Sunday, October 31, 2004

I survived

Just to let you know that I did survive the halloween party last night. It was a good party, there were 2 kegs and some liquor and about 5 trays of jello shots and punch, and I'm proud to say I did my part to finish all of them. Oh yeah and lots of people too. It was at my buddy ray's cousin's house, who I've met several times before but I dont think he recognized me. its been a while tho, and I was a little painted up. mostly just ghostly grey face and hair and lots of blood on my face, and this crazy plastic coat that says i'm a killer, but i still dont want to get blood on my clothes. i didnt take a picture of myself so you'll just have to imagine it. the best part about the party of course was that i didnt have to drive, it was over in fort worth so ray and alma let me crash at their house. i wont even go into how nice their house is. they just moved in to a new house and its really nice. so anyway we got to the party around 9 and left around 2 and slept till almost noon. i have no idea how i didnt puke cuz i definately gave my liver a work out last night. after alma made us some breakfast (thanks alma) i made the long trek back to north dallas where i spent the afternoon firmly planted on the couch watching the cowboys amazingly win one. then i took a nap till about 6, then i watched some more tv, then i did some work on a model for work, now i'm gettin ready to go to bed. yet another wild wacky work week awaits. i wish i had a rich spouse so i could quit working like my boss did. i like what i do but i would like not having to do it every day. i'll post some pix tomorrow. i love my camera, i get to see all the stuff i forgot i took pictures of the night before.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Happy the dead are roaming the earth day!

Well its halloween, or close enough, so you know what that means? thats right, the candy in the back of my fridge is now officially one year old. the story is i bought some chocolate last halloween for coworkers, but it didnt get eaten up, so for some reason, i dont know why, i brought it home. I think cuz i know my mom is a chocolate addict and any time she comes over she asks if i have chocolate. so there ya go mom, obviously you dont come visit enough. I'm sorry, I know this may offend many people but I'm just not addicted to chocolate. I know it may be unamerican and possibly inhuman, but I just dont eat a lot of sweets. You would think I would be skinny because of it, but apparently my intake of beer and complete lack of exercise makes up for all that. Now chocolate beer, that just kicks ass. Some people dont understand it, but I like it. Theres a double chocolate beer they serve at the Flying Saucer which is pretty good. But heres a warning, you can not just take a regular beer and mix in chocolate, that does not give you the same result.
So happy helloween, and remember, take off your mask before you go into the OneStop to pick up beer or you will get shot. and you will die because when you crawl outside with blood runnin down your chest nobody will save you cuz they'll think its fake blood and you're just drunk.
i'll post pix tomorrow of the partay i'm going to tonight.

Putin on a show

You might be wondering, Hey where'd all those weapons go that Iraq had?
Well its possible our good friends in Russia know
Hold on, let me practice my "oh my gosh, what a surprise" look. after all, pretty much all of Iraq's weapons were russian made, and we know they were gettin kick backs from the oil for ass program. So we know many of the problems in Iraq are coming from and being funded by people in Syria, maybe we could just mine that whole border. I mean cmon, how many good people want to be coming into Iraq from Syria? And how many smart people want to be going to Syria? I say just get our mine trucks to do a few laps back and forth in front of the Syrian border. It couldnt hurt.

Jodi - Do not read this

Ya know, I dont put much stock in dream interpretation cuz I think that dreams mean different things for different people, so its hard to generalize what one thing means for everybody. Having said that, I do own a book that someone bought for me many xmas' ago, called '10,000 dreams interepreted' by G H Miller, and when I have a particularly disturbing dream that wakes me up I will out of curiousity go look to see what my book says it meant. According to Miller's book, "to dream of snakes is a foreboding of evil in its various forms and stages." Great, so what does a dream about being stuck in a swamp surrounded by trees that are literally dripping with snakes mean? I mean they were everywhere, I couldnt get away from them. Finally one dropped on me and I jumped and woke up. Now I dont have a particular fear of snakes, unlike a certain family member, I know that in general if you leave them alone they will leave you alone, and the few I have encountered in my life were more scared of me than I was of them. Not to say I would want one as a pet, no thanks.
But wait, theres more, for some reason there are seperate entries for Reptiles and Serpents too. Check out these words of encouragement; "If a reptile attacks you in a dream, there will be trouble of a serious nature ahead of you." Woohoo! "To dream of serpents is indicative of cultivated morbidity and depressed surroundings. There is usually a disappointment after this dream." GREAT!
I went back to sleep and slept for two more hours after that, but of course I dont remember what I dreamt of. Hopefully all the disappointment came in that dream and I can look forward to nothing but great rewards this weekend. I've got a halloween party to go to tonight, I certainly hope theres no snakes there.

