Wednesday, September 08, 2004

having trouble thinking straight

well i got home late tonight from work and i'm way too tired to start on what will be a long story, so you might just have to wait a few days. till then here's a pic to tide you over: these girls were walking around selling jager shots. I told them there was no way, cuz I hate Jager. So they were like 'Why dont you buy us one then' and I was like anything to keep from having to do one myself. I was actually relieved that they would be so accomodating as to let me buy them one instead of harrassing me until i bought one. Cuz I'm not very good at saying no to pretty girls and most of these girls were very persuasive, some down right forceful. Now that I think about it, my weekend probably could have been much more interesting if I had bought more girls shots, instead of being so selfish and spending all my money getting myself drunk. But thats me, Mr. 4 dollars short and 4 days late. Posted by Hello


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