Sunday, October 31, 2004

I survived

Just to let you know that I did survive the halloween party last night. It was a good party, there were 2 kegs and some liquor and about 5 trays of jello shots and punch, and I'm proud to say I did my part to finish all of them. Oh yeah and lots of people too. It was at my buddy ray's cousin's house, who I've met several times before but I dont think he recognized me. its been a while tho, and I was a little painted up. mostly just ghostly grey face and hair and lots of blood on my face, and this crazy plastic coat that says i'm a killer, but i still dont want to get blood on my clothes. i didnt take a picture of myself so you'll just have to imagine it. the best part about the party of course was that i didnt have to drive, it was over in fort worth so ray and alma let me crash at their house. i wont even go into how nice their house is. they just moved in to a new house and its really nice. so anyway we got to the party around 9 and left around 2 and slept till almost noon. i have no idea how i didnt puke cuz i definately gave my liver a work out last night. after alma made us some breakfast (thanks alma) i made the long trek back to north dallas where i spent the afternoon firmly planted on the couch watching the cowboys amazingly win one. then i took a nap till about 6, then i watched some more tv, then i did some work on a model for work, now i'm gettin ready to go to bed. yet another wild wacky work week awaits. i wish i had a rich spouse so i could quit working like my boss did. i like what i do but i would like not having to do it every day. i'll post some pix tomorrow. i love my camera, i get to see all the stuff i forgot i took pictures of the night before.


Blogger Amanda Leese said...

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