Monday, September 06, 2004

I'm back

Hello friends and family, I'm back from my wild roadtrip to New Orleans and it was Awesome. I cant even tell you how much fun we had. I've got a ton of pictures and lots of stories to tell, so i'll be a busy little blogger this week. I did manage to stay out of trouble and return home with all of my clothes every night. well morning really. anyway, i just got home an hour ago so i still need to unpack. I'm gonna post a few pictures to tide you over till tomorrow. Even after a 9 hour roadtrip, ( i took the backroads) i'm still pumped and miss that crazy ass place already. Its a great place to visit but i dont think i could live there, i just dont have enough self control and discipline to stay out of trouble and keep a job in a place where the bars never close and the women are that wild. anyway, enjoy the pics.


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