Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Happy Fall

Well today is officially the first day of Autumn, so if you are unlucky enough (or perhaps you see it as lucky) to live somewhere where the weather changes in the fall, enjoy those cool nights and big piles of leaves you have to rake up. I'm lucky enough to live in Texas, so it is just as hot this week as it has been for the past several, which I love. In Texas the fall is known as late summer, spring is early summer, and the winter is where you will have a day every few weeks or so where it gets down below 60. Brrrrr, 60.
Happy fall everybody, one more month till Halloween, and the start of another hellacious holiday season. And without hockey this year, the cold has absolutely no point at all. since this was the coolest summer i can remember, which is as good as ever, maybe this will be the warmest winter ever. Cross your fingers.
It will continue to be light blogging here cuz I'm crazy busy at work. and next week will probably be real light cuz i have to go on a business trip for most of the week. Sunny Phoenix here i come.


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