Tuesday, October 26, 2004


its that time again, time to see what searches are bringing people to my site. so lets just get into it shall we.

1. I'M #1. Apparently roughedges is the #1 result on upspiral.com, which is some search engine i've never heard of, for "alcoholic icecream". i'm not even in the top 100 on google. obviously upspiral is a much better search engine.

2. #2 on myway search for "mt daily horoscope". thats weird, why are other people looking for my daily horoscope?

3 # 6 on a google search for "meteorists". damn, i thought i made that word up.

ok i didnt have that many other exciting searches. mostly searches for bocktoberfest pics, glad i could oblige, wish i had more, and searches for soldiers and their division or op area. so now i know my place, i will continue to take roadtrips and go to concerts and take pics and i will continue to post what i know about operations that i learn from different press services.


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