Thursday, October 14, 2004

New Iraqi police

I think one of the surest signs that freedom will prevail over the terrorists is the fact that Iraqis continue to sign up to be police and soldiers despite the constant attacks on police and military recruiting centers. Check out this article from the American Forces Press about the largest class of policemen to graduate yet.

Iraqi Police Service to Graduate Largest Class Ever
American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, Oct. 10, 2004 -- The Iraqi Police Service will graduate 1,137 police recruits from a police basic training course at the Jordan International Police Training Center in Amman, Jordan, Oct. 14, a Multinational Force Iraq news release said.
It is the single largest graduation of Iraqi officers from the basic training course. Since establishing the formal training requirements for police recruits at the center, approximately 5,700 officers have completed training at the school.
The eight-week training program -- divided into general policing and operational policing components -- runs recruits through intensive basic police education in modern methods, the release said.
Instructors from the Multinational Security Transition Command's Civilian Police Assistance Training Team come from 16 different countries including the United States. The team is tasked with assisting the Iraqi government to train, mentor and equip its civil security forces.
The graduating officers will return for duty in Iraq in various assignments throughout the country.
The Multinational Security Transition Command-Iraq also delivered 10,000 9mm Glock pistols to the Baghdad Public Service Academy Oct. 9 for distribution to Iraqi Police Service recruits attending the school, a second MNF-I release said.
The delivery is just part of the overall distribution of nearly 41,000 Glocks earmarked for Iraqi Police Service officers received in country by the multinational command two weeks ago.
In addition to the Oct. 9 issue, a 10,000-plus Glock shipment went out to Iraqi Police Service advisors in the various major support commands for issue to officers already in service throughout the country.
The two distributions raise the total Glocks delivered in the past week to more than 20,000 pistols, according to the release. The Multinational Security Transition Command-Iraq's Civilian Police Assistance Training Team will distribute the remaining 20,000 weapons in the coming weeks.


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