American Forces Press

Iraq news

On Oct. 28, acting on information obtained from intelligence sources, 1st Infantry Division soldiers from Task Force 1-27 and multinational forces detained a suspected improvised explosive device cell leader and three others at two locations near Zab, officials said in a news release.
The primary target was captured at the first location with IED material. At a second location an individual with grenades was detained.
At the same time, in another raid conducted by Task Force 2-108 soldiers near Ad Dujayl, two individuals were detained for possessing IED-making material, according to officials.
Also on Oct. 28, Iraqi security forces and elements of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit captured 16 suspected insurgents in south-central Iraq, officials said.
Marines patrolling in vehicles near Haswah before sunrise observed a truck driving without its lights on and stopped the vehicle. When three of the six oocupants jumped out and attempted to flee on foot, the Marines chased them down and detained all six. A vehicle search uncovered a pistol and 50 rounds for an RPK machine gun.
Elsewhere, the 24th MEU's Force Reconnaissance platoon seized 10 militants in a pair of raids near Lutafiyah. The captured men had in their possession a number of fake identification cards and passports as well as Iraqi police uniforms, officials reported. All are wanted in connection with attacks on coalition forces in northern Babil province.
The Oct. 28 gains follow the previous day's capture of 18 insurgents by the Iraqi SWAT team. Since the MEU arrived in the area in July, Iraqi security forces and Marines have rounded up more than 500 anti-Iraqi elements, officials said.
(Compiled in part from Multinational Force Iraq news releases.)

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Word of the day

i learned 2 new words today, so i thought i'd share.

n : the arrangement of defensive fortifications to protect against enemy fire

so, a sheet over the top of your cube or a wall of trash cans in front of your cube are a defilade.

n : gunfire directed along the length rather than the breadth of a formation
v : rake or be in a position to rake with gunfire in a lengthwise direction

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

slack damnit, slack

are you dangerously close to getting some work done? or do you just feel completely unmotivated to work even though you've got so much work to do you cant sleep at night? great, well i've found one funny-ass site to keep you busy atleast for a half hour or so. longer if you're a slow reader. or just plain slow. check out this site is hilarious, some guy decided to make some cartoons inspired spam headlines he received. do not look at this site if the people around you are bothered by uncontrollable laughter. i was literally in tears. of course i'm easily entertained, but lifes a lot more fun that way.
heres some of my favorites:
tiaras for your special event
do i masturbate too much
good morning campers
women change your life

ok so i think they're all hilarious, just go check them out yourself. and have a nice lemon juice soaked rag to dab your tearing eyes with handy.


its that time again, time to see what searches are bringing people to my site. so lets just get into it shall we.

1. I'M #1. Apparently roughedges is the #1 result on, which is some search engine i've never heard of, for "alcoholic icecream". i'm not even in the top 100 on google. obviously upspiral is a much better search engine.

2. #2 on myway search for "mt daily horoscope". thats weird, why are other people looking for my daily horoscope?

3 # 6 on a google search for "meteorists". damn, i thought i made that word up.

ok i didnt have that many other exciting searches. mostly searches for bocktoberfest pics, glad i could oblige, wish i had more, and searches for soldiers and their division or op area. so now i know my place, i will continue to take roadtrips and go to concerts and take pics and i will continue to post what i know about operations that i learn from different press services.

rioting in the streets

hey i was just thinking ( i know what you're gonna say "twice in one day matt? you better lie down before you wear yourself out") wouldnt that be awesome if W won the election, and all the crazy liberals got so crazified they started rioting in the streets, and the national guard had to be called out and things got out of control and they had to start shooting people? that would be sweet. not only would Bushy be back in the big house, but we'd be gettin rid of some crazy liberals. the NG would probably just bring tear gas or rubber bullets or some other kind of wimpy thing tho.


wouldnt that be ironic if the red sox won the first 3 games then the redbirds came back and won 4 straight? if that actually happens i'm goin into the psychic biz.

