Sunday, October 24, 2004

cowboys update

they still suck. luckily i didnt make the mistake of watching the game today, i went out to the horsetrack. as you may know, if you are a fan of the horses, next weekend is the breeders cup out at lonestarpark. and they really have it set up too, they've built tons of new stands all around the outfield, they put up stands all the way from turn 3 thru turn 4, put up stands along the frontstretch there where it used to be just grass, and in turn 1. should be exciting, but i certainly cant afford to go, thats why i went today. i'd hate to let the whole fall season go by without going out there once. i dont know why, i never make any money. today i had my best day, but thats cuz i just didnt bet. i decided to just make a mental guess at who would win, then if i actually got one right, then i would bet the next time. i never made it up to the betting window. but i did have a few beers, i'd hate to not do my part in supporting the economy. and that damn money just burns a whole in my pocket. the beer girl asked me if i was winning and i said 'no, but atleast i'm not working.' oops. pause for awkward silence. sorry 'bout that beer girl.
so apparently the breeders cup is big shit, and there will be all kinds of important/rich/famous/royal people there. my sister was tellin me that the rule for next weekend is that if you are famous you can bring your bodyguards, but only if you are royal may your bodyguards carry a weapon. and how do they know if you are royal or not, my brother in law asks? well they have a v.i.p. entrance, she says, at which they check your v.i.p.-ness.
HAHAHA! sound it out if you must.
man, i try to be funny and usually fail, she doesnt even try and she's funnier than me.
ok, i'm goin to watch the baseball game now.


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