Tuesday, October 19, 2004


man, i was so unmotivated to blog tonight i spent hours watching the baseball game. i actually did want to watch it just to see if the red sux could pull it out, and they did. the first time ever a team came back from 0-3 games and forced a game seven. man i hope they win now, that sure would suck to lose it now. i mean i was so unmotivated to blog to look at a computer that i spent about a half hour pickin hitchhikers out of some socks i wore the last few times i played disc golf. and that was weeks ago. not that i've had dirty stinky socks just layin around, i did wash them but the washer doesnt get the hitchhikers out. i also was half looking thru the dallas observer cuz it was the 'best of' issue. i think most of the writing in the observer is pretty poor and ignorant, so i usually just pick one up to see if there are any bands playing i want to go see. anyway, i didnt see much i cared about in the 'best of' part. maybe if i had a mate i could say, 'hey baby, why dont we go try this place, its got great food for a reasonable price and the valet wont crash your car into a lightpole', but i dont, so i dont. and all my friends are fucking lame and wooped and never want to go out, so its not like i can say 'hey guys, lets go try this place, its got free pool and beer and its the favorite hangout for blind redheaded female sex addicts.' so here are a few things i ripped out of the pages of an otherwise worthless paper (its free for a reason):

Best Boating for One

Apparently if you're not afraid of getting mugged or raped and want to go hang out down at mexican, i mean white rock lake, you can learn to kayak on the lake. According to their website they also have classes on grapevine lake and all kinds of outings. sounds fun.

After you learn to kayak and meet a nice person who likes the outdoors like you do, and build up some muscle as well as a little savings, you can move on to sculling.

Best Excuse for Exercise

according to the observer they are a "new recreational rowing club" called White Rock Boathouse Inc. they provide a single, a double, or a racing shell for use by members. they charge $50 for lonely losers like me, or $75 for lessons for two. membership to the boat club which you need to use their boats costs $300 a year. the info on their website is a little different, so go check it out if you're interested.


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