Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Finally, the pain ray

Check out this story from defense tech about the military's new "Pain Ray" they're working on. Apparently, some people have a problem with lethal force, so a bunch weenies are looking for non lethal ways to disperse crowds and the like.
Here's a little excerpt from a guy that I think is opposed to it, its hard to tell:
"But what happens if the people faced with such a weapon can't just run away? What happens if they're trapped in a crowd, and the crowd can't move? How long can any member of the crowd be exposed to that weapon before his or her skin -- or their eyes -- simply cook off?
What happens if the scientists didn't test the devices thoroughly, and they turn out to render anyone touched by them blind, or impotent, or sterile?"
Hmmm, impotent, sterile terrorists? not a bad idear. and by the way, if one is a "terrorist" or not, if you're dumb enough to throw rocks at soldiers or try to loot a U.S. military vehicle, one does not need to be adding to the gene pool.

Sounds sweet
The direct link is working so just page down, the whole site is always worth checking out.


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