Thursday, August 05, 2004

More Iraqi Police

654 new Iraqi police officers will hit the streets within the week.
I thought about saying something about I wonder how many of those will be good guys and how many will be corrupt, then I thought, probably about the same ratio as in the US. Iraq is under such a microscope where every little thing is being scrutinized and all the negatives are being emphasized, especially from the left, that I think most people seem to forget that we arent perfect either. No country is. I know some will use that as a reason as to why we shouldnt have gone over their in the first place, we should make our country perfect first before we start helping other countries escape leaders who rule by fear and oppression, but I'm not going into that right now. I think for that country to have come as far as it has in one year, with so many good people working and fighting and risking their lives daily just to make their country a better place while common criminals, which every country has, work to destroy any kind of progress, aided and glorified by our own media, I think its just amazing. Call me crazy, and I know you will if you do nothing but watch your nightly news and fail to see all the good things and all the good people that are working together to make the progress that is intentionally overlooked and ignored, but I think what is happening over there is remarkable. Most Iraqis probably have more grit and guts and determination and faith and hope then most Americans do, and thats dispicable. It's dispicable because we, as Americans are spoiled, but yet we whine and complain and armchair quarterback everything that happens around us without ever being, for the most part, in any real danger. We, that means you and me, take our freedoms for granted, we take everything we have for granted. Then when our President and our military says that we are going to stand up for a people that needs our help, we are going to spread the freedoms that we so thanklessly enjoy but which are God given and a right for all peoples, well some people would rather find all the reasons they can imagine to keep that from happening. Terrorist cells all over the world had 8 years to grow and plot while there was a democrat in the white house they knew, proven by Somolia, would do nothing to stop them. I pray to God that wont be allowed to happen again. I know Bushy aint the brightest bulb, but I think he will continue to take it to the terrorists whereas JK has promised to reduce troop strength in foreign countries and work on mending relationships with other countries and the big joke that is the UN, all things that I think will only make us vulnerable to more attacks. If you're an illusionary peace lovin head in the dirt higher taxes lovin idiot, vote democrat. If you want results and the peace of mind of knowing that our troops are kickin ass 24/7 around the globe, keepin the terrorists on the run and the dictators up at night, vote GW. For me its as simple as that. Now, if you're not too tired from that, read this news from the DoD about the new Iraqi police graduates. It also talks about Iraq's new SWAT team:

American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, Aug. 4, 2004 - Within the week, 654 Iraqis will graduate from police academies and join the ranks of those striving to secure their country.
After their graduation from Iraqi Police Service basic training on Aug. 5, 552 recruits will report to duty stations in Baghdad.
The ceremony comes at the conclusion of eight weeks of basic training. Coalition military police taught recruits the fundamental policing skills, techniques and ideals of law enforcement employed in a free society.
The Iraqi Police Service's Adnon Police Training Facility also will hold a graduation for 74 officers this week. They will have completed courses in basic criminal investigation, criminal intelligence and police internal controls. These three courses augment the basic training courses Iraqi police officers receive as recruits. The specialized courses are part of the Iraqi government's ongoing effort to train its police forces to provide security in a free Iraq, officials said.
Additionally, 28 Iraqi Police Service officers will graduate from the elite Emergency Response Unit training in a ceremony to be held at an undisclosed location.
Multinational Force Iraq officials said the coalition has assisted in the training to help the Iraqi government stand up an elite 270-man Iraqi Police Service unit trained to respond to national-level law enforcement emergencies. The recruits first must complete basic police training, or a shorter transition integration program for prior-service officers, before entering the eight-week special-weapons-and-tactics-type training.
The specialized training prepares the recruits to handle terrorist incidents, kidnappings, hostage negotiations, explosive ordnance disposal and other similar situations. The unit will be the main responding force for incidents requiring DELTA/SWAT capabilities and will only be used in extreme situations, officials said.
Also this week, two Iraqi army battalions, each with a separate mission, deployed to Baghdad. The Iraqi Intervention Forces' 4th Battalion was deployed to the southern part of the city for stability and support operations.
"It's a significant development," said the Coalition Military Training Assistance Team chief of staff, Army Col. Jim Mulvenna. "This is now one of three Iraqi battalions being employed in the Baghdad area of operations."
The unit had previously spent several months at the Taji Military Training Base north of Baghdad in special military operations and urban terrain training. The Intervention Force is the branch of the army specifically trained in counterinsurgency operations.
Lead elements of the Iraqi army's 5th Battalion deployed to a base in the western portion of the city for force protection operations.
This unit had previously trained at the Kirkush Military Training Base east of Baghdad. It joins two Intervention Force battalions there since July, and will work with coalition forces at the base in force protection, perimeter security and security operations outside the post.
"They're here to continue the forward movement of trained battalions and provide security for those units coming to train," Mulvenna said. "Iraqi forces are providing the lion's share of force protection to Iraqi bases, enabling the ongoing, effective generation of well-trained Iraqi battalions."


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