Bad-song-thats-stuck-in-my-head of the day

I dont know about other people, but everyday i seem to have a really crappy song creep into my head and get stuck there. of course the only way to get rid of a bad song thats stuck in your head is to give it to someone else. since i've done it to pretty much everyone i work with they now just turn and run when they see me coming or they do the fingers in ears i cant hear you dance. so thus, i've decided to give it to you, my hapless reader. i figure if i put it out on the net it will disappear even faster if more people get stuck with it. i am of course assuming someone reads this. anyway enough blabbing, on to the bad song of the day. todays winner is:

Dream police.

i dont know who sings it, i dont know the whole song, alls i know is that damn first versus, " the dream police, blahblahblahblahblah, dream police, blahblahblahblah." damn you 80s rock. get out of my head!

Monday, October 25, 2004

office annoying guy

are you the office annoying guy? are you sure? check out this list written by someone from
here are some i said yes to. a jerk? i just thought i was immature.

1) You make provocative statements to "foster dialogue" or needle others. i do like to say dumb shit just to get a reaction out of people sometimes. i live for that look of "did he really just say that?" hey as long as i think im funny, it doesnt matter what other people think right?

3) You make up nicknames for all of your coworkers and refer to them only by these names. Do 'dickhead' and 'stinky bitch' count?

ok so thats only two, so by their rules im not really annoying

just an observation

so i caught a little bit of SNL saturday night, with jude law and ashley simpson, hoping that i might see one of the rare funny bits. needless to say i was dissappointed. but i did notice one thing, jessica simpson may have gotten all the looks in the simpson family, but ashley got all the nose. but atleast neither of them have any talent, so neither of them have to be jealous of the other about that.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

how do i know when i should stop blogging? oh, my cat lets me know.  Posted by Hello

he's playing a rubber chicken like its a trumpet when the girl plays the 'here comes the horses, you better place your bet' music. whats that song called?  Posted by Hello

everythings bigger in texas, especially the cowboys. those pants are size 36-86.  Posted by Hello

cowboys update

they still suck. luckily i didnt make the mistake of watching the game today, i went out to the horsetrack. as you may know, if you are a fan of the horses, next weekend is the breeders cup out at lonestarpark. and they really have it set up too, they've built tons of new stands all around the outfield, they put up stands all the way from turn 3 thru turn 4, put up stands along the frontstretch there where it used to be just grass, and in turn 1. should be exciting, but i certainly cant afford to go, thats why i went today. i'd hate to let the whole fall season go by without going out there once. i dont know why, i never make any money. today i had my best day, but thats cuz i just didnt bet. i decided to just make a mental guess at who would win, then if i actually got one right, then i would bet the next time. i never made it up to the betting window. but i did have a few beers, i'd hate to not do my part in supporting the economy. and that damn money just burns a whole in my pocket. the beer girl asked me if i was winning and i said 'no, but atleast i'm not working.' oops. pause for awkward silence. sorry 'bout that beer girl.
so apparently the breeders cup is big shit, and there will be all kinds of important/rich/famous/royal people there. my sister was tellin me that the rule for next weekend is that if you are famous you can bring your bodyguards, but only if you are royal may your bodyguards carry a weapon. and how do they know if you are royal or not, my brother in law asks? well they have a v.i.p. entrance, she says, at which they check your v.i.p.-ness.
HAHAHA! sound it out if you must.
man, i try to be funny and usually fail, she doesnt even try and she's funnier than me.
ok, i'm goin to watch the baseball game now.

