Saturday, October 30, 2004

Happy the dead are roaming the earth day!

Well its halloween, or close enough, so you know what that means? thats right, the candy in the back of my fridge is now officially one year old. the story is i bought some chocolate last halloween for coworkers, but it didnt get eaten up, so for some reason, i dont know why, i brought it home. I think cuz i know my mom is a chocolate addict and any time she comes over she asks if i have chocolate. so there ya go mom, obviously you dont come visit enough. I'm sorry, I know this may offend many people but I'm just not addicted to chocolate. I know it may be unamerican and possibly inhuman, but I just dont eat a lot of sweets. You would think I would be skinny because of it, but apparently my intake of beer and complete lack of exercise makes up for all that. Now chocolate beer, that just kicks ass. Some people dont understand it, but I like it. Theres a double chocolate beer they serve at the Flying Saucer which is pretty good. But heres a warning, you can not just take a regular beer and mix in chocolate, that does not give you the same result.
So happy helloween, and remember, take off your mask before you go into the OneStop to pick up beer or you will get shot. and you will die because when you crawl outside with blood runnin down your chest nobody will save you cuz they'll think its fake blood and you're just drunk.
i'll post pix tomorrow of the partay i'm going to tonight.


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