Saturday, September 18, 2004

Sky Captain in flight

I went and saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow last night and I thought it was great. If you dont know Sky Captain stars Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie, though Angelina was in it for such a short time that it's hard to say she starred in it. Maybe costarred, or also appeared. Anyway, its set in the future of the past. It's happening in the 30's but made to look kinda futuristic, and not how we now would think of futuristic but how people in the thirties would think of futuristic. Everything is big and steel and mechanical. It's selling point is the fact that its a different looking film, with lots of camera angles and props that you would expect in an old film, with that saturated kinda grainy, pastels over black and white coloring. Its a really beautiful film, all the effects and props are well done and not over the top or too obvious. Whoever the creative minds on this film were they did a really stellar job, all the machines and vehicles and robots and aircraft were really cool and original while still fitting the thirties motif they were working. It was well acted and there were a lot of great looks and quips and a few funnys thrown in for good measure. One of the guys that I went with mentioned that if there was any downside, aside from not enough Angelina, was that there wasnt enough main good guy on main bad guy action, no final show down between the two. Though I somewhat agree, I think the surprise meeting between the good guy and bad guy was original and good enough, and there was a bit of a showdown between all the good guys and the rest of the bad guys and what they have to do to save the world. The movie mainly focused on the characters of the main hero, Law, and his reporter friend, Paltrow, and did a fine job of that. Overall I really liked this movie and give it 8 out of 10 big steel robots, and two thumbs up.


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