Saturday, September 18, 2004

Bush blogs

Wondering what the Bush twins are up to? Cmon, I know you are. Well they have a feature on the Bush blog called Barbara and Jenna's Journal where you can follow all their not-so-wacky adventures across this great nation of ours to drum up support for their dad. Still no stories of late night pillow fights or drunken now-legal misadventures, but we can keep hoping.
That's just part of the official Bush blog, where you can learn such fun facts as how many voters volunteers have called today, what are some of the new tv ads, and how U.S. household wealth is at a record high. Gee, thats funny, according to some people our economy is in the tanks. Aren't facts fun?
And dont forget to visit Blogs for Bush for more fun facts than you can shake a fake document at.


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