Tuesday, August 17, 2004

What a buncha

Great news, it looks like American football is catching on in Russia. Of course if you have football, you have to have cheerleaders. To have cheerleaders you have to have a cheerleading company. And if you have a company, you have to have a name. But picking a name can sometimes be tricky.

I bet its tricky going to an interview. You cant just come right out and say you want to be an Assol.
"At first, people thought that anyone could go out there, wave a pompom and call themselves cheerleaders," said Novikova, who has been with the club since its formation in 1998. "Now people know that cheerleading is an extremely demanding, extremely specialized sport."
Apparently, not just anyone can be an Assol. There goes my theory.
According to Elvira Sokolova, an Assol trainer since 1998, the physical aspects of cheerleading...are not the most challenging part of the process for the club's new recruits.
I'm sorry Elvira, what did you say your job title was?
"They get the physical stuff sooner or later," she said. "What they find difficult is keeping a smile on their face for two full hours. I always tell them that spirit is just as important as learning all the moves."
Well I imagine after all that Assol training it would be a little difficult to smile.


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