Service isnt dead

I had a really nice experience yesterday, so I thought it only right to share with everyone. Just for background info, I drive a 2000 dodge durango, and i love it. the second row seats flip down and forward so you can get to the third row seats. but the second row seats have gotten harder and harder to operate, so i finally decided to do somethin about it. i did enough investigating into the seat to discover that the handle pulls a wire that pops the seat up, and as far as i could see, where the wire actually activated the release had become too loose, so you had to pull the handle further than you should to get the seat to pop. now, i'm no mechanic, i will freely admit that my talents lie elsewhere, and i would much rather pay someone that knows what they're doing to work on my truck. so i took it to my favorite garage, the Kwik Kar lube & tune at 3320 trinity mills. thats on the southeast corner of trinity mills and midway in carrollton, right beside where they're building the new krystal burger. thats the only place i will go to get work done on my truck, and heres why. it may cost a little more for an oil change, but they do everything; they top all your fluids, put air in your tires, check all your filters, wash your windows, vacuum your floorboards, and pretty much check everything on your vehicle. not only that but they are good people and always real friendly. i've taken my car in there for scheduled maintenance and they have pointed out things that didnt really need done, to save me money, and on other occasions offered to clean or replace some stuff that they just noticed might be a good idea to clean or replace. so you get the idea, they're good peoples. so i have something i need done with my truck, thats the first place i go. i go in, and marc, the owner, is there and i tell him 'hey, i got this problem with my truck and i dont even know if you would do this kinda thing, but i trust you guys so this is the first place i'm gonna go.' so he says lets go take a look. after a little inspection he tells me that after a few years, the wires that control the seats do start to stretch a little, and he thinks if we put somethin lower down on the wire it should solve the problem. so marc proceeds to fashion some little metal clips and put them around the wires, and viola, my seats are easy as pie to open. so to recap, this guy stops whatever it was he was doin, comes out and spends almost an hour workin on my truck, and what does he charge me? nothin! i ask him what i owe him and he says, dont worry about it. That is why i keep going back there. so if you want quality service, and you live anywhere near carrollton, stop by the kwik kar lube & tune at 3320 trinity mills. quality service is not completely dead. thank you marc.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


are your calls on your cell phone dropping more than usual lately? blame the government. one of america's first radio jamming satellites has been pronounced operational. hooray! i'm just kidding about that cell phone thing, our jamming satellite only jams other satellites. take that al qaeda, no more communicating by satellite for you. i wonder if it blocks satellite phones. hmmm. i'm gonna go ahead and say yes. i think they've just been using talking donkeys to communicate. plus they dont speak english, which makes it really tricky to figure out what they're saying. screw communication jamming satellites, we need crazy suicidal bastard jamming satellites. when we detect a crazy terrorist strapping on a suicide belt, our satellite forces him to jam his head up his ass, then eat his own insides. theres a good visual for all you artists. or just make their ears bleed or heads explode, that would work too.


since i have nothing funny or intelligent to say today (like most days) i'm gonna link to 2 new female texas bloggers i've found. one lives right here in dallas and made me laugh. the other lives in midland and has some good political commentary on the oil for food scandal, the election, and other stuff i care about, but not enough to right anything sensible.
check out blissfully unaware and jessicas well

pass the chips

New U.S. passports are getting RFID chip implants. Worried about your privacy? dont be, everything anyone wants to know about you is already all over the internet.


man, how bout them red sox. i cant even call em the red sux after that impressive display. after game three i didnt think they could come back. after winning game 4 i still didnt believe it. but after they won game 5 i really started rootin for em, thinking just maybe they could do it. last night we were at the bar cheerin like we grew up in boston, even tho none of us did. that was really great.
now tonight the 'stros are playin, and i'm not sure who to root for. of course i want them to win cuz they're the texas team, but if its the stros and the sox in the world series, i will really be torn. i mean cmon, the sox deserve it. of course the stros still have to win tonight. we'll see. am i allowed to cheer for both? seems like i'd win no matter who won. maybe i'll try that.

UPDATE: well, now i dont have to worry. Go SOX!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


i got my 1000th hit this past weekend, so i suppose thats a big deal. ok maybe not really. but if you'd like to buy me a beer to celebrate just email me with the subject "please let me buy you beer" and we can decide on the bar.

not much is open in shiner anymore, except the brewery and a few other things  Posted by Hello

shiner Posted by Hello

headin' back to all the bull of the real world Posted by Hello

lookin over and back from where we were sittin. the weather was absolutely perfect.  Posted by Hello

me enjoying a little nappy nap. stupid allergy pills kicked my ass. lyle lovett probably wasnt worth stayin awake for anyway Posted by Hello

the stage. it was rows of seats up to about 20 yards before the stage, then it was open for standing.  Posted by Hello

same Posted by Hello

scenic overlook right outside the park Posted by Hello

the spooky cabin that was behind our camping spot. i'm pretty sure there were dead bodies in there. and whats up with the shopping carts and barrels?  Posted by Hello

the stupid place is closed on saturdays, how retarded is that?  Posted by Hello

where the magic happens Posted by Hello

standing outside the brewery with my uncle/godfather before we go over to the concert. man i dont photograph well, i hope i dont always look that stupid.  Posted by Hello

