Thursday, August 05, 2004


alright i started this post a while ago then my browser crashed, so this isnt going to be as great as the first time around, but here we go.
I was checking out my sitemeter and I thought I would share some of the searches that people do that lead them to my site, because its kinda funny and kinda like people watching to see what people are looking for. so here in no particular order, are my search engine referrals:

flava flav - #9 on google - he is the overwhelming winner, at more than 10 hits from searches for his name. there was more but i stopped counting at 10. i just wanna know who is searching for flava flav and why? if you are one of those people, please email me as I am very curious.

chipwich - #26 on google - thats my kinda person, but what would prompt one to do a search for chipwiches on the internet? is some poor soul overcome by their need for that ice-creamy chocolate chippity goodness but unable to escape their cell to go to the store and get one, and their only hope is to order a whole caseload through the wonder of the internet? Call me if you need help eating those, I've found after like 10 they get kinda filling.

rough edges dvd - #1 on yahoo baby

chimp fajitas - #5 on yahoo - it pays to steal from the onion


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