Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Well it looks like bringing Bobby Knight to Texas has finally started paying off, his skills rubbing off on other Texas teams in whole other sports leagues. It turns out last night at The Rangers game in Oakland, a certain Ranger got tired of the shit from the fans and tossed a chair at 'em. HA! Looks like somebody needs to work on their anger management.
Man, I gotta find the video of that.
We play them again tuesday, wednesday and thursday of this week. guess I'll be watching those games, just to see if it gets bloody. Finally, a baseball game that's exciting to watch.

Here's the story on msn

The Ranger's side

The Athletic's site has the exact same post, word for word. Must have been "approved" by the mlb or something.

Dallasnews.com is the only one to say Francisco was arrested

UPDATE: In his monologue tonight, Jay Leno of course had to mention this story. He introduced it by saying it was "free chair" night in Oakland. HA!


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For your files: the Rangers brawl video

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