fun with my camera Posted by Hello

lookin up at the sky with my pants on fire Posted by Hello

me, thinking about just diving in Posted by Hello

rick, god of fire Posted by Hello

gettin the grill goin for some steaky goodness Posted by Hello

ray poking the hot Posted by Hello

fun with fire and my digital camera Posted by Hello

our campfire Posted by Hello

settin up camp. ray lookin gay, rick doin his airplane imitation Posted by Hello

Bocktoberfest Review

i skipped outta work friday so we could get an early start. since i had no real plan of where to stay i figured we should get there early in case we needed to try a few things. but I asked God if he'd take care of it and he said no prob so i had no worries. we picked up bigray then rick and we made our way down to austin. it was a pretty uneventful drive, no crazy people or wrecks or even cops. we drove around austin, i pointed out stubbs where i saw the deftones last weekend and the marriot that i stayed at and all the significant sights and streets. none of us were really hungry and didnt care enough to stop to see anything so we continued on with our driving. one of these days i'll actually go and spend a weekend in austin just to see the tourist b.s. after getting hung up in traffic for about a half hour cuz they were repaving the road south of austin, we were once again on our way. i'd seen signs for palmetto state park last weekend when i was driving around so we stopped there. i didnt think they would have anything cuz i checked the web the night before, but it couldnt hurt to ask. after finally getting the old peoples attention that work there, they did say no, everything was booked. so i asked them if there was anywhere around that we could camp for a couple nights, and they directed me to an R/V park right around the corner. it was perfect. it was literally right outside the park, right around the corner from the office where we stopped, and apparently brand new. all the slabs looked new and there was a little sign that said 'now open, park yourself', so we did. the sign said it was owned by the elks club, which sat across the street, and they asked for a nominal donation for the use of a sight. i tell you what, the clean bathrooms alone made it worth the price. this was obviously a privately owned facility and not some state park, cuz there wasnt one bug in those bathrooms. usually when you're camping you gotta worry about all the bugs flying and crawling all around you and it can be a little distracting when you're trying to do your business. not at the Elks R/V park, they had clean stalls and plenty of tp and soap in the dispensers as well as several bars sittin out if you wanted to use one of the nice clean showers. you get the point, so i digress. for the first time in all of our camping trips, we got to set up camp in the daylight. actually when we went to big bend we got there right after sunup, so we had light then. anyway, we pitched our tents and spread our chairs and set the table. there was a nice little fire pit for us to build a bonfire in and i brought my grill so we could do some grillin. after realizing that the half used bag of charcoal no longer contained any of its match light quality, i hopped in my truck to go get some more. i was actually kinda happy to cuz i really wasnt done driving yet. i'd only gotten to drive for about 4 or so hours and i still had some cruisin left in me. later we cooked some steaks and a can of corn and shot the shat around a nice big campfire. one other person did show up at the r/v site, but it was an old lady by herself so i knew she wouldnt bother us. we were able to be as loud as we wanted and drink and have a bonfire, all things we couldnt have done in the state park or in the shiner camp grounds, so we really made out. and did i mention the clean bathrooms? we'll probably go back to the same spot next year, but by then it will probably have been discovered by others and be packed. the sign said no reservations were taken, so we'll just have to get there early. eventually i did pass out in my chair and wake up and make my way into my tent. it was cold that first night but i had my sweatshirt and sweats and even slept with my shoes on. that was kinda outta being too tired to take them off, but partly cuz it was cold.

