Sunday, October 24, 2004

Service isnt dead

I had a really nice experience yesterday, so I thought it only right to share with everyone. Just for background info, I drive a 2000 dodge durango, and i love it. the second row seats flip down and forward so you can get to the third row seats. but the second row seats have gotten harder and harder to operate, so i finally decided to do somethin about it. i did enough investigating into the seat to discover that the handle pulls a wire that pops the seat up, and as far as i could see, where the wire actually activated the release had become too loose, so you had to pull the handle further than you should to get the seat to pop. now, i'm no mechanic, i will freely admit that my talents lie elsewhere, and i would much rather pay someone that knows what they're doing to work on my truck. so i took it to my favorite garage, the Kwik Kar lube & tune at 3320 trinity mills. thats on the southeast corner of trinity mills and midway in carrollton, right beside where they're building the new krystal burger. thats the only place i will go to get work done on my truck, and heres why. it may cost a little more for an oil change, but they do everything; they top all your fluids, put air in your tires, check all your filters, wash your windows, vacuum your floorboards, and pretty much check everything on your vehicle. not only that but they are good people and always real friendly. i've taken my car in there for scheduled maintenance and they have pointed out things that didnt really need done, to save me money, and on other occasions offered to clean or replace some stuff that they just noticed might be a good idea to clean or replace. so you get the idea, they're good peoples. so i have something i need done with my truck, thats the first place i go. i go in, and marc, the owner, is there and i tell him 'hey, i got this problem with my truck and i dont even know if you would do this kinda thing, but i trust you guys so this is the first place i'm gonna go.' so he says lets go take a look. after a little inspection he tells me that after a few years, the wires that control the seats do start to stretch a little, and he thinks if we put somethin lower down on the wire it should solve the problem. so marc proceeds to fashion some little metal clips and put them around the wires, and viola, my seats are easy as pie to open. so to recap, this guy stops whatever it was he was doin, comes out and spends almost an hour workin on my truck, and what does he charge me? nothin! i ask him what i owe him and he says, dont worry about it. That is why i keep going back there. so if you want quality service, and you live anywhere near carrollton, stop by the kwik kar lube & tune at 3320 trinity mills. quality service is not completely dead. thank you marc.


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