Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Freakers Ball

I've gone to freakers ball in dallas every year because its always been really great bands, but this year is kinda questionable. the headliners are velvet revolver. i've seen stp and guns and roses over the years and i enjoyed both, but i just dont know about velvet revoler, or velver as i will refer to them from here on out to save my precious time. are they really scary and freaky enough to headline freakers ball? korn, yes. marilyn manson, yes. velver, i just dont know.
also on the bill are damageplan, who is a bunch of guys from pantera minus phil 'i've died 4 times' anselmo. just to hit on a side note real quick, why does god let this guy live? i mean he has overdosed 4 times, his heart actually stops working, and they keep bringing him back. why? ok, back to damageplan. i dont have their album so i dont know how good they'll be. but as a long time pantera fan and a dallasite i feel almost like i should be there for them. they may need me. same goes for drowning pool- another local band whos album i dont have but will definately whip the crowd into a frenzy. i'm too old for either of those pits. the used will also be there. they suck. they were at projekt revolution and they sucked. switchfoot will be there. arent they like a christian rock band? how do they fit on the same bill, title 'freakers ball', with damage plan and drowning pool? breaking benjamin, who have that song that i keep seeing on all the late night shows, and probably get played on the radio but i dont know cuz all the radio stations in dallas suck. then theres the donnas. they were supposed to be at some other concert i went to a while ago but didnt show for some reason. if they didnt have boobs they would still be rockin in their garage. bowling for soup. i'm pretty sure they're local, and they suck. burden brothers. i dont know if i can take that many depressing songs. did i ever do a review of their album? i know i thought about it. every damn song is a 'boo hoo i lost my girlfriend' song. yeah, thats what i need. riddlin kids, never heard of them, so they must suck. skindred, oooo they sound scary. suck. so there you have it, i just talked myself out of going to that concert. and its this weekend anyway, i've got plans. but if you go, have fun, and make sure to push down that old lady security guard that walks the main aisle between the seating sections, shes a total bitch. anybody that goes to concerts out at smirnoff and fights to get to the front knows who i mean. maybe since i wont be going to show you how its done i should write up the rules and instructions for getting to the front. maybe later, i've got other shit i need to blog about.


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