the next day we were up early, ready to rock and drink shiner bock. we cooked up some eggs and bacon and potatoes to fill our stomachs before the day of barley and water that lie ahead. gates opened at 12 and we got there around 1230. i kinda expected a traffic jam gettin into the place, but apparently most people decided to wait till later. gettin out was a whole nother story, but you'll have to wait for that. cuz we were early there wasnt much of a line to get in and not a whole lotta people when we di so we were able to find a pretty good spot to park our chairs. according to the announcer guy that would come on in between bands, the field they had set up for the event was new. i mean it wasnt a new field, but it was new for the fest to be at that spot. it was really nice, and it did seem like new grass, so maybe it was a new field, who knows. anyway the state was at the front and concessions on the sides and the whole bakc was porta potties. of course you can never have enough porta potties and by the end the wait was painfully long, but thats just part of it. the first guy was some old country guy that was nothin special. next up was corry morrow, and though he was country he was good toe tappin rockin country. i enjoyed his set. next was asleep at the wheel. these guys are what you would see in the dictionary under 'texas country music'. these guys were a little much for me, not really my type. time to start slammin beers. next was lyle lovett. i really meant no disrespect to lyle, as he's famous and i was interested in atleast hearing his set. but after 4 or 5 beers, taking 2 allergy pills cuz 1 just wasnt working, taking off my shoes and sox to let my feet feel the grass and mud, and with the sun beatin down, about halfway into his set i passed out. i didnt even know i was tired, one moment i'm watchin lyle, the next i'm wakin up as the crowd is cheerin him off the stage. nothin like a nice nap on a warm sunny day. i was like, 'did i pass out?' and rick was like 'yep'. 'interesting' i said, 'who wants a beer?' havin rested i was once again ready to do some drinkin. now shiner beer is great to start with, but imagine beer thats brewed right down the road, that day or maybe the day before. no travelin a long way in a truck, no sittin on a shelf for a while. fresh beer is good. and they had all their flavors, bock, blonde, light, hefeweizen, winter stock, summer stock, it was great. next up was kenny wayne shepherd. not surprisingly he was really good. by now the place was really startin to fill up. i loved the fact that it was in a field, so i could walk around barefoot, it makes for a better music fest woodstock type of feel. after kws it was time for some real rockin. i put my shoes and socks back on and left my hat at my seat and made my way to the front. first i tried the left side of the stage, but the crowd wasnt gettin into it much, so i moved over to the right side. there was much more excitement over there, maybe one side was the country side and one side was the rock side, i dunno. anyway, staind rocked the house as expected. they played all their favorites and sounded great. i made some friends and was able to position myself well in the crowd, meaning i surrounded myself with little girls instead of big stinky guys. in between bands i chatted with some people around me and found out where various people were from, mostly just around texas, tho there were some from ok and some from la. kid rock came on in style and kicked it like i imagine kid rock always does. i'm not a huge kid fan, but i like some of his songs and i knew he would put on a good show. i actually had a better time then i anticipated, and he really did put on a good show, complete with daning girls, that i'm guessin were not locals, and fireworks and some mad drummin from his crazy big black female drummer. kid played for a long time and i'd definately say i got my moneys worth out of that show. i had a great time, definately up there in my list of top 10 concerts of all time. eventually tho, the show did have to end. its amazing how fast 11 hours can go by. they had fireworks at the end but we didnt stay around to see them. we'd all had enough for one day.

the line out, like i said earlier, was crazy. now i'm not good with the whole being patient thing, especially having to wait in lines, especially in traffic. so instead of going right out to the main road, i go left, figuring i can find my way out thru the country roads. wrong. that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. well atleast in the top 40. anyway, we drive around and take a left and theres a car in front of us and a car behind us that both have the same idea, and evetually we hit some road closed signs. dammit. so we weave our way back the way we came, but instead of just going back to the line i go straight where we turned first to head further west, further into the depths of the country road maze. funny thing about country roads, they dont go straight, they just turn and zigzag and curve and uturn till if it werent for the nav computer you'd have no way of knowing what way you're facing. oh and theres no signs either. and they're not on maps. so we drove and drove and drove, always turning south when we had a choice to try to get back to the main road. eventually, after helplessness had settled nicely into the backseat and i had called on every saint i could think of to help us out of that texas chainsaw massacre outtake, we finally found our way back to the main road we were looking for. and my plan worked, no traffic. probably cuz they had all passed long ago, but thats a minor detail. i wont ever try that shit again, even tho i do know my way out now. eventually after a little more than an hour of wondering the country roads, we made our way back to camp to sleep off one helluva day.

it was definately a trip to remember, and definately a trip i will make again.
now for the pictures. we werent allowed to take cameras in, but rick smuggled in his little keychain camera.
i'm thinking its time for me to get that camera phone i've been thinking of. i've had my phone for well over a year, maybe two, and thats way too long for a hip guy like me. and theres always times when i wish i had a camera but dont want to carry my nice camera around to worry about. maybe next payday, i spent all this months money on shiner.

