Thursday, October 21, 2004


are your calls on your cell phone dropping more than usual lately? blame the government. one of america's first radio jamming satellites has been pronounced operational. hooray! i'm just kidding about that cell phone thing, our jamming satellite only jams other satellites. take that al qaeda, no more communicating by satellite for you. i wonder if it blocks satellite phones. hmmm. i'm gonna go ahead and say yes. i think they've just been using talking donkeys to communicate. plus they dont speak english, which makes it really tricky to figure out what they're saying. screw communication jamming satellites, we need crazy suicidal bastard jamming satellites. when we detect a crazy terrorist strapping on a suicide belt, our satellite forces him to jam his head up his ass, then eat his own insides. theres a good visual for all you artists. or just make their ears bleed or heads explode, that would work too.


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