Wednesday, September 15, 2004


First off I'd like to thank yallblog for the link. Yallblog is a great blog with all kinds of dfw area info and links. and now that it has linked to my site, its even better. link to my site and you're guaranteed to see your traffic increase by 2 fold. and by that i mean by 2.
anyway, on to the show.
I love seeing what kinds of searches lead people to my site.
heres a few of the choice referrals from last week.

#53 on a google search for:
"pee in the water"+swim
i was really hoping i'd score higher in this category

#4 on a google search for:
and its in german. i didnt know they had the internet.

#5 of 5 on a google search for:
2nd, 2/24 marines mahmudiyah
thats why i'm here, to spread the stories that noone else is.

#2 of 2 on a google search for:
attack on a convoy near Qayyarah at noon Sept. 6
if you are that person i'd just like to thank you for spending so much time on my site checking out different pages, you are appreciated.

#14 of 15 on a google search for:
Afghanistan "Maj. Mike" Special Forces Gardez
that was somebody from the LATimes visiting my site. ooo, how exciting. now hollywood knows im here, theres no stopping me.

#6 on a google search for:
"kira maas"
coool, that was somebody from, the house of representatives. great now the governments gonna be on my ass.

i get a lot of visitors but not many spend much time here. maybe i should try to be less offensive. but im good at being offensive. maybe i should just say something interesting.....
not much chance of that.


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