Wednesday, September 29, 2004

They must not have seen the videos

I've got some free time today so I'm finally catching up on all the things, or atleast some of the things, i've been meaning to post. First from Iraq:

From the Armed Forces Press Service:

Military officials also reported today that more weapons and ammunition have been seized in Iraq. Soldiers with Multinational Division Central South confiscated several dozen AK-47 assault rifles, pistols and a large amount of ammunition at checkpoints in the Polish-led area of responsibility. Sixteen suspects were detained and are being questioned by Iraqi police after checks of their vehicles revealed the weapons stashes.
Elsewhere, in the town of al Mashru, Iraqi security forces and multinational forces found and seized a large weapons cache and detained 20 suspects Sept. 23.
More than 320 large-caliber artillery shells were found during joint forces search in Babil province. Such explosives are used to create homemade roadside bombs and are commonly placed in vehicles to create the suicide-bomb attacks that have claimed the lives of hundreds of Iraqis and injured thousands.
In addition, almost 50 kilograms of explosive material, several kilograms of TNT, and some AK-47s with ammunition were found and taken into custody.
In other news, multinational forces conducted precision air strikes today on a group of anti-Iraqi forces seen training in an open field south of Fallujah. Military officials reported the individuals were part of a mortar and rocket- propelled grenade training team. Coalition forces fired artillery on 10 to 12 individuals observed as part of the team.
The team reportedly ran into a cave that was being used to supply their efforts and for weapons cache storage. Coalition forces then directed an air strike on the cave with precision-guided munitions. Details on results or damage from the strikes were not available.


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