Monday, October 11, 2004

Deftones Review

Well I made it back alive from the Deftones concert down in Austin this weekend. In short, it was Awesome! of course. This was probably the best Deftones concert I've been to in a long time (i've seen them about 7 or 8 times) if not ever. It was a small club like setting so it was really intimate, it was outdoors and the weather was absolutely perfect, and they played a bunch of really rare stuff i've never heard them play before. To be honest I dont remember every song they played cuz I had a pretty good buzz and I was right up front, so I was concentrating on not gettin smooshed, but I had a great time. My arms are a little sore and I think I got hit in the head cuz the right side of my jaw hurt a little the next day, but I got no bruises. It was really a great crowd. I was kinda worried cuz they didnt seem to really be into the first band, but they definately turned it on when the Deftones came out. The pit was pretty tame, mostly cuz there were so many people it was hard to move that much, but you did have to fight for your space if you were in close. The good thing was there was a lot of girls there, so you didnt have to get smooshed into a guy if you knew what you were doin. Anyway, let me start from the beginning.
I left big D around noon and got into Austin around 3. I checked into the Marriot which is a block from Stubb's. I did that on purpose so that I could walk there and back. I would definately recommend the Marriot if you're going to Austin, its a nice hotel, right off the highway so its easy to find, it has all the perks, and its close enough to walk to most things. Anyway, I parked my truck in the garage, tossed my bags in my room and walked down to Stubbs to see what was going on. There didnt seem to be anything going on yet, so I walked down to 6th street. I walked up and down 6th street, listening to some bands play in a few clubs, lookin in some of the bars where most of the people were still hanging out from watching the TX - OU game. I got hit up by 4 different bums just walking on one street less than a mile and was reminded why I dont hang out downtown very often. I finished my circuit and headed back to Stubb's for a drink. Unfortunately the staff at Stubbs was rude and slow, so I finished my beer and decided to have a drink across the street instead. As luck might have it, as I was walkin out of Stubbs, Chino (Deftones lead singer) was gettin off the bus. The tour bus was parked right outside, so you couldnt help but run into them if your timing was right, which mine was. I got a picture of him as all the kids that were hanging around hit him up for an autograph. As he was ushered down to the stage area out back I made my way across the street to Jaime's, where the help was much more pleasant and attentive. I sat out on Jaime's porch and had a couple cold beers while listening to the Deftones jam on a beautiful sunny day. It doesnt get much better then that. I was really glad I got there early and was able to catch it. A little before 5 I walked back to my hotel and dumped my camera and everything else I didnt need to get into the concert, cleaned up, and headed back down to stand in line. I met a brother and sister named Clint and Sierra from Boise, Idaho who had flown down just for the concert. It was Clint's 21st birthday and their dad had bought them plane tix for his birthday, and I think sent the sister along, who was 23, to make sure he made it back alive. Once we got in we all had some beers and toasted everything from the beautiful weather to 21st birthdays to traveling across the country to see your favorite band to new friends. Sierra was able to sneak a disposable camera in to the show in her purse, so they promised they would email me whatever pix they got. I'm hoping they got some good ones, and I'm hoping they actually send them to me. As soon as the opening band came on I worked my way up to the front. Like I said I was kinda worried about the crowd because they didnt seem very fired up, even though I thought the opening band was pretty good. I forget their name, I'll try to find it. My new friends decided to hang back till the Deftones came on, which is understandable, but something which I am not capable of. I have to go to the front, even if I dont care about the band, I just like being up front. Anyway, the opening band finally finished and soon it was time for the main event. I moved my way back to where I had left the others but they had already headed up to the front. So I went and got a drink then snaked my way back up through the crowd. The show was just awesome, as soon as they hit the stage the crowd came alive. I love that first surge. Thats when you find out who really wants be up front and who doesnt want to fight for breathing room. I cant really explain it, its kinda like being part of this big, breathing body, and either you enjoy it or you dont. Like I told the little ones around me, just keep your elbows up; let your arms down and you're smashed. The pit was pretty calm, no crazy people, nobody got trampled, no fighting as far as I saw. Actually I did see one girl start to go off on some guy, but that was just funny. She obviously felt that she had been mistreated in some way. There was only one time where I lost my footing a little but I grabbed on to those around me and stayed up without too much trouble. The Deftones ripped and roared, seered and soared through almost 2 hours of classics, rarities and a few new things. It was great, everything a concert should be. I did run into Clint at one point in the show when I backed out to go to the bathroom and catch my breath, but I lost him as soon as I moved back into the frey. After it was all over, I met back up with my friends, gave them my email address, and wished them a good flight. They were cool peeps, and I really want to see their pix, so I hope I hear from them. As the music slowly faded from my ears and gave way to the buzz of tortured eardrums, and the bright lights seered into my eyes slowly washed away to let the real world back in, I made my way through the city streets, back to my hotel and a nice refreshing shower followed by a late night snack from room service.

Concerts are great because they are a suspension of time and space, an escape from the real world into another dimension of bright lights and sounds where none of your everyday worries exist. You can be anyone you want but at the same time you are no longer one person but part of a living mass, a rolling sea of sweaty chaos.


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