Saturday, August 14, 2004


For those going to the Projekt Revolution tour featuring KORN, Snoop DoGG, and Linkin Park here in Dallas, the ticketmaster says it starts at 2, so I figure get there about 1. What else do you have to do that day, work? I dont think so. I'm pretty excited cuz I finally talked some people in to going with. I would not have missed it, but its always more fun with friends you know, instead of all the new ones you make there.
Hope to see you all there.

Here's the lineup, dont know the order till we get there:
Linkin Park
Snoop Dogg
the Used
Less Than Jake

second stage
Mike V and the Rats
Funeral for a Friend

All lawn is 37.50 All seats are 53.50

If you're riding with me, keep these things in mind:

No drugs, alcohol, smoking, or eating in my truck. If you want to do any of those things you can take your own vehicle.
I suggest you eat before we go.
Everybody has to wear their seatbelt. If you've ever ridden with me you understand.
You can take 1 unopened bottle of water into Smirnoff. No other food or drink allowed. Don't open it if you want to take it in.
I also suggest buying a drink and freezing it and leaving it in the truck for afterwards. Trust me, you'll want some gatorade when you get out.
Its gonna be an all day event, so bring extra money so you can buy food and drinks, and an ID if you wanna drink adult beverages.
If you smoke, bring some matches cuz they wont let you take a lighter in.
I will provide suntan lotion.
If you're going to the front I suggest wearing boots, steal toes if you got em. If you go to the pit you will get hit in the head a few times, but your toes will get stepped on constantly and after awhile it gets more painful than anything else.
Dont take anything you mind losing.
If you are a guy do not body surf, only assholes bodysurf. If you're a chick feel free, just dont land on my neck.


Blogger Amanda Leese said...

Man you are tough!
I might as well attend the concert with mom!

1:03 PM  

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