Freakers Ball

I've gone to freakers ball in dallas every year because its always been really great bands, but this year is kinda questionable. the headliners are velvet revolver. i've seen stp and guns and roses over the years and i enjoyed both, but i just dont know about velvet revoler, or velver as i will refer to them from here on out to save my precious time. are they really scary and freaky enough to headline freakers ball? korn, yes. marilyn manson, yes. velver, i just dont know.
also on the bill are damageplan, who is a bunch of guys from pantera minus phil 'i've died 4 times' anselmo. just to hit on a side note real quick, why does god let this guy live? i mean he has overdosed 4 times, his heart actually stops working, and they keep bringing him back. why? ok, back to damageplan. i dont have their album so i dont know how good they'll be. but as a long time pantera fan and a dallasite i feel almost like i should be there for them. they may need me. same goes for drowning pool- another local band whos album i dont have but will definately whip the crowd into a frenzy. i'm too old for either of those pits. the used will also be there. they suck. they were at projekt revolution and they sucked. switchfoot will be there. arent they like a christian rock band? how do they fit on the same bill, title 'freakers ball', with damage plan and drowning pool? breaking benjamin, who have that song that i keep seeing on all the late night shows, and probably get played on the radio but i dont know cuz all the radio stations in dallas suck. then theres the donnas. they were supposed to be at some other concert i went to a while ago but didnt show for some reason. if they didnt have boobs they would still be rockin in their garage. bowling for soup. i'm pretty sure they're local, and they suck. burden brothers. i dont know if i can take that many depressing songs. did i ever do a review of their album? i know i thought about it. every damn song is a 'boo hoo i lost my girlfriend' song. yeah, thats what i need. riddlin kids, never heard of them, so they must suck. skindred, oooo they sound scary. suck. so there you have it, i just talked myself out of going to that concert. and its this weekend anyway, i've got plans. but if you go, have fun, and make sure to push down that old lady security guard that walks the main aisle between the seating sections, shes a total bitch. anybody that goes to concerts out at smirnoff and fights to get to the front knows who i mean. maybe since i wont be going to show you how its done i should write up the rules and instructions for getting to the front. maybe later, i've got other shit i need to blog about.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


man, i was so unmotivated to blog tonight i spent hours watching the baseball game. i actually did want to watch it just to see if the red sux could pull it out, and they did. the first time ever a team came back from 0-3 games and forced a game seven. man i hope they win now, that sure would suck to lose it now. i mean i was so unmotivated to blog to look at a computer that i spent about a half hour pickin hitchhikers out of some socks i wore the last few times i played disc golf. and that was weeks ago. not that i've had dirty stinky socks just layin around, i did wash them but the washer doesnt get the hitchhikers out. i also was half looking thru the dallas observer cuz it was the 'best of' issue. i think most of the writing in the observer is pretty poor and ignorant, so i usually just pick one up to see if there are any bands playing i want to go see. anyway, i didnt see much i cared about in the 'best of' part. maybe if i had a mate i could say, 'hey baby, why dont we go try this place, its got great food for a reasonable price and the valet wont crash your car into a lightpole', but i dont, so i dont. and all my friends are fucking lame and wooped and never want to go out, so its not like i can say 'hey guys, lets go try this place, its got free pool and beer and its the favorite hangout for blind redheaded female sex addicts.' so here are a few things i ripped out of the pages of an otherwise worthless paper (its free for a reason):

Best Boating for One

Apparently if you're not afraid of getting mugged or raped and want to go hang out down at mexican, i mean white rock lake, you can learn to kayak on the lake. According to their website they also have classes on grapevine lake and all kinds of outings. sounds fun.

After you learn to kayak and meet a nice person who likes the outdoors like you do, and build up some muscle as well as a little savings, you can move on to sculling.

Best Excuse for Exercise

according to the observer they are a "new recreational rowing club" called White Rock Boathouse Inc. they provide a single, a double, or a racing shell for use by members. they charge $50 for lonely losers like me, or $75 for lessons for two. membership to the boat club which you need to use their boats costs $300 a year. the info on their website is a little different, so go check it out if you're interested.

Monday, October 18, 2004

G. Love tonight at the gypsy

I've decided to go see G. Love tonight down in deep smellum. Heres the venues website that has background info on G and anything else you might need to know.
should be fun.

that means the bocktoberfest will probably have to wait till tomorrow.
and then a G report on wednesday or thursday.

oh yeah and did i mention my boss quit last week, so i'm crazy busy trying to learn all kinds of shit that only she knew? yeah, after such an amazing weekend i'm realll excited about coming back to the real world and work, let me tell ya.

i love this one. this is from the first debate i think. all 3 of the bush women demonstrating the art of talking through your smile. barbara's making it obvious cuz she's not looking straight ahead like the other 2, but i bet all three of them are saying something. i smell a caption contest. leave your captions of what each of them are saying in the comments.  Posted by Hello