under the shade of an umbrella, take your own, they charged us $20 for 2 chairs and the umbrella, which is a pretty good deal for them, bad for us. But hey, its only money, and we definately wanted the option of shade. I put lotion on that morning but my back, which I didnt redo later was pretty red by the end of the day. We just pretty much chilled on the beach all day, occasionally getting up to cool off in the water, occasionally laying down on my towel to get some sun, then moving back to the shade when I got too hot. I took a soccer ball and volley ball and bocce balls, but he didnt want to do any of it, he was content relaxing in his chair. We did eventually play some beach bocce, which was pretty fun. Of course I won all but one game, but I think he still had fun. Around 5 we packed up our stuff and headed to the Hilton to check in. I've never been to a Hilton before, and I was pleasantly surprised. It had one of those bars in the pool that you could swim up to, a giant ass pool with a waterfall, and a hot tub. Those would all have to wait for later tho, it was dinner time. So after we both found our rooms and got cleaned up we met downstairs and headed off to get something to eat. We chose Fishtails, a seafood place about midway along the seawall. We had a 20 minute or so wait, so we got a couple drinks and hung out at the bar. We finally got a table on the upstairs patio overlooking the ocean. It was well worth the wait, the food was awesome and the drinks just as good. I had a couple margaritas and the broiled sampler. It was delicious, I highly recommend both, and I'm picky when it comes to my margaritas. The seafood was fresh and not overdone with its seasonings, and the margaritas were the perfect balance of sweet and alcoholicy. We got done around 8 and we decided to just go back to the hotel and chill. I got on my trunks and went down to the pool. Too late for the swim up bar, but I could still go inside to the bar and take it outside to the pool. So for the rest of the evening I alternated between doing laps in the pool and chillin in the hot tub. There were a lot of people down there, unfortunately it was all couples, no nice young girls for me to annoy. But I did meet some nice people and had a very enjoyable evening. I went up to my room around 11 when the pool closed and watched some tv for awhile, eating my leftovers with my fingers and making a general pig of myself. At some point I passed out. I woke up around 6 with the pink sunrise shining through my window. Not today God. I closed the blinds and went back to bed. I finally got up around 9, cleaned up, packed up, and took all my stuff down to the truck. Then I filled up my garbage can a couple times from the ice machine so I could refill the ice in my cooler. When that was all done I returned the bucket and garbage can to my room and went to check out the breakfast buffet. I called up BigRay and he came down and we ate and read the paper. Then it was off to East Beach. I lotioned up real good but still stayed under the shade most of the time as I already had a pretty good pink going on my back. I sat and read a book and he people watched. Around 3 oclock we moved up to the deck to listen to some crappy band and wait for the main event. At 4 oclock it was time for Mikki and her mates, the playboy playmate bubble bath contest. Not surprisingly, it was a big disappointment. There was no splashing or frolicking or ripping off of clothes, it was just 2 hours of "hey for 10 bucks come stand in this kiddie pool and get your picture taken with these 3 very typical playboy models." 2 blondes and 1 brunette. Yeah they were fine, and yeah they were barely staying in their swimsuits, but there were a couple girls just as fine around us. So after 2 hours of nothing exciting, we decided to take off. It was 6 oclock and I wanted to be home by midnight. We hopped in the truck, traded our sandy shorts for dry shorts, and headed off towards Houston, waving goodbye to Galveston till next time. After driving around in Houston for a few minutes we finally found the restaurant area and picked a mexican restaurant we'd never heard of before, which I now no longer remember the name of. I had a shrimp salad type thing that was pretty good, very fresh and flavorful. The service was good, unlike Fishtails, but it should have been, we were 1 of 2 tables in there. Eventually we hit the road again, so ending our trip to the beach. We made it home without incident, my radar detector went off a couple times, but I never saw anything. I think he was always on the other side of the road. I cruised at 80 most of the way home, and didnt pick up any friends till about an hour or so outside of Dallas. I dropped off BigRay and pulled into my house a few minutes before midnight. All in all it was a great trip. I cant wait to go back, hopefully next time we'll have a bigger group.


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