Wednesday, September 29, 2004

that tingly feeling

I just got a newsletter from the deftones fan club that their new album is coming out in spring 2005. Hell Yeah! every album has been better than the last, i cant wait to hear the new one. their website has nothing but new tour dates out, so go there now to see when they will be coming to rock your town. i know i'll be there, but i'm thinking i need to see them somewhere else too, one show will surely not be enough.

it doesnt look like they're coming to dallas, upon further review, it looks like some kind of quick limited venue type event. they will be in phoenix (where i am this week for business) the 4th, 3 days after i leave.

so should i go see them in austin, el paso, san anton, or odessa? or new orleans?

alright they will be in austin on saturday night the 9th, so i'm thinking i gotta go there. college girls, party town, saturday. and they'll be at a place called stubbs bbq, so its probably a tiny place, better get there early. oh yeah. here's my notice, im going to austin in two saturdays, anybody wanna go?


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